Redford Lite Cigar Cabinet Humidor Review

Although I love the versatility and affordability of coolidors for storing cigars, it was time to upgrade to a legitimate cigar cabinet. Therefore, I headed to Your Elegant Bar to find the most suitable option according to my personal needs.

In this article, you will discover the Prestige Imports Redford Lite cigar cabinet as I review it according to the following considerations:

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  • Brand: Prestige Imports
  • Model: Redford
  • Storage Capacity: Up To 1,250 Cigars
  • Dimensions: 26″ (66 cm) W x 26″ (66 cm) D x 52¾” (134 cm) H
  • Temperature Range: 41 – 71°F (5 – 22°C)
  • Built-In Humidity Control: Optional
  • Humidity Range: 56% – 78%
  • Body Material: Black Oak & Cedar Lining
  • Front Material: Tempered Tinted Glass
  • Additional Features: De-Mist & Condensation Control, Auxillary Fan
  • Pricing: From $2,395 [Buy Now]

A beautiful cabinet designed for large collections, the Redford can carry as much as 1,250 cigars. It is available with ornate cherry or espresso trimmings. However, the Lite version offers the same features with a more contemporary and functional appearance.

Redford Lite Cigar Cabinet Humidor

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Why Buy A Redford Cigar Cabinet?

Full Cigar Coolidors

Cigar Coolidors

Although I have used several small cigar coolers and desktop humidors such as the NewAir CC-300H and my trusty Quality Importers Old Glory, most of my collection has been stored in a basement with a variety of homemade coolidors.

Coolidors are an affordable storage solution for large quantities of cigars. Indeed, as long as you have somewhere with a stable environment to keep them, they’re quite convenient.

However, after moving from Philadelphia to Florida, my coolidors were no longer a suitable option. My new place doesn’t have a cool basement and temperatures can get quite high.

Furthermore, I planned to return to London for some months, and I felt uncomfortable with leaving my cigars unsecured and unmonitored. Therefore, after we reviewed Your Elegant Bar, I approached Ben Singh, who advised me on appropriate cigar storage.

We decided on a Redford cigar humidor, which would be large enough for the majority of my collection.

Although available with a stylish wooden finish with opulent trimmings, I instead chose the Lite version, which is $100 cheaper and has a sleeker contemporary appearance. Otherwise, it offers the same design and additional features.

Delivery & Installation

Redford Lite Stripped Of PackagingFirstly, I was very impressed by the care taken in packing the Redford humidor for shipping. When it arrived, it was securely packed and well-protected from any knocks and scratches.

As you can see in the photos. You’ll need a screwdriver to unpack the cabinet. Although it takes a little time, it’s certainly worth it as the packaging is exceedingly thorough!

Unpacking Redford Lite Cabinet

I also have to emphasise just how heavy it was! At 4 feet and 4¾ inches, the Redford is effectively a domestic fridge in size, which is easily reflected in the weight. Even with a heavy-duty appliance trolly, it was quite challenging to move through the house and set down in the right spot.

If you do order a Reford, I would suggest that you ask friends or hire someone to help you. Even someone in good shape would struggle but doing it alone could risk injury or damaging something.

Using Dolly To Move Redford Lite

Once I had unpacked the Redford and plugged it in to test it, I immediately started the seasoning process. At Bespoke Unit, we prefer to use Boveda’s seasoning kits rather than simply wipe down the interior with damp cloths.

While you do have to wait a little longer for the seasoning to complete, the wooden shelves can better absorb the moisture. However, a damp cloth only saturates the surface while the rest of the wood is still dry. You can learn more about this process with our wooden humidor seasoning guide.

Redford Cigar Cabinet Benefits

Redford Lite Cigar Cabinet

Although the Redford is equipped with power supplies and auxiliary fans for in-built humidity control, I still have a strong preference for Boveda. I find that the two-way humidification system is much more reliable than most electronic humidifiers.

Not only does it ensure stability but using reverse osmosis to diffuse moisture but it absorbs excess humidity, too. Therefore, I added five 320 g Boveda packs to the humidor, which provided ample humification for my cigars.

Cigar Boxes On Redford Lite Shelving

If you do opt for the integrated electronic humidifier, the Redford offers many features to ensure that it functions well. For instance, there’s a de-mist feature that prevents condensation on the glass. Similarly, an auxiliary fan will distribute the humidity to avoid dry pockets or build-up of moisture.

Nevertheless, this more analogue approach doesn’t mean that I lose out on all the features! I particularly enjoyed the internal LED lighting, which was bright and extremely convenient to see my collection given the depth of the cabinet. Moreover, your cigars can be securely locked away with a key.

Redford Lite & Button Panel

Additionally, the cabinet is very spacious and offers extensive capacity, which is a refreshing change compared to my experiences with smaller humidors. I was able to add a large number of boxes without my cigars feeling cramped.

The dividers are useful for organising your cigars. However, they’re optional and can be removed altogether. Given that most of my cigars are in boxes, I didn’t use them much.

Despite its voluminous storage capacity, the cabinet is still a relatively modest size. While it takes some real estate to install, it doesn’t dominate the room either.

Finally, you may also notice in the pictures that I put my Boveda acrylic humidor inside the cabinet, too. Indeed, I am storing cigars inside it at 62% RH for long-term ageing. As the cabinet is large enough, the acrylic humidor can benefit from the temperature control while also creating an entirely separate environment.

Redford Cigar Cabinet Filled With Cigar Boxes & Boveda Packs

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Redford Cigar Cabinet Drawbacks

Redford Lite Internal Sensor

Admittedly, like many humidors, the Redford isn’t perfect. First of all, bear in mind that the sensor can be found at the back in the corner. You need to make sure that you don’t cover this or the cabinet will struggle to take accurate readings.

Secondly, the weight, as mentioned earlier, can be considered an issue for some. Although the Redford isn’t remotely designed to be portable, some people may struggle to move it for installation or even changing your room’s configuration.

I also noticed that when I first started using the cabinet, the door would pop open by itself. In fact, I had to lock it to stop the cabinet from doing this.

Redford Lite Cigar Cabinet Lock

Fortunately, it seems that the cabinet stopped opening on its own after a while. Therefore, this could have been just caused by an initial pressure difference that eventually stabilised. Nevertheless, it was somewhat disconcerting and quite frustrating when trying to set up a stable environment for storing cigars.

Strangely, I did notice a couple of minor irregularities like this during its early use and when setting up. However, as time progressed, these seemed to subside, or I became used of its quirks.

Yet, there was one odd observation, which I admit feels a little disheartening. The model I ended up receiving had been earmarked for Premium Cigar Association 2020 as they had otherwise sold out. Since the event was cancelled, Your Elegant Bar was able to send it to me.

Redford Lite Button Panel

As it was a display model, you’d expect it to be perfect. Nevertheless, the button panel at the top didn’t seem to fit into the frame properly. As a result, the tactile buttons don’t always work correctly when you press them.

Fortunately, Ben from Your Elegant Bar has been very responsive about the issue. He’s put us directly in touch with the manufacturer and is currently helping me resolve it by sending a replacement part. Therefore, it was actually a great opportunity to test the quality of Your Elegant Bar’s customer service!

Final Thoughts

Despite some minor quirks, the Redford Lite is a serious piece of kit that offers excellent large-capacity storage for your cigars. Generally, it’s reliable and sturdy while providing stable performance.

Managing an extensive collection of cigars may be a privilege, but it does come with many inconveniences. Therefore, if there is a moral to this story, it is that you should never own more cigars than you can handle!

That being said, I am fortunate to have met Ben Singh from Your Elegant Bar, who has been an invaluable help in assisting me. Not only does his company offer excellent customer service, but its prices are excellent.

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"An excellent cigar cabinet that provides large and reliable storage without taking too much space despite a few minor quirks that you'll get used to."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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