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In this series of guides, you will be able to learn everything there is to know about fragrances. Although we offer an accent on men’s fragrances, this isn’t exclusive and much of what’s here can be applied to women too.

After all, fragrances can be an overwhelming topic. There are many different types of fragrances with their own families. Similarly, there’s plenty of jargon such as “cologne” and “eau de toilette”. So how to we find the right one for us?

Bespoke Unit’s guides offer the internet’s best fragrance resource. Easily learn the basics as well as more in-depth theories too. From this homepage, you’ll be able to peruse and easily navigate through all the content that we offer!

What Can You Learn About Fragrances With Bespoke Unit?

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The 5 Things You Absolutely Need To Know About Men’s Fragrances

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Before you jump in and start using our resources, why don’t you read this quick primer to discover the basics? The fundamentals that you will learn below will help you maximise the enjoyment that you’ll get from any fragrance or cologne:

  1. Know Your Fragrance
  2. Discover New Fragrances
  3. Learn To Apply Your Fragrance
  4. Stay Clean & Hydrated
  5. Be Prepared For Any Occasion

Simply jump straight to the topic that interests you the most or scroll down to keep reading what you must know about men’s fragrances!

1. Know Your Fragrance

how to test fragrance with hand skinAbove all, the best place to start is with what you already have. Perhaps they were Christmas presents or impulse buys? On the other hand, you may only have one or none at all.

If your bathroom cabinet is empty (side note: bathroom cabinets are usually too humid for correctly storing fragrances), keep reading to prepare for step 2. Otherwise, time to sort through your current fragrances.

First, you’ll need to know your own fragrances to best use them.

Begin by looking at its concentration. These are usually listed as “eau de parfum”, “eau de toilette” and terms like that. Once you’ve found it, you can compare it with the fragrance concentrations list.

Next, try the fragrance with a skin test and seeing how it acts. Not sure how to go about this? No problem. Our fragrance testing guide explains step-by-step the best ways to try colognes.

What about what to look for when testing? This can be done simply or with a more complex approach. You can familiarise yourself with fragrance terminology and aroma concepts with our guide on perfume pyramids.

Otherwise, think about things like its strength, how long it lasts and what you like about the way it smells. You’ll notice that the scent changes over time after applying it. Do you like these changes? Conversely, does it put you off?

In any case, don’t rush when testing. Let the fragrance grow on your and explore its nuances. Give yourselves time to get acquainted.

2. Discover New Fragrances

how to test fragrance with blotter paperNow that you’ve more-or-less sussed what you have and maybe what you like about it, time to try new things!

At this point, you may feel like you’re perfectly happy with what you have. That’s understandable as change is bad and we all have favourites.

However, you might find something else. Furthermore, you might need something for a special occasion someday.

Before you start aimlessly searching, don’t be afraid to brush up on a little history. Learn about classic fragrances and the different houses with our guide on the history of men’s colognes.

Alternatively, discover the various types out there by reading up on the different fragrance families. You can even read our own fragrance reviews to see if there’s anything that tantalises your taste buds!

Now head to any fragrance or department store and get testing. Head in the morning as you’ll find that your sense of smell is at its peak. Nevertheless, you’ll see that there are fragrances for everyone.

Perform tests on new fragrances so to discover what’s really out there. However, you’ll probably want to do paper blotter tests rather than spraying your hand every time with different fragrances.

3. Learn To Apply Your Fragrance

How To Apply A Fragrance & Cologne SprayThe point often overlooked with fragrances is properly applying the right amount. A major pitfall we face is applying too much or too little, which can turn a good fragrance bad.

How does it do this? Over-applying causes the scent to become so overwhelming that it becomes repulsive.

Alternatively, wearing too little can be underwhelming and an overall disappointing experience.

Having gotten to know your fragrance in step 1, you’re already have way there. Following our guide on applying fragrances will help you reach your destination!

4. Stay Clean & Hydrated

A Handsome Older Man In Front OThere once was a time that fragrances were used to cover body odour when hygiene was but a pipe dream.

However, today an eau de toilette is a decorative and aesthetic experience for sensual pleasure.

Ironically, in order that fragrances work well, they are best applied on clean skin.

A hot shower before applying your fragrance will ensure that it doesn’t get mixed with foreign odours from the day before.

However, it’s always better to go a step further and properly moisturise your skin. A hot shower opens the pores and if the skin’s dry, it will absorb any fragrance you apply.

Properly nourishing your skin with a scentless moisturiser will ensure that the fragrance sits on your skin without being absorbed. Learn more about preparing the skin for applying fragrances. Alternatively, discover great ways to keep yourself well groomed.

5. Be Prepared For Any Occasion

Where To Apply Cologne On A Night OutYou’re building up an impressive collection of fragrances or just want a few versatile colognes to cover your needs. Either way, be sure you have something for every occasion.

Have a think about your activities. Do you attend many formal occasions? What sort of workplace is your office? Are you looking for love?

Bear all of these questions in mind when picking out the right fragrances to buy or wear.

Furthermore, be sure you’re prepared on how you’ll wear the fragrance to match the occasion.

You might find that a single spray wasn’t nearly enough when out clubbing. Alternatively, you’ll find that 4 or 5 were way to much for that romantic dinner.

Head to our tutorial on applying fragrances for every occasion and find the right way way to wear yours.

Now that you’ve read the top 5 things you need to know about men’s fragrances, you might be hungry for more? Head to any of the following guides above to discover new aspects about fragrances. Alternatively, discover our Fragrance Formula that we use for reviews and see how it works!

What Next?

Now that you have read our primer on fragrances, why don’t you check out some more content?

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