With the many advantages of buying glasses online, it’s no surprise that it’s outgrowing traditional stores. However, the boom has led to a saturated market. To ensure that you have the best experience possible, we’ve assembled where to buy the Best Glasses Online:

  1. Warby Parker [Best Premium Glasses]
  2. Glasses USA [Best Designer Brand Glasses]
  3. JINS Eyewear [Best Independent Designer]
  4. EyeBuy Direct [Best Mid-Range Glasses]
  5. Zenni Optical [Best Value Glasses]
  6. Firmoo Glasses [Best Budget Glasses]

Each of our favorite retailers has its own traits that stand out compared to the others. Read on to find which suits your needs best. You can either click on one to jump straight to it or scroll down to learn about them all.

Paul Anthony Wearing EyeBuyDirect Glasses Aviator Frame


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Where To Buy The Best Glasses Online

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Why Buy Glasses Online?

james dean square glasses

Whether you’re near or short-sighted, need glasses for reading or when on the computer, glasses are an everyday part of life. However, glasses are reputed to be astronomically expensive and their prices can vary wildly depending on the brand and prescription.

If you’re browsing online glasses retailers, then you’re likely already aware that buying glasses in brick-and-mortar stores can incur outrageous costs that fit to few budgets; as a result, many people have already switched to buying glasses completely online.

Yet, there are still some inconveniences or outright risks that come with online purchases, and even we’ve had our bad experiences like with anything you buy on the internet.

Nevertheless, you can often find high-quality designer glasses at the price of a store’s cheapest pair. Leveraging a stronger buying power with online retailers, you can treat yourself to better and more stylish eyeglasses or even several pairs.

Finally, buying prescription eyeglasses online has the added convenience of being able to do it from the comfort of your own home. You can explore the wide selection of frames and fill in your prescription details without leaving the house.

If you want to read more about the advantages of buying glasses online, head to our full guide, where we explore all the options for buying the best eyeglasses for you.

Fortunately, buying your glasses online can help to significantly reduce the cost, though not without some shortcomings or inconveniences.

Before Buying Frames Or Glasses Online

On this page, we highlight our top online retailers for glasses. Yet, to ensure satisfaction with your own purchase, there are some points to consider.

First, understand that to have the best experience, you’ll want to devote some time to this endeavor, as it’ll usually start with going to an ophthalmologist and completing an eye exam. Once you’ve obtained a current prescription, you’re ready to browse.

The best next step is to take a look through the online shop of various retailers. In this manner, you’ll get a sense for the variety of styles that are out there as well as how much you can expect to pay for each.

On cost – keep in mind that simple prescription glasses will always be the cheapest. Fortunately, most standard lenses also possess UV protection. Stronger prescriptions may incur an extra cost, as will the application of an anti-scratch coating or the use of high-index lenses.

A couple of these online glasses manufacturers, such as Warby Parker, offer at-home try-on services. Even if they don’t, others have virtual try-on tools and, ultimately, most if not all will let you return the prescription glasses or sunglasses within a certain period as long as they’ve not been used.

Lastly, if you’ve received your new pair or pairs of glasses and aren’t sure if they fit correctly, check out our guide on how glasses should fit for guidance.

Our Review Criteria

As previously mentioned, we’ve tested countless glasses from many different retailers. We’ve boiled it down to 5 outlets that we know and trust, and whilst some of the others were good, we had mixed experiences.

Out of respect for the other retailers, we won’t name them. Nevertheless, we occasionally had issues with slow processing and shipping as well as poor fits or blurry vision and headaches.

Therefore, we took great care in only selecting trusted sellers and brands for our top 5, so you would avoid these experiences yourself.

Overall, we made at least two initial orders to try out each outlet. Following that, we ordered more from each of them to test out their specific styles and frames. All our top 5 reviews are based on considerations such as variety, quality, deals, and pricing.

Where Are The Best Places To Buy Glasses Online?

Finding the best glasses can be a chore that fills many people with dread. However, we carefully reviewed countless eyeglass retailers on the internet to help you find the best eyeglasses online.

We’ve tested over 50 frames from many outlets and have learned through our own experiences who are the most trusted retailers on the internet. Whether you’re searching for prescription lenses or as part of your wardrobe, we cover all styles and budgets.

We eventually lost count of all the retailers we tried during our eyewear adventures, but the official number must be at least in the twenties. However, founder Paul Anthony has been wearing glasses since he was 12 years old, so that number is far higher for him.

That said, we keep coming back to the same retailers after particularly positive experiences. We’ve found their service, value for money and quality to be a cut above the rest.

1. Warby Parker [Best Premium Glasses]

  • warby parker logoStarting Price Range: $100 – $200 [Shop Now]
  • Shipping Costs: Free
  • Handling & Shipping Time: 5-12 Days
  • Returns: 30-Day Return Policy
  • Fitting Options: Free Adjustments At Retail Locations
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear / Light-Responsive / Sunglasses
  • Free Try At Home Option? Yes

Among all of the online glasses stores, what we find sets Warby Parker apart from the rest is the premium quality of their entire range. We have yet to receive a pair of glasses that disappointed us or felt uncomfortable.

As for the site, it offers a stream-lined experience where you can easily browse through the entire range. One particular touch that we enjoyed when viewing a particular frame is how you can hover the mouse over the model to turn his head in order to view the glasses at different angles. This gives you a full 3D view of the glasses before you buy.

Indeed, Warby Parker is somewhat premium compared to alternatives but their robust and refined designs speak for themselves. However, you can benefit from their free try at service for many pairs before you spend anything.

If you do take the plunge and the glasses don’t quite fit, you can simply head to one of Warby Parker’s retail locations for free adjustments.

Head to their website now and you’ll see that there is a wide variety to choose from with a plethora of options that you can add.

2. Glasses USA [Best Designer Brand Glasses]

  • glasses usa logoStarting Price Range: $38 – $350 [Shop Now]
  • Shipping Costs: Free USA/Canada [Express & International Options Available]
  • Handling & Shipping Time: 3-6 Production Days, 7-10 Free Shipping Days
  • Return Policy: 14 Days
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear / Light-Responsive / Sunglasses
  • Free Try At Home Option? No

Warby Parker may have our pick as the best premium glasses, but they only sell their own creations. If you’re looking for designer brands, Glasses USA is likely your best choice and offers solid value for money.

With offerings from Prada, Gucci, Versace, and, of course, Ray-Ban, you’re spoiled for choice. Out of the men’s range, there are over 600 pairs to choose from, with prices that cater to every budget.

Furthermore, Glasses USA is somewhat more transparent with its lens pricing, which is all visible from the product page. If you’re used to buying glasses online, this tends to be a surprise after you’ve already filled out your details.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Glasses USA now and pick up one of their latest deals!

3. JINS [Best Independent Designer]

  • JINS Online Prescription Glasses LogoStarting Price Range: $90 – $290 [Shop Now]
  • Shipping Costs: Free
  • Handling & Shipping Time: 2-7 Production Days, 2-3 Shipping Weeks
  • Return Policy: 30 Days, No Charge
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Progressive, High Prescription
  • Lenses Available: Clear / Light-Responsive / Sunglasses
  • Free Try At Home Option? No

JINS has been designing each and every one of its frames in Tokyo, Japan, since 2001. As a result, their prescription and sunglasses embody not only the Japanese spirit of craftsmanship and quality, but they are always pushing the limits when it comes to innovation and style.

In the past, we’ve reviewed the JINS Switch collection, which features a magnetic sunglasses plate. However, all of their frames can be purchased as polarized sunglasses or be upgraded with blue light, photochromic, or tinted lenses. Lastly, if the price point makes you hesitant and you’re too far from their sparse retail locations, you can use JINS’ virtual try-on feature to gauge how well each pair would fit from the comfort of your home.

4. EyeBuyDirect [Best Mid-Range Glasses]

  • eyebuydirect logoStarting Price Range: $10 – $70 [Shop Now]
  • Shipping Costs: Free USA/Canada [Express & International Options Available]
  • Handling & Shipping Time: 3-6 Production Days, 7-10 Free Shipping Days
  • Return Policy: 14 Days
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear / Light-Responsive / Sunglasses
  • Free Try At Home Option? No

Our favourite part about shopping on Eye Buy Direct is their clean and soothing site. This makes for an enjoyable navigating experience when picking out your frames.

However, that’s just us. What really sets Eye Buy Direct apart is its pricing. If you’re looking for high quality glasses yet want to stick to a budget, Eye Buy Direct offer glasses at only reasonable prices.

Here, you can find glasses of excellent quality with unique designs without paying a small fortune. We often wear many of the frames we picked up from Eye Buy Direct on a daily basis.

If you head to Eye Buy Direct’s website, you won’t be disappointed. Production days for single-vision lenses are as little as 3 days with shipping in 7 so you’ll have the glasses at your door in little over a week.

5. Zenni Optical [Best Budget Glasses]

  • zenni optical logoStarting Price Range: $10 – $70 [Shop Now]
  • Shipping Costs: Free
  • Handling & Shipping Time: 7-10 Days
  • Return Policy: 14 Days
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear / Sunglasses
  • Free Try At Home Option? No

Zenni Optical may be featured at number 5, but we still love them dearly. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for stylish glasses, then Zenni is a perfect choice.

With a rich selection of chic and fun frames, there’s just about any style that you can imagine. There are also a variety of options that can be added to your lenses, which are very reasonably priced compared to their competitors.

Paul Anthony With Zenni Glasses & Cigar In Leon Nicaragua

Paul Anthony Sporting Zenni Glasses With Mirror Coating

Even if EyeBuyDirect offers good value, Zenni has such a wide variety and low prices that it’s hard to beat. The aforementioned styles are diverse and exciting and can complement even the most eccentric wardrobes.

For a more detailed look at Zenni Optical’s selection & value proposition, check out our Zenni Glasses review. Otherwise, head directly to their online store to browse their inventory and prices.

6. Firmoo [Budget Glasses]

  • Firmoo Online Glasses Store LogoStarting Price Range: $4.95+ [Shop Now]
  • Shipping Costs: Free Above $69
  • Handling & Shipping Time: 7-10 Days
  • Return Policy: 30 Days
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear / Light-Responsive / Sunglasses
  • Free Try At Home Option? No

An online eyewear store that offers quality and affordable glasses, Firmoo boasts a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and materials to suit your personality and preferences. Whether you need prescription glasses, sunglasses, blue-light-blocking glasses or reading glasses, Firmoo’s online glasses inventory is definitely worthy of your eyeballs.

Firmoo also provides a virtual try-on feature that allows you to see how different frames look on your face. You can upload your own photo or use one of their models to try on hundreds of frames.

Finally, when it comes to shipping, it’s free on orders over $69. You can also enjoy their first pair free program that lets you get your first pair of glasses for only $4.95 (excluding shipping). If you are not satisfied with your glasses, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.

What Next?

Now that you have read about where to buy eyeglasses online, check out some of our related guides for finding the right pair for you:

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