Parkhurst Richmond Boots in Rust Waxy Commander Leather

Founded in 2018 & operating out of Buffalo, New York, Parkhurst is a budding boot brand with a clear mission: crafting stylish and durable boots that can fit the niche between dress and work.

Additionally, Parkhurst’s boots are partly made in the USA, though they don’t command the extreme premium that boots completely MiUSA generally carry.

Can this split production at the hands of a relatively young brand produce a worthwhile pair of boots? I’ll be exploring that in this review via the following topics:

The Richmond Boots Specifications

  • Brand: Parkhurst
  • Made In: Spain & Buffalo, New York
  • Style: Cap-Toe Boot
  • Formality: Casual
  • Upper: Waxed Suede
  • Sole: Rubber Lug Sole
  • Construction: Goodyear Welt
  • Price: $358 [Buy From Parkhurst]

Parkhurst’s boot catalog is deliberately focused and currently consists of just two models. As a result, they aim to distinguish their footwear by employing varied types of leather. This results in each of their boots having a unique aesthetic, even when the underlying design is the same.

Moreover, Parkhurst’s small-batch production model allows them to remain dynamic in the boots they craft. They can freely experiment with different leathers and designs while also imparting their boot selection with an aura of exclusivity, seeing as how any particular run of boots may never make it to their storefront again.

Parkhurst The Richmond Boots With Box & Accessories

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Parkhurst Boots: Style & Appearance

On their website, Parkhurst states that their aim is to craft elegant but rugged boots, and at a glance, the Richmond boots seem to have hit the mark. Indeed, as an avid boot enthusiast, the visual impact of these boots straight out of the box was immediate.

Parkhurst Richmond Rust Waxy Leather Details

Initially, the waxed suede leather upper takes the spotlight. It’s primarily brown with tinges of “rust” along the edges of the stitched leather segments. This same rusty tone also seems to shine below the wax application, remaining mostly subdued at first and slowly revealing itself with increasing wear.

Looking past the leather upper to the boot’s construction, meticulous attention to detail becomes the next focus. Clean, precise stitches secure all the leather components throughout the boot. There are also gold-toned eyelets and speedhooks that blend well into the sea of brown leather surrounding them.

The Richmond Boots In Rust Waxy Suede

Just as much attention has been paid to the sole and welt, which in this case is a prominent storm welt. As in the upper, all of the welt stitches are perfectly executed. The heel is a stacked leather heel and, in conjunction with the rubber outsole, helps the boot to stand particularly tall.

Make no mistake – these are big, substantial boots, and even more so in my size 11s. Yet, I still find them to be sleek, effectively merging their imposing presence with an unexpectedly refined silhouette.

Side View Of Parkhurst Richmond Rust Boots

Overall, it genuinely appears that no detail has been overlooked in constructing Parkhurt’s Richmond boots. Reportedly taking over 200 manual steps for a single boot, it’s almost surprising that I couldn’t find any of the hallmarks that are almost expected with a handmade boot, even at the $300+ price point.

Richmond Boots Fit & Comfort

The photos above should have effectively showcased the impressive quality and appearance of the Parkhurst Richmond boots. The natural follow-up question is: How do they fit?

Picture Of Inside of Rihcmond Boots Rust Waxy Leather

For the Richmond boots and their 602 last, Parkhurst recommends sizing down one size from the typical sneaker size. Accordingly, I sized down to 11 from my regular size 12 for the Richmonds. When the boots were delivered and I first slipped them on, it was clear this was the right choice.

On the first wear, Parkhurt’s Richmond boots felt a bit stiff. I absolutely expected this, considering how the majority of this boot is crafted from leather. Additionally, some components are further lined in leather, such as the toebox and collar of the shaft, which will take slightly longer to give and mold to my feet.

Inside Leather Lining Parkhurst Boots

Outside of this stiffness, there were absolutely no issues with comfort or pain points, which genuinely surprised me.

As I’m currently located in South Florida, I’ve been wearing the Richmond boots with above-the-ankle athletic socks. There remains enough room in the toebox to where I could use thicker socks in colder climates.

Still, there’s not too much extra room there, helping to avoid the sensation of “lugging around” shoes that are too big for my feet. Conversely, the heel feels secure and held in place without even the slightest heel slip.

Parkhurts Richmond Boots On Black Dust Covers For Storage

Whenever I buy a new pair of leather shoes or boots, I expect some pain or discomfort during the first two or three wears.

There was none of this with the Parkhurst Richmond boots, which was quite surprising. I largely attribute this to Parkhurt’s expertise in designing their 602 last. However, the Richmond boots fit so comfortably that I’d also speculate that this particular last is just an excellent match for my foot size and shape.

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Dress Code & Formality

As I mentioned earlier, Parkhurst expressly aims to craft both elegant and sturdy boots, and I’d certainly agree that they’ve done this with the Richmond boots. However, despite their elegant attention to detail and rugged construction, these remain exclusively in the casual dress code realm.

Parkhurst Richmond Boots Rust Waxy On Feet

Indeed, the cap-toe boots that can pull off a formal affair are few and far between, so this is not particularly surprising.

I’d argue that attempting to fit the Richmond boots into a formal setting is foolish when considering how well they fit into casual ensembles. Furthermore, it may not have been Parkhurst’s express intent, but these boots were seemingly made to be worn with deep blue denim, if not specifically with selvedge.

Back Side Angle Of Parkhurst Richmond Boots

Living in “Sunny South Florida”, where it’s above 85°F from Monday to Monday, I’m already pushing the envelope by wearing any kind of boot.

Not one to let my boot inclination go unheeded, I’ve primarily sported the Richmond boots with the most lightweight pair of blue jeans I can find. I’m also looking forward to pairing these with khaki or light-brown chinos, though I’ve not had the chance yet.

Presentation & Value For Money

These Parkhurst boots were delivered in a cardboard shoebox that doubles as the shipping box. Each individual boot was protected by a clear plastic bag (not pictured) and included an extra pair of flat cotton laces, a cloth dust cover, and a thank you card.

Parkhurst The Richmond Boots With Box & Accessories

I wouldn’t expect much more than this, though I’d admit that the extra laces are a nice detail as they are markedly different from the braided waxed cotton laces found on the boots by default. I’ve yet to try out these accessory laces, but I’ll certainly give them a try, as I think they’d give the boots a different look.

With a price tag of $358, the Richmond boots are undoubtedly a premium product considering the selection of good or high-quality boots available below this price point.

Rust Waxy Boots by Parkhurst Brand

However, as I’ve detailed in this review, Parkhurst’s boots are exceptionally constructed, employing premium materials and the handiwork of experts both in Spain and the United States. Considering how remarkable the finished product is, I definitely believe there is value to be had with these Richmond boots.

No, these boots are not cheap, but this is a direct reflection of the process and materials used, which themselves are evidently not cheap. There are other bootmakers out there that produce equally exceptional boots, however, most are already charging a premium for the name brand of the boot, something which Parkhurst totally omits.

If you consider that these boots will easily last 5 years+ and can be resolved given the Goodyear welt construction, if you can afford the up-front purchase price, they’ll become increasingly affordable the more you wear them.

Rust Waxy Leather Boots From Parkhurst

Closing Thoughts

Given that I’m still in the honeymoon period with these Parkhurst Richmond boots, I’m slightly conflicted.

As with every new pair of shoes, I’m inclined to be exceedingly careful with them to avoid scratches and scuffs. However, I’ve already noticed that with each new blemish, the character of the leather upper and overall look of the boot only improves.

Parkhurst Boots in Rust Waxy Leather Blue Denim

So, to a large extent, I’m very much looking forward to wearing these and putting them through the wringer. If you’re also one who appreciates the evolution of your shoes to match your experiences, and you can afford the price tag of the Parkhurst boots, I’ve no doubt you’ll be more than satisfied by the many years of wear they’ll give you.

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"Boasting a traditional design, the Richmond boots by Parkhurst are exceptionally crafted and a certain value considering their quality and assured durability."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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