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From the smokey tar of peat to its golden nectar shimmer, whisky is both a celebrated yet enigmatic beverage. As iconic as it’s adored, whisky can be particularly intimidating and challenging to explore.

In fact, some of us at Bespoke Unit didn’t really get into Scotland’s finest tipple until our resident whisky editor Robert Raymond properly introduced us to it. Although you can drink whisky the way that you enjoy, you don’t have to knock it back.

In Bespoke Unit’s whisky series, you can learn all about the cherished drink with our accessible and comprehensive guides. From properly serving to tasting as well as a little history on the way, there is much to discover!

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Learn About Scotch Whisky With Bespoke Unit

With Bespoke Unit, you can explore the following whisky guides:

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Written by Whisky Editor, Robert Raymond, Bespoke Unit’s guides are as accessible as they are thorough. Although the world of whisky can sometimes be unattainable with complex heritage and traditions, our guides endeavour to be approachable and engaging.

Therefore, if you want to know your Highlands from your Lowlands, check out all that we have to offer below!

Currently, Bespoke Unit’s whisky series focuses on the most famous and emblematic variation, which is Scotch. However, expect further additions and new guides. So be sure to check back regularly for news and updates!

My Go-To Guide. My whisky adventure started when I discovered Bespoke Unit's series.
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About The AuthorRobert Raymond
Robert is an aficionado of brown vices: cigars and whiskey, to be specific. A husband, father, entrepreneur, and frequenter of cigar bars, he’s always excited to talk about the latest thing he’s tasted. He’d be happy to talk to you about his experiences over a glass of the good stuff.

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