Hexclad Cookware Review with Japanese Damascus Knives Set

While Bespoke Unit’s content generally deals with men’s style, cigars, and alcoholic spirits, we also enjoy covering topics that speak to men’s lifestyles more broadly. Cooking is certainly a pillar within this broader spectrum, which is why I’ll be reviewing Hexclad Cookware in this post.

You’re probably already familiar with Hexclad if you spend any time on social media, as they’ve garnered a lot of attention on those platforms. You’ve likely also wondered if Hexclad cookware is as good as advertised and, ultimately, whether it’s worth the price. In the following review, I’ll be reviewing Hexclad Cookware and answering these questions via the following sections:

Hexclad Review

Hexclad Cookware Pans

  • 13pc Set
  • Non-Stick
  • Metal-Utensil Safe
  • Over Safe (500 °F)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Price: $999 USD [Shop On Hexclad]
    • Sale: $599 USD
Hexclad Pans 13pc Set Review

Hexclad Japanese Damascus Knives

  • 6pc Set
  • 67-Layer Damascus Steel
  • Green Pakkawood Handle
  • 60 Rockwell Rating
  • Magnetic Walnut Knife Block
  • Price: $599 USD [Shop On Hexclad]
    • Sale: $349 USD
Hexclad Japanese Damascus Knives 6pc Set

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Before I get into my review of Hexclad Cookware, I have to clarify that I am not a chef. I do enjoy cooking for myself and my friends, and I frequently do so whenever I travel to Nicaragua, which tends to occur a couple of times a year.

Hexclad reached out to our team and asked whether we wanted to review their products. Conveniently enough, it was during a time when I was setting up a longer-term abode in the Central American country. I was already planning on buying a nice set of pans for the new kitchen, so I thought I’d try Hexclad’s cookware.

Hexclad 13 Pc Pans Set Review

13-Piece Hexclad Pan Set

Along with the 13-piece Hexclad Hybrid Cookware set, they also sent me a 6-piece set of Japanese Damascus Steel knives, both of which I’m covering below.

Hexclad Pans Review

As mentioned, Hexclad shipped me the 13-piece set of pans that they list on their website. This set consists of three hybrid pans (8″, 10″, & 12″), a 12″ hybrid wok, and three pots (2 QT, 3 QT, & 8 QT), each with its own corresponding glass lid. Hexclad also sells a 20-piece set of pans if you find the previously mentioned sizes insufficient for your cooking needs.

Hexclad Cookware Pans In Shipping Box

Hexclad Pans & Knives

The 13-piece set of Hexclad pans was delivered in two medium boxes. I thought it’d be a larger package, but they were very efficiently packed. This is not to say they weren’t well-protected in their packaging, which they were. Additionally, Hexclad packs the pans and lids in individual dust covers that further protect them from damage during shipping.

Hexclad Pans With Dust Covers In Shipping Boxes

Hexclad Cookware First Impression

If you’ve seen Hexclad’s pans online, you don’t need me to tell you that they’re very aesthetically pleasing. However, seeing them in person just confirmed it. Aside from the looks, they also feel great in the hand. The pans have a nice weight to them, and the “stay cool” handle makes them very easy to handle.

Hexclad Pan Surface Up Close Diamond-Dust Coating

Looking closer at the surface of the pans, you can also appreciate the hex pattern from which I assume the brand’s name was derived. From what I can gather, it is this hexagonal design that helps the pans to be both non-stick as well as very good for searing protein.

What Is Hexclad Made Of?

Hexclad markets their pans as “Hybrid” as they combine the desirable aspects of different cooking metals. Accordingly, Hexclad pans are made of stainless steel, aluminum, and a high-grade ceramic coating.

First, Hexclad pans employ ceramic in the “valleys” of the hexagons to prevent food from sticking. The ridges or outlines of the hexagons themselves are stainless steel, intended to help sear the food while cooking.

Hexclad Box Illustrating Pan Construction

Below the hexagonal surface, Hexclad pans have an aluminum core. Aluminum is a great conductor of heat, so the pan will not only heat up quickly but also evenly, something which is often hard to achieve with cast iron, which is renowned for hot spots.

Does Hexclad Scratch?

Another big selling point of Hexclad is that they are metal-utensil safe.

With other non-stick pans I’ve used in the past, the non-stick coating ultimately wears down or becomes damaged by metal utensils. When this happens, a non-stick pan devolves into a regular old pan that you must lubricate generously to prevent food from sticking.

Hexclad pans are specifically designed to handle as many metal utensils as you can throw at them without losing their non-stick properties. In my experience, this claim has proven true. After more than a year of cooking with Hexclad pans, the hex surface of the pans has not retained any scratches.

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Advantages Of Hexclad Pans

After about a month of regular cooking with Hexclad’s hybrid pans, I’ve compiled some of my favorite aspects.

As described above, one of the best things about Hexclad pans is how nice they look. Perhaps I wouldn’t harp on this point if the pans’ performance wasn’t up to par, but since I’ve only had good experiences while cooking with Hexclad, then the appearance of the pans is a big plus.

Hexclad Pans In Use On The Stovetop

Hexclad pans feel genuinely solid in the hand, and even after knocking them while cooking and cleaning, they are still holding up with few permanent signs of wear. The handles are still solidly attached to the pans themselves, and the cooking surface is as non-stick as the first day. I would also add that being able to use metal utensils while cooking with Hexclad is another big advantage, as I’m not scrambling around for rubber-coated utensils while cooking with them.

On convenience – Hexclad pans are easy to clean. While they are dishwasher safe, I don’t have a dishwasher to test them out in at this time. As a result, I’ve been hand-washing them, and it’s hardly a chore doing so. Any burnt food has come off easily with a regular sponge and dish soap.

Lastly, seeing as how Hexclad pans (and their lids) are oven-safe, I’ve been enjoying using them for cooking steaks. Generally, I’ll sear on the stove and then finish in the oven. With Hexclad, I don’t have to transfer to another pan in the middle of this process, which makes the entire process easier and reduces the amount of cleanup.

Disadvantages Of Hexclad Hybrid Cookware

Generally speaking, I had difficulty considering some disadvantages of using Hexclad; these pots and pans have performed really well with everything I’ve thrown at them. That being said, I’m not using them for intricate recipes or cooking methods, just everyday cooking.

Hexclad Pan Dirty After Cooking Onions

It’s worth noting that the stainless steel on the pans does seem to tarnish slightly with use. From what I can find online, Hexclad says this is normal. Furthermore, it doesn’t affect the performance of the pan, but it is visibly noticeable. I’m not disappointed, as I wouldn’t expect the pans to remain completely pristine with everything they’re exposed to.

Moreover, I was able to clean up most of this “weathering” with a Brillo pad and some elbow grease, though it doesn’t really bother me enough to do regularly.

Hexclad Damascus Knives Review

Aside from their hybrid pans and pots, Hexclad also sells cooking accessories. Most notably, they sell Japanese Damascus Steel knives. You can buy these individually, or you can opt for the 6-piece set, which also includes a phenomenal magnetic knife block.

Hexclad Japanese Damascus Knives 6pc Set

Just like their pans, the Hexclad Japanese knives are beautifully designed with green wood (pakkawood) handles. Aside from being very sharp, the knives are also really well-balanced and easy to use.

Lastly, the knife block makes it very easy to safely and efficiently store the knives. And while I don’t have many cooking books lying around, Hexclad’s magnetic knife block also works as a countertop bookend.

As a fan of Forged in Fire, I’ve felt the allure of Damascus steel in the past but never took the time to purchase a set. After using Hexclad’s knives, I now understand why Damascus is so coveted, seeing as how it works flawlessly and looks even better.

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Is Hexclad Worth It?

After spending some time in the kitchen with Hexclad’s Hybrid pans and Japanese knives, I definitely think they are worth the money. I can understand that many times, companies that spend a lot on marketing tend to neglect their product, but this could not be further from the truth with Hexclad.

These pots and pans aren’t particularly cheap, but everything points towards them lasting a long time, so I think the price paid is worth it especially if I don’t have to worry about having to buy more cookware in the future. Moreover, Hexclad backs them with a lifetime warranty from defects, and it’s always comforting seeing a brand stand behind its product.

"Hexclad has created pans and knives that are not only beautifully-designed but also a pleasure to use and maintain."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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