Blue Tassel Loafers On GrassAt Bespoke Unit, we work with men’s lifestyle brands to review their products and bring them to market. Our partners range from classic, established brands to young startups. We cover everything from suits to shoes, from watches to fragrances, and even books.

If it’s of interest to the modern, stylish man, we write about it from a modern, stylish man’s perspective.

We pride ourselves on offering the most thorough, fair, visually compelling and expertly-written reviews on the Internet. Both our readers and the brands we work with deserve no less.

Our Review Policy

While there are some websites that publish negative reviews, we decline to do so. Specifically, we do not publish reviews that we rate three stars or fewer. There are three reasons for this.

  1. We’re positive people. We genuinely enjoy providing excellent, in-depth content and wish to maintain a site-wide atmosphere that reflects that enjoyment.
  2. We’re interested in working with brands to improve rather than sullying their names. In the event that a product is truly not up to par (and believe us, we’ve encountered a few), we will reach out privately to the company to discuss the issue. More often than not, this constructive feedback has resulted in a great customer service experience that we then had the opportunity to describe. This fosters a positive long-term relationship.
  3. We highlight great brands and great people. We’d much rather our readers learn about who’s doing things really well as opposed to those who need improvement.

Working With Bespoke Unit: Increased Visibility & Added Value

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The team at Bespoke Unit is unified in its mission to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with brands that our readers will find value in. Sometimes these are tried-and-true classic names, sometimes these are startups with a phenomenal idea or a unique value-add for their industry.

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No matter who you are, we’d be happy to see if there’s a good fit for us to work together.

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Bespoke Unit is different from other blogs in the men’s lifestyle space. This is because working with us goes beyond a simple product review. We also offer:

  • A unique, SEO-driven site setup to maximize your brand’s visibility
  • A professional team of subject matter experts, all with writing and web content creation backgrounds, to do your brand justice
  • Fast growth, the pace of which is always accelerating
  • Mentions and links across our various distribution channels to maximize your product’s footprint
  • Star-based reviews that are more easily found in Google’s organic search than regular reviews/ See below:

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Get In Touch With Bespoke Unit

Do you make a fantastic men’s lifestyle product that needs to be marketed to a receptive, engaged audience? If so, we’d be delighted to work together.

Click the following link to access our contact form. We’re excited to hear from you.