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In my earlier review of Zenni glasses, I covered different aspects of the order process, the quality of their frames/glasses, and the overall value proposition presented by the brand. In that post, I also mentioned that Zenni allows you to configure essentially any pair of glasses to also possess mirror-tint lenses.

Unfortunately, the online pictures of the mirror-tint glasses aren’t actually pictures but rather renderings. As a result, it’s difficult to get a good idea of what the mirror-tint colors actually look like in the flesh.

Since I was placing a large order for that review, I chose to go ahead and get a better look at all of their mirror-tint options.

In this review, I’ve presented pictures of my new Zenni mirror-tint glasses, each in one of the eight color options, so that you can better appreciate the actual tone and reflective effect and ultimately be better armed to select the one(s) you like the best.



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Zenni Optical All Glasses Tints Options

Zenni Mirror Tint Options & Price

Zenni Mirror Tint Colors

I find Zenni’s mirror-tint option for their glasses to be one of the most enticing configurations they offer, especially considering that many other popular online glasses sellers don’t offer this at all. However, the mirror tint also appears to be one of the most expensive, currently being priced above $25 per pair of glasses that you apply it to.

Seeing as how Zenni has hundreds of pairs selling for less than $20, this could double the price of your selected glasses if you also want to equip them with mirror-tint lenses.

Yet, I still think this is a worthwhile customization since it can be applied to any pair of glasses, even prescription ones.

Finding a pair of mirror-tint sunglasses that mold to your particular taste and style can be difficult. Therefore, it is much easier first to find the frame you want and then make them mirror-tint sunglasses if you so desire. Zenni allows you to do just this.

Full Zenni Mirror Sunglasses Collection

Ultimately, I don’t think the $25+ price for mirror-tint glasses is so steep, and the various colors available also make it possible to order the same frames with different mirror-tint colored glasses.

As you may have gathered from the picture at the top of this article, I am quite a fan of glasses. Indeed, I have quite an extensive collection of them, many of which I’ve purchased from Zenni.

Zenni Mirror Sunglasses Color Comparison

In my most recent order from them, I purchased more than 20 pairs, including sunglasses in all eight mirror-tint colors. Below, you can see pictures of all of them. I rotate my glasses often, so rest assured that all of these will be used over time and will not simply collect dust in storage.

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Silver Mirror Tint

Zenni Silver Mirror Tint Glasses


Gold Mirror Tint

Zenni Gold Mirror Tint Glasses


Rose Gold Mirror Tint

Zenni Rose Gold Mirror Tint Glasses

Rose Gold

Lavender Mirror Tint

Zenni Lavender Mirror Tint Glasses


Indigo Blue Mirror Tint

Zenni Indigo Blue Mirror Tint Glasses

Indigo Blue

Flame Red Mirror Tint

Zenni Flame Red Mirror Tint Glasses

Flame Red

Sky Blue Mirror Tint

Zenni Sky Blue Mirror Tint Glasses

Sky Blue

Moss Green Mirror Tint

Zenni Moss Green Mirror Tint Glasses

Moss Green

Final Thoughts

Of all the mirror-tint glasses I purchased from Zenni, my favorite at this time are probably the silver ones. However, I’ve been cycling through all of them and have changed favorites several times. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, you would have likely found me sporting the lavender mirror-tints any chance I had.

Moreover, the flame-red mirror tints also grew on me after seeing them in person. On Zenni’s website, the red tone seemed a bit too loud for my taste. Nevertheless, I ordered them and was surprised at how much I liked them once they were delivered.

All 8 Mirror Tint Glasses From Zenni

Overall, I will note that the mirror-tint finish on these glasses appears excellent up close. The quality I’ve come to expect from Zenni after ordering dozens of pairs from them over the years is still there, and if you’re considering purchasing from them, I can highly recommend it.

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"Zenni's mirror-tint lenses offer a unique way of personalizing your lenses and having fun with new glasses styles."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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