Reminiscent of 1950s nostalgia, browline frames recently experienced a renaissance thanks to the hipster fashion movement. Decidedly retro, they’re a popular choice as either prescription or sunglasses.

In this guide, you will discover browline or clubmaster frames for glasses. We also feature the best browlines to buy online:

  1. Warby Parker Ames Browline Frame Glasses
  2. Ray Ban RB5154 Dark Havana Browline Glasses [EyeBuyDirect]
  3. Ray Ban 6346 Browline Frame Glasses [Glasses USA]
  4. EyeBuy Direct Coexist Browline Frame Glasses
  5. Zenni Optical Browline Glasses

Otherwise, scroll down to read more!

Browline glasses frames


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Best Browline Frame Glasses To Buy Online

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What Are The Best Browline Glasses Frames?

Having been trademark by Ray Ban, browline frames also sometimes referred to as the Clubmaster. However, the prestigious company doesn’t own exclusive rights to the design and they are often made by other reputed manufacturers. Occasionally, they’re mistakenly called “brownline” glasses too.

Finding your perfect glasses can be a difficult and overwhelming task. After all, you will likely wear them everyday or even all the time. Therefore, you want your glasses to be an expression of your personality with a good fit.

You can use our guide to help you along the way. Even if you’re only looking for a new pair of sunglasses, the following contents will be a useful resource.

In addition, we have tested a total of 20 different frames of which the top 5 have been reviewed below. Each review includes vital information from the lenses offered to their size and customisation options.

Finally, we have reviewed across a spectrum of different budgets with comments on value for money and quality.

The current top 5 browline frames come from the following retailers:

  1. Warby Parker
  2. Ray Ban
  3. Glasses USA
  4. EyeBuy Direct
  5. Zenni Optical

1. Warby Parker Ames Browline Glasses

Warby Parker Ames Browline Glasses

  • Price: $145 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Warby Parker
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Acetate
  • Measurements: 54-18-145
  • Frame Fit: Wide
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear / Light-Responsive
  • Free Try At Home? No

Available in black or whiskey tortoise, we were surprised by Warby Parker’s Ames browline glasses. Firstly, the brand doesn’t offer much in this style so we were a little disappointed at first.

Nevertheless, we were really struck by just how unique these browlines were compared to those from other brands. Firstly, the browline is a single piece. Rather than a metal bridge, it features an acetate keyhole nose, which is quite unique.

Given that the frame is quite wide, this is a bold statement and really rather daring if you’re looking to combine the hallmarks of the wayfarer and browline styles.

However, because of its premium design and materials, it sits higher on the price scale at $145 via Warby Parker. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a pair of glasses that can be used for all occasions, these are an ideal choice and the price includes single vision lenses.

2. Ray Ban RX5154 Dark Havana Browline Glasses

coastal ray ban rb5154 dark havana

  • Price: $191 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Ray Ban
  • Material: Metal & Plastic
  • Measurements: 49-21-140
  • Frame Fit: Large
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear
  • Free Try At Home? No

Although we’re partial to fine cigars, we’re not letting the name influence us. Even so, these browline glasses from Ray Ban are stunning and feel great to wear. Whilst they’re not from the Clubmaster range, they are genuine browlines with a lot of heritage.

We were taken aback by the dark tortoiseshell plastic, which has a modest but appealing glow under the light. Mixed with silver metal, it ensures a level of contrast to make them stand out. Furthermore, the brows dips slightly before the bridge so they carefully curve around the eyes.

Echoing their classic style, these Ray Ban feature silver metal studs on the front and sides that visually pop. We can also expect a long-lasting wear and extra comfort from these frames as they feature spring hinges.

Being a designer brand, it’s no surprise that the Ray Ban Dark Havana frames come at a premium. That said, their $191 price tag on is still very reasonable compared to in-store, which doesn’t include lenses.

3. Glasses USA Ray Ban 6346 Browline Glasses

glasses usa ray ban 6346 tortoise browline glasses

  • Price: $168 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Ray Ban
  • Material: Monel & Titanium
  • Measurements: 52-19-145
  • Frame Fit: Medium
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear
  • Free Try At Home? No

We were torn as to whether we preferred these Ray Ban or the Dark Havana listed above. Whilst the Dark Havana is a truly classic design, the catchy-named 6346 are a modern interpretation of the original browline.

Made from monel, a nickel-based alloy, and titanium, they’re remarkably lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Furthermore, they’re available in a number of other colours from black, bronze and brown as well as burgundy and silver. However, we were particular fond of the classic tortoiseshell and gold frames.

Featuring an extremely thin frame, the plastic elements are actually veneered over the metal. You’ll note that while the outside of the curved temples are tortoise, the inside is metal. The colour palates of each variant are harmonious and particularly elegant too.

As is to be expected with any Ran Ban, they are on the pricey side. However, unlike the Dark Havana, their $168 price tag on Glasses USA includes single vision lenses.

4. EyeBuyDirect Coexist Browline Frame Glasses

eye buy direct browline glasses in box

  • Price: $22 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: EyeBuyDirect
  • Material: Metal & Plastic
  • Measurements: 48-18-135
  • Frame Fit: Small, Medium, Large
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear
  • Free Try At Home? No

At an unbelievably low price, these classic browline glasses offer a bold and stylish look that we love as a fashion statement.

Although made from plastic rather than acetate, the two-toned tortoiseshell arches and temples look fantastic up close. The bridge also offers all-day comfort across the bridge. For those looking for a much more reserved yet stylish option, the Arcades are a solid choice.

One of our authors swears by his pair of Coexist browline glasses, which he wears as computer glasses with the SightRelax lenses.

Therefore, at only $22 on EyeBuy Direct, they offer excellent value for money. Naturally, the price includes non-prescription and single vision lenses.

5. Zenni Optical Browline Glasses

zenni optical wood texture browline glasses

  • Price: $29.95 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Zenni
  • Material: Acetate
  • Measurements: 47-21-144
  • Frame Fit: Medium
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear & Sunglasses
  • Free Try At Home? No

For great value, we’re really fond of Zenni Optical. When it comes to browlines, they have an excellent selection. However, their 196032 really caught our eye so to speak.

Adopting a “mono” browline design, the acetate temples and brows appear as a single piece across the whole frame. In fact, they’re also semi-rimless as the faux-wood acetate browline holds the lenses in place.

We were quite impressed by the acetate’s faux-wood effect. In fact, it’s hard to tell that it’s acetate at all, which really adds to the rustic retro aesthetic.

Rather than nose pads, they went for a keyhole bridge that drops down from the browline itself. Despite this, they’re still really rather comfortable!

Finally, at just under $30 on Zenni, these are an absolute steal. If you’re looking for a stylish yet affordable pair of sunglasses, we couldn’t recommend them more.

What Are Browline Glasses?

Malcolm-X-Browline-Glasses-FramesNamed after the way the bold upper part of the frames frame the lenses like eyebrows, browlines were first made by Shuron Ltd in 1947. The style became widely popular throughout the 1950s and were offered in various colours.

Furthermore, browline frames have often been associated with Malcolm X for his iconic style. In fact, he was known to own several browlines, each in different colours.

As the style caught on, other manufacturers began designing their own variations. Most notably, Art-Craft Optical who named theirs “Clubman”. Shortly afterwards, Bausch and Lomb branded their own Ray Ban model, which went on to be the Clubmaster.

Their popularity waned in the 1960s due to all-plastic glasses. However, Shuron Ltd progressively developed various models that catered to people with different face shapes.

Finally, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the browline started to return as popular sunglasses. Today, it has even made a resurgence among the hipster subculture thanks to its retro appeal.

Will Browline Glasses Work For Me?

Like other retro styles such as aviators, browlines are particularly large so it’s always recommended that you take your head size into account. For instance, if you have quite a small head, be sure to try them on beforehand.

Various colours are often available with some interesting blends of metal and plastic. Therefore, you can find a combination that will best suit your skin tone. If you head to our guide on choosing glasses, you’ll see that warmed-skin men fare better with golden tortoiseshell colours. For men with cool skin, silver and black are always great options.

Bear in mind that browlines tend to be quite the statement. So consider your own persona and think about whether such an outgoing style would suit you. If you’re unsure, you can head to the guide on how to choose glasses linked above.

If you’re already familiar with our guides, you’ll know that we take face shapes very seriously. Shuron Ltd mentioned above caught on this early but we go into great detail as you will see below.

Will Browline Glasses Suit My Face Shape?

You may be thinking whether browline glasses will correspond to your specific morphology. Fortunately, we’ve worked hard to develop the following guide that should help you decide.

You’ll learn here whether these frames will likely suit you and if there are any factors to consider beforehand.

If you already know your face shape, just click yours below and jump straight to it:

However, if you don’t know it, we suggest that you refer to our full face shape guide in order to identify it.

Ideal Matches

If yours are one of the following face shapes, you can usually wear browline frames with few considerations. However, take note of any advice that we may mention below.

Graphic of a man's diamond face shapeDiamond Face Shape

Given that diamond face shapes tend to have relatively narrow foreheads, they can benefits by the extra bulk browlines provide.

Additionally, they’re quite rounded, which can help soften those chiselled features and the cheekbones especially.

Overall, these two aspects will be invaluable for diamond face shapes to offset irregularities. However, be sure that they fit well as this face shape can be easily dwarfed by large glasses.

Head to the diamond face shape guide to learn more about it and any advice we offer on styling.

Bespoke Unit's graphic of a man's oblong face shapeOblong Face Shape

Browline frames can be particularly advantageous in balancing the proportions of an oblong face shape. Thanks to the broadened brow, it can make the face appear slightly wider and more square.

Additionally, the browline’s form can help bring our features such as cheekbone depth and jawline strength. As oblong face shapes tend to be relatively large, you won’t struggle to find a set of browline frames that fit well.

You can refer to our detailed oblong face shape page to learn more.

What is a man's oval face shape?Oval Face Shape

As is often mentioned, oval shapes are the ideal face shape. Therefore, it’s no surprise that browline frames would fit them well.

However, take care that they are the right size. If the frames are too large, the features can quickly become softened and the face can appear rounder.

Nevertheless, browline frames are a fine choice for this face shape.

If this is your face shape, read more styling advice on the dedicated oval face shape page.

Bespoke Unit's graphic of a man's square face shapeSquare Face Shape

Square face shapes tend to look fantastic with browline glasses. With their chiselled features, browline frames will reduce their imposing appearance for a more reflective intellectual look.

Consider even understated, dark colours if your skin tone allows it as that could draw out the scholarly brute in you. The result could be reminiscent of Burt Lancaster in The Sweet Smell Of Success.

However, if you’re looking for something more imposing and less classic, head to our full guide for square shape faces.

Bespoke Unit's graphic of a man's triangle face shapeTriangle Face Shape

By using the browline to their advantage, individuals with a triangle face shape can successfully offset their prominent jawline.

A wider frame can produce a harmony between their narrower forehead and jawline below. However, do ensure that they’re a good fit to avoid too much discrepancy between the frames and forehead.

As you will see in the triangle face shape guide, rounder glasses work best but you can peruse all our recommended frames.

Acceptable Matches

If your have one of the following face shapes listed below you may experience some minor setbacks with the browline frame. However, if you’re particularly attached to this style, you may be successful in correctly styling them. Nevertheless, consider heading to the face shape’s guide linked below. Alternatively, head back to all the frames that we cover to discover what else is possible.

graphic of a man's round face shapeRound Face Shape

Due to their curved shape and wide frame, round face shapes may struggle to wear browline glasses.

If they are too large, round face shapes will appear even wider. However, not all is lost if they are properly fitted.

Therefore, consider narrower frames with the goal of trying to elongate your features.

Head to the round face shape style guide to see our general tips and advice on styling.

Incompatible Face Shapes

The following face shape may struggle with browline frames in general. We recommend that you read its dedicated page linked below.

Graphic of a man's heart face shapeHeart Face Shape

Featuring a relatively wide forehead, heart face shapes may struggle to find browline frames that fit well. In fact, with the frames being quite round, they may risk exaggerating the features of a heart face shape.

Therefore, you may have to opt for something somewhat more angular and less top-heavy for a harmonious fit.

Check out the heart face shape guide to learn more about what frames will best suit you.

What Next?

Learned something new and want to read more? Head to our main glasses page to discover everything we offer on glasses such as lenses and colours. Alternatively, if you’re still unsatisfied in your search for the right glasses, check out some of our other related guides:

Best Browline Glasses Guide
Reviewed by Gerald R, on .
"Retro yet with a contemporary appeal. I'm really fond of the browlines that I found in this guide!"
Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

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