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Founded more than 5 years ago in Michigan, USA, Your Elegant Bar has become established in the industry as an online purveyor of high-quality cigar humidors and accessories for seasoned collectors and neophytes alike.

Having previously reviewed Your Elegant Bar and some of their most popular humidors, I’m excited to see them expand their catalog to include wholesale cigar accessories. Undoubtedly, these new offerings will help brick-and-mortar cigar stores better serve their customers.

The new line of cigar accessories for wholesale includes:

Use the links above to learn more about each of their new wholesale cigar goods, or continue scrolling to read about the benefits of purchasing cigar accessories at wholesale.

Why Buy Wholesale Cigar Accessories?

As a business owner catering to cigar lovers, sourcing cigar accessories at wholesale prices can be a profitable decision. Naturally, purchasing wholesale helps you save money as it increases your profit margins. However, it also offers specific advantages that can help you more effectively serve your clients and grow your business.

Your Elegant Bar is now offerring a wide variety of products, including cigar cutters, lighters, humidors, ashtrays, and more, on a wholesale basis. This variety allows you to choose the accouterments that best suit your customer base. It also makes it possible for you to offer a diverse selection of products that appeal to different needs and preferences.

Different Cigar Cutters With Cigars On Wooden Table

More importantly, Your Elegant Bar’s wholesale offerings comprise high-quality products that are designed to last. When bringing these to your clients, you can confidently stand behind your goods as they’ve been manufactured with durability and longevity in mind.

Establishing a reputation for offering quality products is key for any business. This is perhaps more true in the cigar space than others, given that this business involves building profound client relationships through face-to-face interactions.

Finally, when you buy cigar accessories at wholesale prices from Your Elegant Bat, you have the option to customize your products with your logo or business name. This is a great way to build brand awareness and recognition among your customers, especially if they’re using your branded products on a daily basis. Such customization also allows you to create unique products that stand out from the competition.

Next, we explore some of Your Elegant Bar’s wholesale accessory catalog.

Wholesale Cigar Cutters

V Cut Cigar Cutter For Wholesale Purchase

V-Cut (Wedge Cigar Cutter)

Aside from cigar lighters (more on these below), cigar cutters are the most essential tool for cigar smokers, and having the right one can significantly impact the smoking experience.

While all cutters are designed to cut the cap of the cigar, there are different types of cigar cuts that a smoker can choose from. This is where personal preference comes in, and it’s essential to have a variety of cigar cutters available to cater to different tastes.

Your Elegant Bar offers a range of cigar cutters, including double-guillotine cutters and punch cutters, each designed to provide a clean and precise cut. The double-guillotine cutters are perfect for those who prefer a straight or flat cut, while the punch cutters are ideal for those who prefer a more circular cut. The v-cutters, also known as wedge cutters, offer a unique option that creates a wedge-shaped notch in the cap of the cigar.

Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter Steel For Wholesale

Double Guillotine, Flat Cut

All of Your Elegant Bar’s cigar cutters are made from durable materials, with steel blades and often steel bodies as well, ensuring that they are built to last. Notably, the stainless steel bodies add a level of luxury and confidence when cutting, knowing that the cutter can withstand regular use.

With Your Elegant Bar, wholesale cigar cutters are available at competitive prices, making it easy for you to stock up on a range of options without breaking the bank. With a variety of cuts and styles available, Your Elegant Bar makes it easy to find the perfect cigar cutter for any smoking preference.

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Wholesale Cigar Lighters & Torches

As alluded to earlier, a lighter or torch is the most vital accessory a cigar smoker can carry with them! Indeed, one can always resort to matches when in a pinch, but the efficiency of a cigar torch or lighter simply cannot be beaten. Your Elegant Bar understands this and offers a range of dependable lighters and torches that cater to every cigar smoker’s preferences.

Torch Cigar Lighters On Table

Cigar Torches With Punch Cutter

One of the standout features of Your Elegant Bar’s collection of cigar lighters and torches is their diversity, both in design and construction. Their catalog boasts a variety of soft-flame cigar lighters as well as popular torch flame lighters that use butane, burn hotter, and are more precise. These torch lighters are particularly useful for lighting larger ring-gauge cigars and are often preferred by experienced smokers. Whether you’re a fan of soft flames or torch flames, Your Elegant Bar has you covered.

Moreover, Your Elegant Bar’s selection of lighters and torches come in different materials and at different price points, allowing brick-and-mortar locations to stock products to meet all preferences. They offer lighters with a sleek and modern design, as well as those with classic and timeless aesthetics. Whatever your style, you can find a lighter or torch that matches it at Your Elegant Bar.

Cigar Lighters With Steel Body In Different Colors

Finally, another benefit of Your Elegant Bar’s lighters and torches is that they are refillable, making them a cost-effective choice for customers. With refillable lighters, you don’t have to keep buying new ones every time the fuel runs out. Instead, you can simply refill the lighter with butane and keep on smoking.


Ashtrays are an important yet often overlooked accessory for cigar aficionados, allowing them to enjoy their smoke without worrying about ash or debris. Your Elegant Bar offers a variety of cigar ashtraysat wholesale prices made from different materials, including ceramic, aluminum, zinc alloy, and wood.

Cigar Ashtray Made From Metal And Wood

Ceramic ashtrays are a popular choice due to their durability, heat resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Aluminum ashtrays are also durable and lightweight, making them an excellent choice for outdoor use. Zinc alloy ashtrays are another option, known for their strength and longevity. And for those seeking a more natural look, wood ashtrays are an excellent choice, adding a touch of elegance to any smoking experience.

In addition to individual ashtrays, Your Elegant Bar also offers gift sets that include an ashtray, cutter, and torch lighter.

Cigar Gift Set For Wholesale With Ashtray, Lighter, And Cutter

Cigar Gift Sets

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Cigar Humidors Wholesale

The final cigar accessory that retail owners will want to be able to offer to their customers are cigar humidors. They are yet another crucial item that helps to keep cigars fresh, flavorful, and ready to smoke at a moment’s notice, and they can be sourced at competitive prices from Your Elegant Bar.

Carbon Fiber Texture Cigar Humidor With Digital Hygrometer

Glass-Top Humidor With Integrated Digital Hygrometer

The brand’s diverse catalog includes glass-top cigar humidors boasting integrated digital hygrometers. These allow for precise temperature and humidity control; they also permit cigar enthusiasts to display their collections while ensuring proper storage conditions. Offered in a variety of finishes, including high gloss lacquer and classic wooden veneer, our humidors not only maintain perfect cigar storage conditions but also add an elegant touch to any room.

Understanding that many cigar enthusiasts appreciate the traditional look and feel of analog hygrometers, Your Elegant Bar also offers humidors with classic analog hygrometers to cater to those preferences.

Cigar Travel Case In Black Croc Leather

Cigar Travel Case Lined With Cedar

Lastly, among the wholesale cigar humidor products are also cigar travel cases. These cases are perfect for protecting cigars while traveling or attending events, ensuring that cigars remain in perfect condition while on the move. They can be crafted from traditional or more exotic leather and come in different sizes.

"Excited to see a trusted brand such as Your Elegant Bar expand to fill other needs in the cigar business!"
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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