Founded in 1985, Montefortuna Cigars is a renowned retailer that specialises in authentic Cuban cigars. Based in Switzerland with offices in Spain, Montefortuna works solely with official Habanos distributors in order to provide quality smoking experiences.

In this review, you will discover Montefortuna Cigars and learn about the brand’s history as well as their activities. Scroll down to read more or use the menu to jump ahead:

Who Are Montefortuna Cigars?

Montefortuna Cigars is a Swiss-based retailer. With a passion for Cuba, they specialise in authentic cigars from the emblematic island.

By working exclusively with official Habanos distributors, Montefortuna can guarantee their Cuban cigars’ authenticity, which they deliver around the world.

In this guide, you’ll learn a little more about Montefortuna Cigars so you can purchase from their comprehensive inventory with confidence.

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Montefortuna History & Location

Founded in 1985, Montefortuna spent much of its history as a brick-and-mortar cigar shop.

With 30 years experience as one the most reputable Cuban cigar boutiques in Switzerland, the founders teamed up with e-commerce experts to bring his brand into the new era of online retail.

By combining the passion and knowledge of their areas of expertise, Montefortuna now provides an authentic online experience for cigar enthusiasts.

With its headquarters in Switzerland, Montefortuna also has offices in Madrid, Spain.

Meanwhile, the company has enjoyed a presence in Cuba over many years. With a veritable passion for Cuba and its culture, Monefortuna has professionally visited the island countless times.

This developed their knowledge of the island and its geography to better understand the cigar business. During these trips, Montefortuna representatives regularly visited each factory to learn more about the process and the people behind it.

Montefortuna continues to pay regular visits to Cuba and its factories. As such, they’re well-informed on the newest releases as well as the special editions and seasonal production quality.

Why Does Montefortuna Have A Hong-Kong Address?

Although Montefortuna isn’t based in Hong Kong, you may see that their website’s address is from here. However, rest assured that this address is solely used for the payment process.

Meanwhile, the warehouse, its management, and the cigar supply company are handled by Inter Agency. This actually operates from Rue de Grand Lancy in Port Francs, Geneva.

In fact, payment processing for cigar companies is quite complicated. This is why brands like iHavanas, Puro Express, and Montefortuna will all use the same bank and processor in Hong Kong. Yet, they themselves have no presence in Asia.

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Montefortuna Inventory & Stocks

Thanks to their spacious facilities, Montefortuna’s inventory is remarkably comprehensive. Their humidity and temperature-conditioned Geneva warehouse stores the cigars in the ideal environment.

Montefortuna Cigars Warehouse Shelves

Every two weeks, Montefortuna restocks its inventory of cigars depending on the orders received during the previous period. On their website, you’ll be able to see listings from each brand’s regular production as well as their Limited and Exclusive Editions.

Although Limited Editions can be particularly hard to find, Montefortuna’s experience in the industry means that they are adept at acquiring what their customers desire.

Whether it be the product, the service, or the experience, Montefortuna’s central pillar focuses on quality. This is one of the reasons that most of the team works in the warehouse in order to ensure the perfect conditions for the cigars.

As for the online experience, Montefortuna has endeavored to create a smooth and satisfying online experience with approachable and transparent customer support. Customers can reach out to Montefortuna via live chat, by telephone, or even their various social media platforms almost 24 hours a day.

Does Montefortuna Sell Real Or Fake Cuban Cigars?

By working only with official Habanos distributors, Montefortuna guarantees the authenticity of every cigar in their stock. Each box is identified by its Habanos seal and factory code.

Customers can verify this code themselves online by using Habanos’ own authenticity system.

Thanks to their long experience in the cigar industry, Montefortuna’s team also understands the business practices as well as the authenticity patterns. With each brand having its own details on the cigars, boxes and brands, no anomaly will go unnoticed.

Where Does Montefortuna Deliver Cigars?

Montefortuna Cigars Seleccion Piramides de Habanos Cuban CigarsMontefortuna takes the delivery of their cigars seriously with their own in-house procedures. Firstly, customers are given the option as to whether they want their cigar boxes sealed or quality checked by Montefortuna before dispatch.

Following this, the boxes are vacuum sealed to create airtight packaging before being carefully wrapped. Meanwhile, single cigars are distributed in humidified bags.

As for the destinations, Montefortuna proudly delivers its cigars all around the world. From neighboring territories to every far-reaching, Montefortuna offer truly international delivery to their clients.

Does Montefortuna Deliver Cuban Cigars To The USA?

As stated above, Montefortuna delivers cigars all around the world, which includes the USA. Therefore, Americans who otherwise struggle to obtain cigars in the United States can turn to Montefortuna in order to enjoy their favorite blends as well as discover new ones too.

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