Grey Blue Plaid Coat With Grey TieBuying a suit can be a wonderful experience. Being in a shop with racks of beautiful suits and talking style with a knowledgeable tailor or salesperson is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

But it can also be a challenge. There are tons of factors to consider: the event you’re attending, your audience, what’s currently in your wardrobe (or not), and a host of other things. And as men’s dress has become increasingly casual, fewer men are learning how to navigate this world.

To make our readers’ lives a bit easier, we thought long and hard about the biggest events in a man’s life for which he’ll need to wear a suit. From there, we created targeted, easy-to-follow guides for each. You’ll learn what to look for in terms of color, details, and quality.

Note: You can also visit our Suits Homepage which covers everything you need to know about men’s suits including how to find a great tailor, the anatomy of a suit and more!

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In the cases of made-to-measure, custom, and bespoke suits, we’ve included plenty information on the overall process. Lack of familiarity with the process and anxiety about making a bigger-than-average purchase contribute to avoidance of buying suits this way, and our aim is to alleviate that anxiety by creating familiarity.

You may also be wondering if your budget plays a role in any of the advice we give in these articles. While it’s impossible for it to not influence your buying decisions, as a rule we feel that everyone should be able to be well-dressed. Our advice on buying suits is the same as we would give for any product: buy the best quality that you can afford. If this means you buy a $150 suit but have it tailored to look like a $2000 one, all the better.

As Giuseppe from An Affordable Wardrobe used to say, “Penury Is Not A Excuse.”

bespoke unit charles-philippe bowles man drinking wine at chat noir brasserie terrasseNo matter which event you’re considering buying a suit for, we suggest that you first take a look at our capsule wardrobe article. If you start with a capsule wardrobe, you’ll end up covering your bases for at least three of these categories right off the bat.

Suit Buying Guides

Conclusion: Rounding Out Your Style

Buying a great suit is only one aspect of looking good. Truly stylish men consider the image they present from numerous angles, and we have guides for just about all of them.

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As you have the time and inclination, we cordially invite you to take a look through these guides to round out your knowledge on how to present your best self to the world every day, with ease: