Green shoes are a particularly unusual color that tends to be found among artisanal shoe brands. As they’re quite rare, it’s often difficult to know how to coordinate them with other trouser colors.

However, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know so you can match your green shoes with trousers:

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How To Match Green Shoes With Your Trousers

Shoe Coordination Guides
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Trouser Coordination Guides
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Matching Trousers With Green Shoes Overview

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As we move away from the classic colors of black, various browns, and burgundy, we enter a world of colorful footwear. There’s a trade-off to be had at this point: while we gain colorfulness, uniqueness, and variety, we lose versatility.

It’s important to note that uncommonly-colored shoes cannot be worn with everything or at anytime, unlike black or brown shoes. Green shoes fall under “uncommon” for sure.

If you are just starting to build a shoe wardrobe, we kindly redirect you to read up on how to pair black, dark brown, light brown, and burgundy shoes. You can find these guides in the menu above. If you’re looking to expand, let’s talk about green shoes!

Not all greens are created equal. There’s loden, bottle green, kelly green, mint, and a host of others. Diving into each shade available is beyond the scope of even this article, but we’ll do our best to remind you how important it is to consider hue when getting dressed.

Be selective when buying green shoes. Even a cursory look on the Internet tells us that there’s a host of garbage out there.

Green-Shoes-Coordination-GraphicNOTE: There are exceptions to every rule.
Use your good judgement, and feel free to leave us a comment if you have questions!

Read on for full explanations and reasoning of the above coordination suggestions. Or, click here to go see our Ultimate Shoe & Trouser Color Coordination Matrix showcasing how to match any color shoes with any color trousers.

How To Coordinate Green Shoes With Different Trousers

Best Trouser Matches


If you’re headed out in a pair of chinos, you can definitely throw some green on your feet and let the shoes do the talking. The green shoes will definitely stand out, so be sure you coordinate the rest of your outfit expertly.


Blue and green are cousins; you can’t have green without blue. That being the case, the two colors can be quite compatible depending on the shade of each. Medium blue trousers with kelly green suede loafers, for example, would be phenomenal.


If you’re wearing denim casually in the summertime, why not toss on some mint nubuck penny loafers? If you’re dressing it up for dinner with the significant other, why not throw on some dark green derbies? Come on, live a little. Just know that lighter jeans will pair more harmoniously with lighter greens, and darker jeans will be better with darker greens.


Tan and green are two Earth tones that will look great together in a casual environment. Pair away; we suggest a medium-to-dark green.


White trousers, while only acceptable in the States between Memorial Day and Labor Day, are insanely versatile. We shouldn’t be surprised that any shade of green shoe will pair wonderfully with them. Bright or muted, suede or leather, any green shoe will do.

Acceptable Trouser Matches

Light Grey

Maglieriapelle Cunda Loafers In Town SquareTread lightly with this combination as there are many factors to consider. Light grey suit with loden oxfords? Eh, not so much. Light grey jeans with forest green driving loafers? Yes, indeed!


Extreme judiciousness must be exercised here unless you want to become the sartorial butt of a Christmas-themed joke. We suggest a blue-red trouser (not yellow-red) with a deep green shoe.


Another case where hue selection is critical, pairing navy trousers with green shoes is no easy task. Keep the green to a loden shade to keep things safe, bright green with navy trousers will not work.

Dark Grey

It’s not that dark grey and green don’t mesh well per se. It’s just that dark grey trousers tend to be dress trousers, so you need to keep this combo casual.

No-Go Trouser Matches


Black trousers and green shoes will look terrible. We’d expand on that, but there’s not much more to say.


This combination would be too much of the same thing. At that point you’re only one step away from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘s Green Man. Not the end of the world if you’re a fan of the show, but we wouldn’t show up in an office in so much green unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day.


While we’re good with tan and green, brown trousers and green shoes looks a little too tree-like for our taste.

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Green Shoe & Trouser Color Coordination Guide
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