Rather than simply purchasing a humidor, you may want to build your own. In fact, DIY humidors are a popular alternative to wooden humidors that you can buy online.

There may be several reasons for making your own humidor. Typically, people will make their own humidors for economical reasons as they tend to be cheaper. However, it may be part of a larger project or because what’s available isn’t adapted to any specific needs.

In this section of our humidor guides, you will be able to learn how to properly and effectively make your own humidor at home.

Currently, we feature the following DIY guides:

However, we will soon include more guides such as converting wine coolers or making your own cigar cabinet from antique furniture.

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Different Types Of DIY Humidors

While DIY humidors may sound like a specific type of storage, it’s actually a vague term for some very different projects. A DIY humidor can be as simple as a tupperware with some Boveda packs or as complex as an old wooden cabinet with a ventilation system.


Cigar Tupperdor & Boveda Humidor Bag

The most common and easiest DIY humidor, Tupperdors are literally tupperware boxes used for storing cigars. You can buy the tupperware from a home store or online but there are some caveats to bear in mind before starting.

For instance, not all tupperware will be suitable and you may need to include some cedar to ensure that the conditions are just right for cigars.

Head to our full tupperdor guide for tips and recommendations in getting started.


Coolidor InteriorAnother frequent DIY humidor, “coolidor” is a portmanteau of both “humidor” and “cooler”. This is because they’re traditionally beer coolers that have been converted for cigar storage but a airtight storage container will do.

However, a coolidor shouldn’t be confused with cigar coolers, which is something entirely different.

The principle of a coolidor is very similar to a tupperdor but on a much larger scale. As such, it’s ideal for people with larger collections who need a practical storage solution.

Learn how to set one up thanks to our detailed cigar coolidor guide.


As cigar coolers have become more popular, the wineador is a rarer project because there are now fewer benefits. Before cigar coolers became commonplace, the best solution for electronically ventilated cigar storage with temperature control was by converting wine coolers.

Essentially a mini fridge with precise temperature control, they were ideal building blocks for cigar storage. However, they require some adjustment in order to create the ideal environment.

Nevertheless, wineador projects still continue as people either already own or can cheaply buy wine coolers secondhand. As such, it may be a more frugal alternative than buying a pre-built cigar cooler.

Antique Cabinets

Finally, converting antique furniture into cigar storage spaces is an ambitious yet fulfilling project. For those who are passionate about carpentry and old wooden furniture, this might be a dream project.

Converting antique furniture for cigar storage is demanding and will require some skill and resources to achieve. There is plenty to bear in mind and it can be challenging to make sure that the furniture is airtight and fitted with the appropriate lining.

Some hobbyists or experts may even take this further by actually building a cigar cabinet entirely from scratch!

Overall, it may end up being more expensive than simply buying a premade cigar cabinet. If you decide to integrate high-tech ventilation and humidification systems, it’s not too dissimilar to making a functional albeit small walk-in humidor.

Nevertheless, the result will be much more satisfying and you may even end up crafting an heirloom piece.

Why Build Your Own Humidor?

Firstly, let’s talk about the various motivations behind making your own humidor. With lots of quality humidors on the market, why would you want to go through the hassle of making your own?


Our Favourite Cigar CoolidorsThe first and most obvious reason is that making your own humidor can be particularly cost effective. Of course, this largely depends on the project that you have in mind. However, wooden cigar humidors are generally more expensive than tupperware!

As you’ll learn in our various DIY guides, you aren’t just buying the container but you’ll also need to invest in a few accessories. These include the humidifier and a hygrometer but also some shelving and separators.

Nevertheless, we often heartily recommend replacing any devices that are delivered with a new humidor anyway. Therefore, the extra costs will often be quite similar.

As you’ll learn in our guides, an ideal airtight tupperware will set you back no more than around $15. Meanwhile, a larger storage container may be around $50. Given the amount of cigars that the latter can contain, this offers excellent value.

However, not all DIY projects are so simple. If you’re feeling more ambitious and are seeking to convert either wooden furniture or a wine cooler for cigar storage, you’ll be looking at a higher cost.

Adapted Storage

Cigar Coolidors Stacked For StorageAnother popular reason for making your own humidor is that those on the market aren’t necessarily adapted to your needs.

For instance, you may have a very small collection and only need to store about a dozen cigars. If this is the case, a regular humidor might seem like overkill so soon into your cigar journey.

Another advantage of such a small container is that it remains quite portable. This is ideal if you’re often on the move and want to take your cigars with you.

Conversely, your collection may be particularly large and regular humidors are just too small. While cigar coolers or cabinets are both great solutions, a coolidor gives you lots of space at just a fraction of the price.

Another benefit of a coolidor is that it’s quite practical as it doesn’t take as much space as either a cooler or cabinet. If you’re planning on ageing the cigars, you can also happily leave your cigars in the basement.

A Personal Project

Three Different Coolidors

However, you may have something more ambitious in mind. If you love rolling up your sleeves and making things yourself, a homemade cigar cabinet is a great project. Meanwhile, tupperdors and coolidors are great ways for familiarising yourself with how to get started.

Rather than simply buying a very expensive cigar cabinet, you may have a love of old furniture and you want to adapt it for cigar storage. This is a big project, which will require some preparation as well as the means to invest in the right equipment.

However, the result is extremely satisfying and you’ll have a timeless cigar cabinet that isn’t just unique but is your own handiwork.

Are DIY Humidors Cheaper?

320g Boveda Pack & Camacho Cigars In CoolidorAs we hinted above, making your own humidor is generally cheaper than buying one. However, this largely depends on the type of humidor that you plan to make as we will detail below.

If you’re looking to make a humidor simply for practical storage, then overall, DIY humidors are much cheaper than buying one. However, they’ll never be quite as attractive as the real thing.

Meanwhile, a conversion project where you retrofit a wine cooler or adapt a cabinet for cigars can get quite expensive. Given that this will require more skill, time as well as the finances for the equipment and materials, it may sometimes be costlier than being the real thing.

What Next?

Now that you have learned the basics on DIY cigar storage, use our resources to either prepare or improve your own setup:

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