Beckett Simonon Nieto Leather Dopp Kits

Having completed a handful of Beckett Simonon shoe reviews in the past, we thought it time to take a deeper look at some of the brand’s leather accessories. Accordingly, in this review, I’ll be breaking down their Nieto leather dopp kit.

My experience with Beckett Simonon’s products (mostly their shoes) tells me this will be a beautifully crafted dopp kit. At a glance, this certainly seems to be the case.

Yet, product listing images can often be deceiving. To determine the quality and construction of this dopp kit, and whether it’s genuinely worth the price tag, I’ll scrutinize the Nieto in walnut pull-up and black pebbled leathers via the following categories:

Nieto Leather Dopp Kit Specifications

Beckett Simonon’s Nieto Dopp Kit can be purchased in three different leather varieties. Within each of these leather categories, you’ll find different leather tones available. This makes for a total of 8 different styles of leather dopp kits to choose from.

Unlike is the case with Beckett Simonon’s shoes, which are made on a Group Made To Order (GMTO) basis, the dopp kits are in-stock and ready to ship upon order. The brand still makes these in small batches, but the fact that there’s only one size likely allows them to maintain stock. For eager customers wanting to get their dopp kits ASAP, this is great news.

Beckett Simonon Dopp Kits In Black And Walnut Leather

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Each of the Nieto dopp kits from Beckett was delivered in a dust cover bag with a drawstring close. This bag also has a branded bit of leather riveted onto the bag itself.

Nieto Dopp Kit in Walnut Leather with Cover Bag

Personally, I’ve yet to use the dust cover after the Nieto dopp arrived. Nevertheless, it’s a nice detail to include, and I can easily see how someone might want to protect their dopp kit while it’s inside their luggage during travel. Additionally, it protects the leather exterior from the inside of the cardboard shipping box while it’s making its way to you.

Nieto Dopp Kit’s Size

When it comes to its size, the Nieto dopp kit is almost 9.5″ in length, 4″ wide, and 5″ tall. It is by no means small, so from my experience, I would qualify this as a medium-sized dopp kit.

If you’re the kind of traveler that prefers to pack a large number of toiletries, it’s possible that the Nieto may not be big enough to fit all of them. Yet, I’ve no doubt it can comfortably carry all the essentials and more.

Nieto Dopp Kit In Black Pebbled Leather

For my purposes, I thought the size was ideal. To some extent, it does limit how much I can bring with me while traveling. However, as a chronic over-packer, such a limitation isn’t undesirable as it will prevent me from packing frivolous items that I never end up using.

While traveling, I was able to fit all of these big items comfortably within the Nieto Dopp Kit:

  • Prescription glasses case
  • Beard trimmer & charger
  • Contact lens solution (medium bottle)
  • Toothbrush
  • Large toothpaste
  • Small cologne
  • Hair product container
  • Small bottle of medication

There are additional small items that fit simultaneously within the dopp kit and which I’ve omitted, and I still had space for more items.

Leather Quality & Construction

As I’ve come to expect from Beckett Simonon’s shoes, the leather used for these dopp kits is outstanding. It is buttery smooth and simply beautiful to look at up close.

I was already familiar with Beckett Simonon’s pull-up leather from a previous pair of shoes from them, so I chose this in walnut for one of the kits. This leather not only has an alluring color and texture right out of the box, but it also wears in gracefully.

Details Of Walnut Pull-Up Leather Dopp Kit

You may call it a blemish, I call it character.

Admittedly, the pull-up leather doesn’t make for the most elegant dopp kit, which is why I also opted for the black pebbled leather. Unlike the walnut variety, the pebbled leather is a bit more flexible from the start and will not show wear as visibly.

With this in mind, the details on both dopp kits are delightful. The walnut leather has been aptly paired with a YKK zipper with mustard-toned tape that blends with the surrounding leather. Moreover, many of the leather edges have been painted in a dark-brown tone that provides tasteful contrast. On the black pebbled leather, the edges are likewise painted but in black to match the leather.

Beckett Simonon Leather Dopp Kits Side by Side

For both of the Nieto dopp kits, the stitches look solid and show no signs of fraying. Additionally, worked into the design itself are segments of leather that reinforce the top and side edges of the kit. These are the areas that will face the most wear and tear, and Beckett Simonon has bolstered them to ensure that they don’t become points of failure.

After about 5 months of use, the Nieto dopp kits have just barely started to wear in. It’s only a brief period of time to compare against, but I’ve no reason to believe these leather dopp kits will not last for many years.

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Practicality Of The Nieto Dopp Kit

On the inside, Beckett Simonon’s Nieto dopp kit is lined with a cotton twill fabric throughout. As one can expect it, has a large main compartment with a zipper-close pocket which creates a second open pocket.

Interior Pocket View Of Nieto Dopp Kit

While simple, I found these internal compartments to be more than enough to organize my items while traveling.

On the outside, the Nieto Dopp Kit has a prominent zipper pocket. This one is larger than it seems at first glance and also helps to organize items into different spaces. For a size reference, I was able to fit my iPhone 13 pro into this outside pocket and the zipper closed without issue.

Exterior Zip Pocket Of Beckett Simonon Dopp Kit

Lastly, on the outside, there is also an embossed leather handle that makes it easy to carry around the kit.

Value For Money & Final Thoughts

As you may have noted above, the Nieto Dopp Kit from Beckett Simonon retails for $149 but can be brought down to about $120 with our exclusive code “BU20“.

Given the quality of the materials used, the solid construction, and the overall design of this dopp kit, I find it is well worth the money, especially at the discounted rate. When you consider Beckett Simonon’s sustainability and ethical standards, the price of their dopp kit becomes even more sensible.

Close Up Of Leather Dopp Kit Details

Depending on your preferences, you can get the Nieto in different leathers for a different look. For instance, I’d argue the black pebbled leather provides a more refined look for the Nieto, but I quite enjoy the look of the walnut pull-up leather.

If I had to point out a negative aspect of the Nieto Dopp Kit, it’s the fact that they can’t be personalized with initials or something of the sort. I understand this customization step may not necessarily fit into the brand’s current model, but it’s a rather common practice to personalize dopp kits. Specifically, it makes dopp kits a great gift for a significant other or close friend, and I think the brand has missed the mark in this regard.

That being said, the Nieto Dopp Kit will nevertheless make a memorable and genuinely useful gift for another or for yourself – so if you’re in the market for one, I can easily recommend giving them a shot.

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"An expertly crafted and beautifully designed leather dopp kit by Beckett Simonon that is sure last and age elegantly."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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