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After taking a look at what EyeBuyDirect and Zenni Optical have to offer, in the following article, I’ll be breaking down Firmoo.

If you’ve browsed the websites of these popular glasses sellers, you may have found it challenging to set them apart. Throughout my review of Firmoo, I’ll provide some insight into how it compares to the rest, and ultimately, why you should consider purchasing from them.

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Firmoo Glasses: Considerations Before Purchase

While it can offer significant savings on cost, there are also significant differences in experience between buying glasses online from Firmoo and purchasing lenses at a brick-and-mortar store. For this reason, here are some points you should address before buying from Firmoo.

Whether you’re planning on purchasing from Firmoo or any other online glasses retailer, you will need a current prescription if you intend to obtain a new pair of corrective lenses. Naturally, if you’re only shopping for a new pair of sunglasses, you can disregard this consideration.

Firmoo Glasses With BespokeUnit Marquee

Four pairs of glasses recently ordered from Firmoo

After obtaining your current eyeglasses prescription, you’ll want to establish the budget and the occasions for which you need glasses.

Different Face Shapes Wearing GlassesFor instance, if you want new prescription glasses for when you take off your contacts at night, the budget and style you opt for will undoubtedly be different than if you were purchasing a new pair of lenses you intend to wear all day, every day.

Next, you’ll want to take into account your head size and your face shape to more easily narrow down Firmoo’s extensive inventory to just the glasses that not only fit, but also harmonize with your face shape.

We’ve put together a guide that helps you find the best glasses styles based on your face shape; you can learn more about this here.

Lastly, I offer a suggestion (more so than a consideration) that I think will make the process of buying glasses online much more enjoyable: start slow and have fun!

Thanks to the many affordable options offered by Firmoo, you can try new frames or lens colors that you may have avoided in the past due to their price tag.

Firmoo Review: Prices & Selection

As of this review, Firmoo offers in their online store over 500 different pairs of glasses to choose from. This is indeed quite a large inventory, but it is not as large as those of other online glasses brands I’ve reviewed such as EyeBuyDirect or Zenni Optical.

Four Pairs Firmoo Prescription Glasses

In spite of this, Firmoo’s glasses selection is still quite formidable, with many different styles, including some which you may not find on other brands’ websites.

When it comes to price, Firmoo’s are extraordinarily reasonable. In my most recent order, I purchased a total of 4 pairs of prescription glasses and it came out to around $80 total, or $20 per pair. In this instance, I opted for lenses without any kind of tints; nevertheless, adding tints to any of these would not have been too expensive.

Ordering From Firmoo

Once you’ve settled on which frame(s) you want to purchase from Firmoo, it’s time to place your order. However, before pulling out your credit card and entering your details, I highly recommend creating your personal account on the site.

Within this account, you’ll be able to save your latest prescription information. The account will also keep a record of all your past orders.

With your account established and your frames selected, you’ll get the chance to select which lenses you want to outfit your new frames with.

Lens Tinting Options From Firmoo

In the screenshot above, you can see that Firmoo offers a number of different options for the lenses, each with its respective cost. These options aren’t as vast as those with other online glasses brands, but they are still quite complete.

Firmoo Shipping Time

There’s no doubt that one of the worst aspects of shopping online is the waiting period until your order arrives. When it comes to Firmoo, you can expect your new glasses to arrive at your doorstep 10-14 days after you place your order. In the case of my most recent order from Firmoo, it took exactly 14 days for my glasses to be delivered.

This means that if you’re short on time, then online glasses stores such as Firmoo are not the best choice. Yet, most brick-and-mortar locations can also take a few weeks to deliver a new pair of glasses. Ultimately, the smartest choice is to shop for glasses with plenty of time!

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Quality Of Firmoo’s Glasses

While browsing Firmoo’s online inventory, you’ll likely be surprised to find that they offer some frames for as little as $4.95! In seeing such a low price, your first thought may be that there is no chance these are good-quality frames or lenses.

Two New Prescription Glasses Purchased From Firmoo

Having ordered from Firmoo in the past and again recently before writing this review, I have never encountered any issue with the quality of the lenses I received. They’ve never sent an incorrect prescription nor used lenses that gave me a headache, as has occurred with other brands in the past.

When it comes to the frames themselves, they are also quite solid and durable. It’s worth noting that I don’t put any single pair of glasses through the wringer. This is because I have dozens of different eyeglasses in rotation, so no single pair is worn regularly. Even then, Firmoo’s glasses have never let me down.

Overall, when you consider that these pairs of glasses came to about $20 each, I think they provide excellent value considering the solid quality of the frames and dependable lenses.

What Will You Get?

When your new glasses from Firmoo are finally delivered, here’s what you can expect to find in the package.

All Accessories Included With Firmoo Glasses Order

Every pair of glasses is protected by a fabric sheath as well as bright green protective cases. While the fabric pouch will definitely come in handy, the green drawer-style case is just too bulky to be useful as a travel glasses case.

Aside from these, there is also an informational pamphlet as well as a couple additional bits of marketing material.

Firmoo Rewards & Referrals Program

If you browse the websites of the different online glasses sellers, you’ll find that most of them offer some sort of rewards program, referral program, or both. In this regard, Firmoo is no different, except they only offer a referral program, so you will not accumulate any kind of credit for subsequent orders.

Firmoo Referral Program Graphic

With Firmoo, you receive a $10 commission when a new customer uses your personal code. In exchange, the new customer you’ve referred will receive a 50% discount code to apply to select frames (max up to 2 frames.)

Generally, Firmoo’s referral program isn’t the strongest, but I find their pricing to be very aggressive and competitive, so I speculate that they’d rather offer lower prices than a more enticing referral or rewards program.

Firmoo $4.95 Glasses

Firmoo offers an ongoing promotion to provide select pairs of frames with single-vision 1.50 lenses for free to ease the apprehension of new customers. While the glasses are free, one is still liable for the shipping and handling, which adds up to a total price of $4.95.

It’s worth noting that your particular prescription may be too strong for 1.50-index lenses, so you may have to pay for higher-index lenses. Nevertheless, this offer will still provide a discount over paying for new frames.

If you’d like to explore Firmoo’s $4.95 pair promotion, visit this link and enter your email to receive a unique coupon code.

Final Review Of Firmoo

When you look broadly at all of the glasses sellers on the web, you’ll find that it’s a pretty competitive space. This is bad news for the brands themselves but great news for consumers as we’re more likely to get a great deal on a new pair of glasses.

Paul Anthony Wearing Firmoo Sunglasses

On Firmoo, I think they definitely offer a lot of value and “bang for your buck,” but they are a bit lacking in selection when compared to other sellers. Nevertheless, the quality of the lenses and frames is absolutely up-to-par, so if you find a pair of glasses on their website that speaks to you, then I am sure you will not regret your purchase.

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