Choosing and buying glasses in-store is a stressful and complicated experience. Furthermore, it can be quite expensive! Therefore, many people turn to buying their glasses online. This is no exception when it comes to contemporary rimless frame glasses.

In this guide, you will discover the Best Rimless Glasses. You can use the links below to jump ahead:

  1. Warby Parker Caldwell Rimless Glasses
  2. Glasses USA Henry Rimless Glasses
  3. EyeBuy Direct Vernon Rimless Glasses
  4. Zenni Optical Semi Rimless Glasses
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Best Rimless Glasses To Buy Online

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What Are The Best Rimless Glasses Frames?

Although we often talk about vintage-inspired frames such as wayfarers, a lot of people prefer to buy rimless or semi-rimless glasses. A discrete and modern style, they’re also known as frameless glasses. They’re also ideal for most environments and suitable for nearly every workplace.

If you’re looking for the best rimless and semi-rimless glasses, you need only refer to the following guide. After having tested over 20 pairs ourselves, we can confidently say that these are the best ones to buy online from trusted retailers that we recommend.

With so many sleek and modern designs available, it can quickly become overwhelming to find the best frames for you. Fortunately, we’ve tested over 20 pairs in order to provide you with a carefully selected list of our top 5 recommended rimless glasses.

Each pair takes into account different budgets, so there will surely be an option that your wallet can afford. If you’re looking for new prescription glasses or just a pair of shades, you can use this guide to find the right glasses for you.

Our current top rimless and semi-rimless glasses come from the following retailers:

  1. Warby Parker
  2. Glasses USA
  3. EyeBuy Direct
  4. Zenni Optical

1. Warby Parker Caldwell Semi-Rimless Glasses

warby parker caldwell semi rimless glasses

  • Price: $145 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Warby Parker
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Cellulose Acetate
  • Measurements: 54-20-145
  • Frame Fit: Large
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear / Light-Responsive
  • Free Try At Home? Yes

Sleek and elegant, Caldwell’s semi-rimless frames are modern and bold. Made from stainless steel, they’re solidly built and hold well against regular wear and tear.

We loved the color, which gives off a dark bronze sheen under the light. This complements the dark whiskey tortoiseshell temple tips very nicely. As with most of Warby Parker’s quality offerings, they’re also fixed together with akulon-coated screws for increased durability.

We liked the angular finish on the brow edges and under the nose bridge. The slightly beveled corners add a geometric touch to the frames for an overall cosmopolitan style.

At $145 including frames, these are indeed a premium option. However, we’ve tested a lot of Warby Parker lenses and we believe that they offer the best craftsmanship and quality available online.

2. Glasses USA Henry Rimless Glasses

glasses usa henry black rimless glasses

  • Price: $94 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Glasses USA
  • Material: Titanium
  • Measurements: 52-18-135
  • Frame Fit: Medium
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear
  • Free Try At Home? No

If you’re looking for a fully-rimless frame, we’re very fond of Glasses USA’s sleek Henry glasses. Made with ultra-thin titanium temple arms, they’re lightweight and minimalist.

Nevertheless, they’re very smart and ooze with sharp business professionalism. If you’re looking for a particularly conservative style that still breathes class then the Henry is an excellent option to consider.

Despite the arm’s thinness, they feel robust and solid. We’re sure that these frames could take a beating over the years whilst still looking great.

You can buy the Henry frames from Glasses USA from only $94, including single vision lenses.

3. EyeBuy Direct Vernon Rimless Glasses

eyebuy direct vernon rimless glasses

  • Price: $25 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Eye Buy Direct
  • Material: Metal, Acetate
  • Measurements: 58-17-143
  • Frame Fit: Large
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear
  • Free Try At Home? No

Discrete yet modern with large, rounded lenses, these smart frames from Eye Buy Direct are a fantastic budget choice.

Named the Vernon, they feature acetate temple arms with a lightweight metal bridge. They’re robust and feel very lightweight when in place. Although they may not feel as premium as the options above, they certainly offer great value for money.

At only $25 including single vision lenses on Eye Buy Direct, these are a great purchase for everyday use.

4. Zenni Optical Semi-Rimless Glasses

zenni optical semi rimless glasses

  • Price: $19 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Zenni
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Measurements: 48-18-141
  • Frame Fit: Medium
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear
  • Free Try At Home? No

If you’re looking for something outspokenly modern, these geometric frames from Zenni are a solid choice. Crafted from stainless steel, we love the design on the temple arms with the exposed closing mechanism for a high-tech look.

The stainless steel metal features a brushed chrome finish whilst the temple tips are made from black acetate. They’re maybe a little heavier than the other options presented on this list but they feel sturdy and strong.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to fault them due to their price. At only $19 from Zenni Optical, these glasses are yours including single vision lenses.

What Are Rimless & Semi-Rimless Glasses?

christophe lambert rimless glassesAlthough typically modern and geometric, rimless glasses were invented in the latter-half of the 19th Century. The original intention was to create lighter glasses due to the heavy materials used at the time.

Also known as frameless glasses, the first rimless glasses were sold as Pince-Nez frames to lessen the burden on the nose. However, three-piece models with arms were developed for those who wore glasses when riding on horseback.

As pince-nez frames fell out of fashion during the 1920s, frames were developed that featured an arch that connected to the temples and held the lenses in place. These were probably the earliest iteration of semi-rimless glasses.

These semi-rimless “rimways” as they were known stayed in fashion until the 1950s when plastic frames started becoming popular. It wasn’t until the 1980s that rimless glasses experienced a slight renaissance.

Usually, rimless glasses were used to portray characters in films as scientific intellectuals. This is why Robocop’s villain, Clarence Boddicker, wore them so to intentionally clash with this notion.

Thanks to advances in titanium alloys, semi-rimless glasses became a common choice again at the turn of the 21st Century as weightless frames. Apple founder Steve Jobs made them particularly popular and sales surged following his death in 2011.

Will Rimless Glasses Work For Me?

As rimlessor frameless glasses are commonly wide and rectangular, it’s important to make sure that they fit correctly with your head size.

Additionally, they’re commonly made from metals with a wide range of colour options. Therefore, you may want to read our guide on choosing glasses to see what would best suit your skin tone.

Another consideration is your personal style or persona. Are you someone with classic tastes or would you consider yourself to be eccentric? Rimless glasses tend to be best for those working in conservative environments or living in the city.

Finally, your face shape will play a deciding factor when determining how well certain frames will suit you. You can read all about this in the next section.

Will Rimless Glasses Suit My Face Shape?

Refer to the guide below to find out whether rimless or semi-rimless glasses will suit your own face shape. If you don’t already know it, make sure you follow our guide to identify yours!

If you already know your face shape, just click yours below:

Ideal Matches

If you have one of the following face shapes, you’ll have no problems with either rimless or semi-rimless glasses. Nevertheless, see what we have to say in case there’s any advice to take into account.

Graphic of a man's heart face shapeHeart Face Shape

Although featured among the most ideal face shapes for rimless glasses, there are a few caveats. Firstly, semi-rimless glasses tend to be quite wide, which would broaden your wide forehead.

Ensure that the glasses you pick are the right fit and aim for fully rimless. These tend to be slightly narrower and their beveled lenses may help strengthen your sloping jawline.

Feel free to head to the heart face shape guide for more styling tips!

Bespoke Unit's graphic of a man's oblong face shapeOblong Face Shape

Both rimless and semi-rimless lenses are great choices for oblong face shapes. Thanks to their width and geometric shapes, they’ll surely widen your cheekbones for a more oval shape.

Furthermore, their angular construction will bring out any soft features to make your face appear squarer.

You can refer to the detailed oblong face shape page for more frame ideas if you prefer.

Bespoke Unit's graphic of a man's triangle face shapeTriangle Face Shape

Like oblong face shapes, triangle faces can make use of the extra width provided by semi-rimless glasses. However, opt for more rounded styles to avoid increasing your face’s prominent features.

Nevertheless, most options should do a greater job of offsetting your strong jawline for a harmonious face shape.

Check out the other advice we offer in the triangle face shape guide!

Acceptable Matches

The following face shapes should be able to wear rimless or semi-rimless frames but should take care in ensuring the correct fit. See what advice we provide in the following comments.

Graphic of a man's diamond face shapeDiamond Face Shape

Semi-rimless frames are indeed possible for diamond face shapes. However, geometric designs may bring out the sharpness of your features.

Consider rimless glasses with rounder or beveled corners for a softer finish instead.

If this is your face shape, head the the diamond face shape guide for more information.

What is a man's oval face shape?Oval Face Shape

Despite being the so-called “ideal” face shape, oval faces should be careful with semi-rimless glasses and rimless glasses too.

If they’re too wide, your face may appear rounder. However, if correctly fitted, angular designs can bring out your features.

You can read more about your characteristics and styling advice on the dedicated oval face shape page.

graphic of a man's round face shapeRound Face Shape

It’s touch and go whether semi-rimless or rimless glasses frames would work with round face shapes. If the frames are too wide, they may emphasize face width.

However, if they’re a really good fit, they can bring out your softer features for a more hardened look. Take care in choosing as it could backfire.

Head to the round face shape style guide to all the advice we provide for this face shape.

Bespoke Unit's graphic of a man's square face shapeSquare Face Shape

Due to their hardened features, square face shapes may find that semi-rimless glasses are a step too far. If they’re too wide, they may also increase cheekbone width.

However, rimless glasses tend to work really well with square face shapes. Rounded corners will contrast with your strong features for a balanced and harmonious look.

Alternatively, you can check out our full guide for square shape faces for inspiration!

What Next?

If you’ve found the right glasses for you, you can also check out the main glasses page beforehand for any lenses and colour advice. However, you can also explore our other eyewear guides for more inspiration:

Best Rimless Glasses Guide
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