Comparing Online Glasses Stores

Having previously completed individual reviews of Zenni Eyewear, EyeBuyDirect, and Firmoo, I thought it’d be helpful to combine all of these into a concise comparison.

To assist in putting the similarities and differences into perspective, I created a relatively simple scoring matrix. It is comprised of five different categories, each of which is worth different numbers of points, altogether totaling 100 points:

  1. Glasses Selection & Price (30 pts)
  2. Order Process & Online Account (10 pts)
  3. Shipping Speed (5 pts)
  4. Overall Quality Of Glasses (50 pts)
  5. Rewards & Affiliate Programs (5 pts)

At the end of this article, I’ve also shared my thoughts based on my personal experience with all three online glasses retailers to pick the one I think is the best among them.



As mentioned above, the scoring matrix I came up with will assign a score to each brand for each of the categories. The first category among the characteristics that I analyzed is Selection & Prices of glasses for each online glasses retailer.

1. Selection & Price Comparison

  1. Zenni: 29/30
  2. EyeBuyDirect: 28/30
  3. Firmoo: 25/30

On the 100-point scale, I assigned this category 30 points as I deemed the sheer number and styles of frames a large factor in determining which of the three retailers was best.

Zenni Mirror Sunglasses Color Comparison

Part of my Zenni collection

Considering that Firmoo had just over 600 frames available at the time of this review, I gave them 25 points out of 30 in this category. Additionally, Firmoo has some of the most affordable frames out of the three brands reviewed here, so it helped them attain a relatively high score here.

Next, I graded EyeBuyDirect at 28 out of 30 total points as they had more than 1500 frames for sale, making them the retailer with the highest number of frames available. The prices are likewise affordable; however, they tend to be a bit pricier than Firmoo, and their lenses aren’t quite as varied.

Finally, Zenni received a score of 29 out of 30 points. They have around 1000 glasses listed on their website and boast the greatest variety of frame and lens combinations out of all the retailers. The fact that Zenni’s eyeglasses tend to be more affordable than EyeBuyDirect’s also boosted their score significantly.

2. Order Process & Online Account

  1. Zenni: 10/10
  2. EyeBuyDirect: 9/10
  3. Firmoo: 9/10

In this category, I analyzed how easy it was to place an order from each of these sellers and how trouble-free the process was.

All of these online glasses brands boast features that allow you to upload or enter an eyeglasses prescription manually. This makes it easy to keep track of past orders and quickly re-order with the same prescription when the time comes.

Lens Tinting Options From Firmoo

Firmoo Lens Type Options

All three brands scored well here, though I found Zenni’s ordering system and account configuration to be the easiest. I’ll admit this may have been slightly skewed by my personal experience, given the fact that I’ve purchased more glasses from Zenni than any other seller.

3. Shipping Speed

  1. Zenni: 5/5
  2. EyeBuyDirect: 5/5
  3. Firmoo: 5/5

Shipping Box With Zenni Glasses In Protective Cases

The orders I placed with each of the sellers were months apart, but each was able to get the glasses to my doorstep within two weeks. This shipping time is standard and expected, given that the prescription lenses must be manufactured and assembled into the frame before shipping out.

Accordingly, all three brands scored top marks in this category.

Shop Zenni Glasses

4. Overall Quality Of Glasses (50 pts)

  1. Zenni: 45/50
  2. EyeBuyDirect: 41/500
  3. Firmoo: 40/50

Seeing as how the quality of both the lenses and frames themselves is the most crucial aspect of a new pair of glasses, I assigned this category half of all the possible points.

Paul Anthony Wearing Firmoo Prescription Glasses

Firmoo Prescription Glasses

Indeed, the price of glasses sold online can make it seem as if they’re cheap and of poor quality, especially when compared to glasses purchased at a retail or brick-and-mortar location, which is why I believe it to be so essential to consider this category much higher than any other.

Broadly speaking, all brands I compare on this blog excel in the quality department. After months of wear, I’ve had absolutely no issue with the frames breaking or bending, nor with the lenses themselves scratching easily or anything of the sort.

Which Are Best Zenni EyeBuyDirect or Firmoo Comparison

In searching for a differentiator between the brands, I looked towards the accessories that are included with each pair of glasses.

Among all three, Zenni is the only brand that includes a functional glasses case with each pair. While Firmoo and EyebuyDirect ship their glasses in a drawer-style rectangular box, these cases can’t be conveniently carried around with you. This is especially evident when you compare their cases with Zenni’s plastic case, which is much smaller and easier to carry.

Note: EyeBuyDirect will send a faux-leather glasses case with your order only if you surpass a price threshold. At the time of this writing, you must purchase more than $75 to receive one of these cases. They can also be purchased or added-on to your cart at checkout.

5. Rewards & Referral Programs (5 pts)

  1. Zenni: 3/5
  2. EyeBuyDirect: 5/5
  3. Firmoo: 1/5

A rewards or referral program isn’t necessarily a big concern for most individuals looking to purchase a new pair of glasses. However, I’m the sort to purchase dozens of glasses and rotate them, so it was of concern to me.

Firmoo Referral Program Graphic

Firmoo Referral Structure

Firmoo received the least amount of points out of all brands as they only have a referral program. I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to offer too many rewards, though, as they have the lowest prices of all.

Second in this category is Zenni, which offers decent rewards for both referring new customers as well as placing multiple orders within a 365-day period.

EyeBuyDirect Loyalty Program Tiers & Rewards

EyeBuyDirect Loyalty Program

The best brand in this category was EyeBuyDirect, yet I believe this is reflected in the prices of their glasses, which then to be the most expensive of all brands considered.

Shop EyeBuyDirect Glasses

Final Rankings & Conclusion

  1. Zenni: 92/100
  2. EyeBuyDirect: 88/100
  3. Firmoo: 80/100

Having been a customer of these brands for multiple years, I found that my favorite store to purchase from was Zenni.

As I touched on above, the quality is largely the same across all three. With this in mind, I’ll establish that the most essential factor when purchasing new glasses online is finding a frame and lens combination you like.

Not all of these sellers have the same frames, so if you’re stuck between them, simply pick the one with the frames you like most to ensure you get a pair of glasses that you’ll be satisfied with.

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If you enjoyed my comparison of these three popular online glasses brand, make sure to check out some of our other glasses content below:

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