JINS Switch 342 Sheet Glasses In Rose Gold

When shopping for eyewear online, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of brands out there, many of which have popped up within the past few years.

Unlike these sprouting brands, JINS has more than 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing eyewear, constantly innovating not only on their frame options but also their lenses (arguably the most important part.)

In the following article, I’ll be covering my first experience with JINS and their Switch Sheet 342, a uniquely-designed pair of glasses that also boast a magnetically-attached sunglasses plate:


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JINS Switch Glasses with Magnetic Sunglasses

  • Brand: JINS
  • Model: Switch Sheet 342
  • Style: Aviator / Browline
  • Material: Metal, Acetate
  • Lenses: Clear Premium, Anti-Glare
    • UV-Cut Coating
  • Clip-On (Magnetic) Sunglass Plate
    • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Price: $190 [Buy From JINS]

The $190 retail price for these JINS Switch 342 glasses corresponds to the base lenses which they call Clear Premium and which have an anti-UV coating, are anti-reflective, and have a hard coating to protect against scratches. At no extra charge, you can also have the lenses be Blue Light blockers (only the Daily version, Heavy Use is extra) and Single-Vision corrected.

JINS also offers a ton of other lens options for any glasses you purchase, including Polarized Sunglasses, Photochromic (“transitionals”), and Color Tinted lenses, though these aren’t necessarily applicable to the JINS Switch Sheet sunglasses I’m reviewing here.

JINS Magnetic Sunglasses Switch Sheet

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JINS Switch Glasses Delivered

My JINS glasses were neatly packed into the shipping box. I ordered two pairs of eyeglasses, though I’d assume that if you’re only purchasing one, the box would be smaller yet still employ the stabilizing insert.

JINS Glasses In Carry Case As Delivered

Each of the hard cases contained the glasses and a micro-fiber cloth for cleaning them. Additionally, the Switch glasses contained a small card with precautions regarding the magnetic sunglasses plate.

JINS Willard Hex Eyeglasses with Hard Case And Cloth

JINS Willard Eyeglasses

There’s nothing alarming among the precautions; they mention mostly obvious things, such as don’t use these while driving in the dark and that storing them in extreme heat can cause damage to the sunglasses plate.

While expected at this price point, I was glad to see that each of the glasses was accompanied by a hard case. Especially for the Switch frames, you’ll probably have to carry this hard case with you given that whenever you take the plate off, you need somewhere to store it.

JINS Switch 342 Glasses In Black Travel Case

JINS Switch 342

In the past two months of use, I’ve kept the hard case with me whenever I wore the JINS Switch glasses. It has been quite useful as I can put the clip-on sunglasses away or the whole “set” without worrying about them getting crushed or scratched.

Switch Sheet Glasses’ Style

Before purchasing, what I liked the most about these JINS Switch magnetic clip-on sunglasses was that they were an uncommon hybrid between Aviator and Browline glasses. Accordingly, they have both the double bridge that is a trademark of Aviator glasses as well as the rim and end-piece design that is most commonly encountered on Browline glasses.

JINS Switch Sheet Glasses With Clip On Sunglasses

It appears that JINS is constantly releasing different glasses models within their Switch collection, so if this design is not to your liking, you can get different models such as Wayfarers or even true Browline glasses with magnetic sunglasses functionality at a similar price.

The JINS Switch Shet 342 was available in a couple of different colors, but I really enjoyed the aesthetic resulting from the slightly transparent acetate and the “gold” metal elements paired with the brownish-colored sunglasses plate. Speaking of which, the sunglasses plate is a single piece that looks like a reflective sheet in front of the glasses, and I was definitely captivated by this look. It would also seem to reason that this is why this model is called the Switch Sheet, but that’s just my guess.

You can get a better idea of this “reflective sheet” look I’m referencing with the picture below. I’ve seen this style be referred to as mirrored sunglasses, but the effect is nowhere near as pronounced with the JINS Switch; I preferred this as the brash mirrored sunglasses you find out there are just too techno ravey for my taste.

JINS Switch Glasses with Magnetic Sunglasses Plate

Again, not all of the JINS Switch sunglasses have this same look. Other models have more traditional clip-on elements with rims attached to the sunglasses plate, but the Sheet style is what I found most intriguing.

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How Do JINS Switch Glasses Fit?

Fit is where I had the most reservations when making a final decision with JINS. Indeed, buying a pair of shoes online is not the same as buying a pair of glasses, and you don’t wear shoes on your face. And while JINS has physical locations in San Francisco & LA, this was not an option as I’m on the East Coast.

Ultimately, JINS offers free shipping & 30-day returns, so it’s not a big risk. Nevertheless, I did not want to go through the returns process if they didn’t fit properly.

JINS Switch Glasses without Sunglasses Plate

JINS evidently understands such reservations and therefore offers a Virtual Try-On tool that helps you get a good idea of how the glasses would fit you. After playing around with this tool, I still chose to measure my current pair of prescription glasses and compare the measurements with those listed for the JINS Switch Sheet 342 on the site. If you want to do the same, check out our guide on how to measure glasses.

Ultimately, I found the measurements of the JINS Switch were similar to those of my glasses, so I decided to take the plunge.

JINS Glasses Quality & Construction

Now that I’ve largely covered the looks of JINS Switch glasses, I’ll delve a bit into the quality and construction. I will preface this by establishing that I am still on the journey into glasses/sunglasses and am not an expert on the best materials, hinge types, etc…

Temple Hinge & Gold Coating On JINS Switch Glasses

My first impression when handling and putting on the JINS Switch was that they were solidly built yet still lightweight. There’s absolutely no up-and-down play to the temples, and the gold coating seems to be of good quality. The sunglasses plate itself doesn’t feel fragile, and it snaps (via magnets) onto the frames very satisfactorily. Overall, they feel like a premium pair of glasses.

JINS Switch Eyeglasses with Clip On Sunglasses

With two months of use under their belt, the JINS Switches have held up to everything I’ve thrown at them. From trips to the beach in Nicaragua to horseback riding in Colombia, I’ve worn them comfortably and had no issues with the sunglasses plate falling off or anything of the sort. It’s worth considering that, as I alluded to earlier, the glasses are in their case if they’re not on my face, so this has probably helped them remain in pristine condition.

Overall Review

Before these JINS glasses, I had never felt the allure of premium glasses or sunglasses. And yes, the price point would lead me to qualify JINS’ Switch glasses as premium. However, the quality is also there to back up the cost, so I’d say it’s justified.

Rafael Wearing JINS Switch Sheet 342 Glasses with Magnetic Sunglasses

The design of the Switch Sheet is unique, so some exclusivity likely worked into the final price as well. And if you were looking for this uncommon hybrid Aviator/Browline design that also implements magnetic sunglasses, there are few (if any) alternatives to the JINS Switch. It just so happens that these are of really good quality, too, making them an excellent choice.

In the past, I’ve broken and lost countless pairs of glasses and sunglasses, so I generally gravitate toward pairs that are more expendable. In this sense, the JINS glasses have given me a taste of what high-end glasses are like, and it’s impossible to argue that they’re not a better option than what I’ve purchased in the past. If you’re willing to take a bit more care of your sunglasses, then I’m confident you’ll get as much enjoyment out of JINS’ glasses as I have.

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"Coupling a unique design with premium quality and the convenient magnetic sunglasses functionality, the JINS Switch Sheet make for an excellent pair of glasses."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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