Whether you’re buying your first pair or you’ve worn them all your life, buying glasses is always a difficult and challenging process. Beyond your own prescription, there are so many factors to consider that it becomes an insufferable experience.

You may be stuck on the relatively popular question of whether you should buy your glasses in-store or online or you might think that nothing suits you.

Fortunately, Bespoke Unit’s guide to glasses is a complete and comprehensive resource that you can tailor according to your needs. Whatever your shape, size, gender or colour, we will have recommendations for you.

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Bespoke Unit’s Glasses Guides

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How Can Bespoke Unit Help?

Douglas-MacArthur-Wearing-Aviator-SunglassesIf you’re looking for new glasses, you’ve come to the right place. Whether prescription, sunglasses or even computer glasses that filter UV light, there are many options to choose from. You can always begin by learning how to choose your glasses. In that guide, you’ll discover foolproof methods of using your skin tone, hair and eye colour as well as your face shape to choose the pair that suit you best. From there, you can then learn how glasses should properly fit to find out your size before you explore the best glasses to buy online. If you want to discover all the different styles available, you can simply head to our overview of all the most popular glasses frames. Each will tell you how well they’ll suit any face shape. Furthermore, although Bespoke Unit often caters exclusively to men, the inherent unisex nature of glasses means that women can find something for them here too.

Eyewear Today

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Did you know that the older you get, the more likely you are to need glasses? In fact, 93% of people between the ages of 65-75 wear corrective lenses. In addition to simple ageing, our increasing use of electronic devices means that more people are developing more acute vision issues at younger ages. The percentage of Americans who are nearsighted, for example, has doubled since the 1970’s. Sounds scary, right? Fortunately, there are preventative measures you can take! However, if you need glasses, don’t feel like you have to be ashamed! Over the last couple of decades, glasses have stopped being merely medical devices, which were shunned by the public. Today, they are worn as stylish accessories or even outlandish fashion statements. With Bespoke Unit, you can learn all about how you can mix glasses with your personal style. Start by exploring how you can choose glasses to suit you and learn more!

The History Of Glasses

theodore roosevelt pince nez glassesGlasses are by no means a recent invention. Would you believe that even rudimentary glasses have existed since the 12th Century in China? In fact, the concept of using a convex lens to magnify images is one that dates back nearly a literal millennium. The earliest record can be found in Alhazen’s Book Of Optics, which is dated to the year 1021. This is both fascinating and comforting. Fascinating insofar as it demonstrates humans’ incredible capacity for scientific advancement, and comforting in the fact that our vision has been deteriorating as we age for quite some time. The first eyeglasses can be traced to Italy, around the year 1286. As mentioned above, the first sunglasses -with flat smoky quartz panels as lenses- showed up in China in the 12th century. For ages, glasses had various negative connotations. Physical weakness, passivity, and even piousness come to mind. The latter of which was because for many years, only clergymen were literate and would therefore be the only ones who needed eyeglasses. This began to change at about the turn of the twentieth century, when President Theodore Roosevelt was regularly photographed in his specs. Many celebrities are associated with the glasses they wore regularly. For instance, John Lennon and his round spectacles or James Dean wearing square frames both come to mind. Nowadays there are even folks who will wear glasses that have no lenses simply as a fashion accessory. G. Bruce Boyer claims in his book True Style that glasses became an integral part of pop culture in 1965 as a result of Michael Caine wearing wayfarers in the film The Ipcress File. Nowadays, glasses are offered in a dizzying array of colours and styles, which you can choose to project your personality.

What Wearing Glasses Says About You

Tattooed man in hipster glassesAlthough the sentiment is generally relegated to schoolyard bullies, glasses can also come off as studious and intellectual. According to Psychology Today, wearing glasses projects the following personality traits:

  • Honest: Glasses make you look more sincere.
  • Trustworthy: Similarly, people will have more confidence in you.
  • Intelligence: Maybe because you look like you read more, glasses make your look more studious.
  • Social Class: As glasses were once a privilege, glasses make you look classier.
  • Friendly: Glasses reduce your threat level.
  • Stylish: Carefully selected designer glasses with logos indicates that you’re fashion conscious.

However, that last one is apparently a double-edged sword as displaying logos could imply that you’re self-conscious. Nevertheless, how you project your personality is completely in your control. By using our guide to choosing glasses, you can manipulate your own image into what you want. This will allow you to choose the best glasses that embody your persona.

What Next?

Buying glasses shouldn’t be a chore but about as fun and exciting as selecting any other garment or accessory. There’s much for you to choose from to get started. Although we’d recommend that you begin by learning how to choose glasses, you can also jump ahead to some of our highlighted guides:

Bespoke Unit Glasses Guides
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