Founded in 2016, Your Elegant Bar is a reliable retailer that specialises in cigar humidors and cabinets. Based in Troy, Michigan, Your Elegant Bar distributes both premium and affordable storage solution throughout the USA.

In this review, you will discover Your Elegant Bar and learn about its background as well as the services it provides:

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What Is Your Elegant Bar?

Your Elegant Bar Founder Ben Singh & Family

Ben & Stephanie Singh

Like us, Ben Singh is passionate about men’s lifestyle and he sought to launch a business that would provide a discerning clientele with cigar and whisky-related products. He quickly came to realise that the market was in desperate need of a platform that provided people with high quality yet affordable cigar storage.

Therefore, he launched Your Elegant Bar in 2016 to provide a one-stop-shop that focuses on cigar accessories. Ben is a proud family man with a 5-year old son and his wife Stephanie is involved in the business by handling all customer service.

Rather than mimic other existing retailers, Ben sought to approach things differently. Not only are his products made overseas specifically for the US-market but he also collaborates with local factories to produce highly-customised storage solutions.

The Elegant Bar Custom Wine Shelving

For instance, Your Elegant bar is an official distributor of both Quality Importers and Prestige Imports Group, which he resells at wholesale prices. However, he represents 10 different manufacturers including a factory in Miami, Florida, which crafts custom storage.

Your Elegant Bar Inventory

Quality Importers Antique Cigar Tower Cabinet

Today, Your Elegant Bar is a leading producer and distributor of cigar humidors and cabinets, lockers, humidifiers, smoke eaters, and other cigar accessories. Its products are shipped from a variety of warehouses in Florida, California, and Texas. Meanwhile, the Miami factory dispatches its wares directly.

Furthermore, Ben places great emphasis on humidification. As he specialises in large cigar storage solutions, quality humidification is fundamental to ensure that it properly works. Therefore, he has introduced a vast collection of humidifiers that cater to every possible need.

Although Your Elegant Bar’s clients can vary from casual smokers to serious collectors, there is an ever-growing passion for ageing cigars.

Ben regards the ageing process as an art-form. As such, he welcomes the opportunity to advise his customers on the best way to calibrate their storage in way that optimises the process.

Quality Importers Cigar Cabinet

In just a few years, Your Elegant Bar has grown to become a respected cigar storage expert. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that he is often approached by lounges, restaurants, country clubs, and even tobacconists to design and install a variety of storage solutions.

Indeed, many such locations in the USA and Canada now feature cigar lockers, wine and liquor lockers, wine cellars, and walk-in humidors produced and fitted by Your Elegant Bar and its partners.

Finally, Ben has recently turned his attention to air ventilation. After installing and selling a variety of storage solutions, he realised that many smokers and local businesses needed ways to keep the air clean indoors.

Consequently, he educates clients and distributes different smoke eaters and purifiers according to their needs.

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Custom Cigar & Wine Storage Solutions

Your Elegant Bar Custom Cigar Cabinets

As mentioned above, Your Elegant Bar specialises in custom cigar and wine storage that is crafted in the USA. Each one is crafted with the proper speciality wood required for the project.

For instance, only Spanish cedar is used for lining the humidor. Additionally, clients can choose between other varieties such a Central American Mahogany and American Red Oak for the exterior.

Given that these are custom storage solutions, they are completely tailor-made for clients according to their expectations. Your Elegant Bar works closely with them to ensure that everything is built according to their individual needs.

With regards to cigar storage specifically, clients may work by customisation standard models or even create an entirely original piece. If the client chooses the latter, they may exchange with the craftsmen who can propose unique drawings and designs.

Your Elegant Bar Custom Cigar Storage

Locker projects include humidifying units as well as locks and brass plates if needed. The lockers also feature Austrian self-closing and adjustable hinges. Furthermore, clients can choose between flat, raised, and wire panels. Alternatively, they can opt for wire, frosted, or tinted glass windows.

As standard, the lockers have a natural Mahogany satin finish. However, clients may work with Your Elegant Bar’s craftsmen to find a custom colour or finish with samples.

Meanwhile, cabinets can be designed using a variety of existing models as the foundation. However, they can be tailormade as desired. Clients can choose between standard or electronic humidification.

Similarly, each piece comes with a pre-installed digital hygrometer as well as LEDs to improve the interior’s visibility and overall aesthetic.

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"Between the excellent customer service and specialised products, Your Elegant Bar is one of the best destinations for developing your home or professional cigar storage."
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