Maglieriapelle handmade Pamukkale Cunda Green Tassel Loafers

Having already reviewed the Pamukkale brogues, we were keen to see what other footwear Maglieriapelle offers. As such, we opted for some completely different and were delighted to have discovered the beautiful Cunda tassel loafers in forest green.

Being in need of a new pair of loafers and given that both Paul Anthony and I are fond of green, these seemed like the perfect choice.

In this review, you will discover the Maglieriapelle Cunda tassel loafers as we explore them through the following considerations:

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Cunda Tassel Loafer Specifications

Despite an Italian name and distinctively Sprezzatura aesthetic, Maglieriapelle is a Turkish brand. Founded in 2010 by Tarik and Gaye Özkan in 2010, it operates from its Istanbul factory. This can be deduced from their rich designs, which exude a rich cultural identity that is unique from other Occidental brands.

The manufacturing process is undertaken by a small, tight-knit team of expert artisans. From the cutting to the painting, each phase is executed by hand. In terms of construction, the shoes are assembled using an Opanka stitch, a traditional method that predates the Blake stitch and Goodyear welt.

Maglieriapelle Cunda Loafers Walking Down Stairs

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Style & Appearance

Maglieriapelle handmade Cunda Tassel Loafer Sole

Having already experienced Maglieriapelle with the Pamukkale brogues, I knew what to expect with their artisanal patinas and detailed craftsmanship. However, the Cunda tassel loafers are quite a variation on a theme.

Although they’re different, there no less exquisite and I loved the delicately streamlined design. While the colour was my favourite characteristic, I was very fond of the moccasin-style stitching that encircles the entire shoe.

It’s particularly prominent across the toe then fades into the throat before reappearing across the quarter. Meanwhile, the hand-cut leather tassels aren’t overbearing and blend in nicely with the uppers.

Maglieriapelle Cunda Loafers Posing On Steps

Unlike the bold and richly detailed Pamukkale brogues, the Cunda tassel loafers have a more subtle finish. The hand-painted brushstrokes are less pronounced, which results in a more burnished and textured effect.

As for the soles underneath, they’re also painted with very pronounced streaks as well as the brand’s logo. Unfortunately, this won’t last long after a few hours of wear. Nevertheless, it’s a nice touch to admire when they’re new.

Finally, I was smitten by the elegant green colour that was reminiscent of an antique leather Chesterfield armchair. The painted patina with its burnished effect only reinforced the connotations of aged high-quality leather while simultaneously appearing fresh and brand new.

Fit & Comfort

Maglieriapelle Cunda Loafers In Town SquareAs we ordered these at the same time as the aforementioned brogues, we did run into a few sizing issues and they ran somewhat large. However, the team at Maglieriapelle were quick to help us replace them and fine the right size for me.

We have since been assured by Umar, Chief Strategy Office and partner at Maglieriapelle, that this has never happened in the past. Usually their footwear is true to size and they’ve never had any returns on this basis.

As such, don’t worry if you have any sizing issues if you place you order. Just reach out to Maglieriapelle and they’ll efficiently make it right.

With regards to the comfort, I found that these were indeed very cosy to wear. In fact, they were much more comfortable than the brogues and it only took a few hours to wear them in properly.

Since these will be shoes that I intend to wear on a regular basis, I was quite delighted to find that they were so comfortable and pleasant to wear.

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Dress Code & Formality

Maglieriapelle Cunda Loafers In French GardenBeing much more subtle and understated yet equally elegant as the brogues, these are probably easier to wear. This is particularly relevant to those who live and work in conservative environments that may struggle to wear hand-painted footwear.

Overall, these will be very versatile and quite easy to seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe. However, I’d refrain from wearing them with typical British-tailored or business professional attire. To make these really work with a suit, you’ll probably need to opt for the flashier Italian styles.

While they can be worn without socks in traditional Sperratuza fashion with a overly-fitted suit, they look great with chinos and a crisp white shirt.

Although they’d look good with an Italian-cut suit, I feel that they’re much more adapted to business casual attire. They look right at home when paired with a sport jacket and some odd slacks.

As for the time of year, they’ll look great in the summertime but I’m currently enjoying them during autumn too. The green painted leather offers a wonderful juxtaposition against the golden leaves. By the time winter arrives, I’ll keep them safely tucked away until mid-spring.

Maglieriapelle Cunda Loafers In Autumn Leaves

Given that they’re very versatile and can be worn with a number of different wardrobe styles, they’re a great shoe for elegant everyday wear. Nevertheless, being quite prestigious shoes, you may want to save them for more special occasions that call for a casual dress code.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to turn heads with these stunning tassel loafers.

Presentation & Value For Money

Maglieriapelle handmade Cunda SoleThe Cunda loafers are presented in an understated black box with the logo adorned in black lettering. Inside, the shoes are carefully wrapped in orange paper that’s printed with the brand. Also included with the shoes is a bag, shoe horn and buffing pad.

Being tassel loafers, the shoe horn is invaluable as you’ll want to take care when putting these on. After all, it would be a shame to damage them! Meanwhile the buffing pad offers a practical solution for everyday maintenance.

After speaking with Umar from Maglieriapelle, I learned that the best way to look after these shoes is by using the buffing pad on a regular basis. Every few months, he advised that I use a colourless polish or cream to renovate and nourish the leather.

However, he advised against coloured polish as you would lose the nuances of the original patina. I’ll keep those words in mind as I regard these shoes as an elegant piece of art and I wouldn’t want to undermine the painter’s original intentions.

Finally, these are somewhat pricey as tassel loafers go. They can be bought directly from Maglieriapelle for $395 USD. Although this seems as a relatively high sum for tassel loafers, they’re certainly worthwhile.

After all, Maglieriapelle is a rare breed of shoemaker that has mastered its craftsmanship into an art-form. Typically, artisanal handcrafted shoes cost much more than what Maglieriapelle are asking and you’ll be unlikely to find something similar.

Closing Thoughts

Elegant and subtle yet beautifully crafted, Maglieriapelle’s Cunda tassel loafers are veritably unforgettable shoes. Their rich patina and burnished effect finish is evocative of antique leather furniture and exudes a certain cachet.

Maglieriapelle handmade Cunda Tassel Loafer Sole Details

Furthermore, the Italian influence is only fleeting as these shoes culturally represent Turkey’s heritage craftsmanship. The fusion of traditional techniques and timelessly stylish aesthetics are not to be overlooked.

Finally, I find that the Cunda tassel loafers are a much more universal and accessible shoe style from Maglieriapelle’s collection. While some of their designs may seem to bold and intricate for people with conservative tastes, the Cunda loafers are indeed more inclusive.

If you’re looking for a pair of unforgettably stylish loafers, then I urge you to strongly consider the Maglieriapelle Cunda Loafers.

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Maglieriapelle Cunda Tassel Loafer
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"Unforgettable style and elegance. With their deep colours and timeless design, the delicately handcrafted Cunda loafers are indeed beautiful shoes for the discerning gentleman."
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