It ca be a veritable challenge to find genuinely cool glasses. Most tend to feel clunky, awkward and, let’s admit it, a little bit geeky. However, why stick to the same old eyewear and embrace your inner cool guy! If you’re looking for cool glasses, you’ve come to the right place!

Our top 5 coolest glasses are currently the following:

  1. Armani Exchange Square Glasses
  2. Warby Parker “Hayden” Square Glasses
  3. Ray-Ban RB5154 Dark Havana Browline Glasses
  4. EyeBuyDirect “Belmont” Coffee Square Glasses
  5. Zenni Optical Brown Browline Glasses

You can simply click on the one that interests you the most and jump straight to it. Alternatively, just scroll down to learn about them all.

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What Are The Best Cool Glasses?

Finding the right frames for you can be hard. In fact, it’s even harder if you have particular tastes or a fixed budget. If you’re looking for cool glasses, it can be even harder as fashion tends to imply expensive.

However, we’ve tested over 20 frames from reputed online retailers to compile a list that caters to every budget. Each of the frames listed below are fashionable and cool choices worn by celebs and popular icons.

1. Glasses USA Armani Exchange Square Glasses

glasses usa armani exchange square glasses

  • Price: $130 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: Italy
  • Brand: Armani Exchange
  • Material: Monel
  • Measurements: 53-18-140
  • Frame Fit: Medium
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear
  • Free Try At Home? No

Sleek and modern, Armani’s design adds a touch of curve to the timeless square design. We absolutely love these cool and refined frames sold through Glasses USA. Furthermore, they’re made from monel, a lightweight nickel alloy, so you barely feel them resting on your nose.

There’s something refined yet laid-back about these glasses that can only be defined as “cool”. By opting for this classic square design, the wearer doesn’t shy from wearing glasses but embraces them as a fashion accessory.

You could just picture these frames paired with the subtle elegance of an Italian black suit and tie. Alternatively, a crisp open-collar white shirt and khakis would be excellent.

Even for a designer brand, these frames are very reasonably priced. At only $130 including single-vision lenses, they’re yours from Glasses USA.

2. Warby Parker “Hayden” Square Glasses

Warby Parker Hayden Square Glasses

  • Price: $95 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Warby Parker
  • Material: Acetate
  • Measurements: 52-16-145
  • Frame Fit: Medium
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear & Light Responsive
  • Free Try At Home? Yes

We were torn between these and the Armani frames but found that the latter was more versatile in the end. However, Warby Parker comes in at a close second with their elegant Hayden glasses.

Also a square frame, we loved the polished and minimalist design with the eye-catching tortoiseshell finish. Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate, they’re fixed together with akulon-coated screws for extra durability.

If you want something a little cooler in complexion, they’re available in Striped Pacific. However, we liked the splash of warmth given by the rye tortoise.

Somewhat cheaper, they’re at $95 on Warby Parker. There’s even a free try at home option on these frames so you can give them a shot before spending a cent.

3. Ray Ban RB5154 Dark Havana Browline Glasses

coastal ray ban rb5154 dark havana

  • Price: $191 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Ray Ban
  • Material: Metal & Plastic
  • Measurements: 49-21-140
  • Frame Fit: Large
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear
  • Free Try At Home? No

If this was to be a credible list of cool glasses, we couldn’t omit an entry featuring Ray-Ban glasses. It was a toss-up between these and the Ray-Ban wayfarers that we feature in our top 5 hipster glasses.

However, given the presence of so many square frames in this list, we had to include these stunning browlines. We adore the dark Havana tortoiseshell, which sheens under the light.

Overall, we find these some of the coolest browlines we’ve tried and we love the way the ridges dip so to curve around the eyes. Furthermore, the classic Ray-Ban metal studs add a bit of brightness to really make them pop.

Being such an influential brand, it’s no surprise that the Ray Ban Dark Havana frames come at a premium. That said, their $191 price tag on EyeBuyDirect offers good value and is worth it in our opinion.

4. EyeBuyDirect “Belmont” Coffee Square Glasses

eye buy direct belmont square glasses

  • Price: $49 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Eye Buy Direct
  • Material: Acetate
  • Measurements: 50-17-140 / 56-17-140
  • Frame Fit: Small / Large
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear
  • Free Try At Home? No

We were quite taken aback at just how stylish these glasses are up close. A decidedly refined statement, they are simultaneously cool and classy with faux wood temples and hints of turquoise.

A lot of attention to detail has gone into this design. For instance, we love elements like the brass-coloured separator between the wood arms and acetate temple tips.

Furthermore, being a combination of brown and black tones, these are frames that you could wear with most outfits. You can even use the turquoise details to accent your style.

However, they’re not exactly conservative despite their stately style. That said, they’re inexpensive at only $49 on Eye Buy Direct. These would make a fantastic fashion accessory for the discerning yet cool gentleman.

5. Zenni Optical Brown Browline Glasses

zenni optical browline glasses

  • Price: $27.95 [Buy Now]
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Brand: Zenni
  • Material: Metal & Plastic
  • Measurements: 54-18-147
  • Frame Fit: Large
  • Prescription Options: Single Vision, Bifocal & Progressive
  • Lenses Available: Clear & Sunglasses
  • Free Try At Home? No

Last but certainly not least, Zenni’s browline glasses really impressed us. The blend of warm colours are quite tantalising and mix bronze metal accents with Havana brown tortoiseshell.

We’re particular fond of their design as unlike much louder browlines, these are quite understated and laid-back. Nevertheless, they’re still bold and embody the persona of a cool and collected intellectual.

Addtionally, the temple arms are slightly curved, which provides a better fit and merges with the body. If you want to look your best, well-fitted frames are the way to go.

Finally, like many finds on Zenni, these are an absolute steal at only $27.95. We highly recommend them to men of warmer complexions to complement their natural tones.

What Are Cool Glasses?

One of those words often thrown around to express agreement, cool comes from describing someone as distant or laid-back. It’s now grown to embody a number of meanings but we often relate it to someone who is fashionable or impressive.

When referring to glasses, we often use cool to describe trendy or hip. However, that isn’t to be confused by “hipster” even if they share many common traits.

With glasses having long been associated with geeks and nerds before it became empowering, glasses have grown into the mainstream. Now they’re often used as fashion accessories to emphasis character or physical traits.

Generally, cool classes are whatever’s currently in season or vogue. These days, chic styles tend to be bright colours, vintage-inspired designs and oversize styling. Nevertheless, cool glasses can generally be boiled down to the following frame styles:

If you didn’t find any glasses that you particularly liked in the top 5, you can check out the links in the list above. Each one features our recommendations specifically for those frame styles!

New To Glasses?

Our series of glasses guides cater to everyone so whether you’ve been wearing them all your life or buying your first pair, we can help. If you’re unsure of how to fit your glasses properly, you can refer to our dedicated guide on glasses sizing.

We also feature a detailed guide on choosing your glasses as well as an overview of different lenses. Furthermore, you can read up on all the different styles of glasses frame as well as our recommendation of the best places to buy online.

What Next?

Love at first sight with these cool glasses? If so, let us help you find the right fit so you can purchase with confidence. If you’re still unconvinced, check out some of our other related guides:

Best Cool Glasses Guide
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"Refined, subtle and chic! Forward fashion or laid back, each of these glasses are as cool as the other!"
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