Once you’ve learned how to properly cut a cigar, you’ll likely be looking for the right cutter to fulfil your needs. As cigars come in many different shapes and sizes, you may have a particular preference.

If this is indeed the case, then it’s important to know that not every cutter works on all cigars. In fact, some are better adapted for certain cigars than others.

Furthermore, cigar cutters vary in quality, which will affect how efficiently they’ll prepare your smoke. In this guide, we’ll cover the best cutters according to both budget and type!

Different Tested Cigar Cutters

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In the following guide, you will discover the 5 best cigar cutters that we found on the market:

  1. Best Cigar Scissors: Xikar Multi-Tool
  2. Best Premium Cutter: Xikar XO Cutter
  3. Best Cutter For Large Ring Gauges: Xikar 75RG
  4. Best V-Cut Cigar Cutter: Colibri Black V-Cutter
  5. Best Budget Cutter Under $10: Monsiter Double-Guillotine
  6. BONUS: Best Desk Cutter: Scorpion Table Top Cutter

We’ve tested over 20 different cutters and the five featured here are the best we’ve used. Just scroll down to read them all or click above to jump right in.

Not every cutter was made equal. This is important to remember when shopping for a new cutter.

Whilst you may want to save a bit of money on getting a cheaper one, a poor quality cutter risks a number of problems. Firstly, the blades may be poorly aligned and give an uneven cut. Otherwise, they may dull quickly or not be sharp enough in the first place.

In either case, a poor cigar cutter won’t fulfil its function but crush a cigar rather than cut it. This can cause the wrapper to crack and unravel as well as take chunks out of your cigar.

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1. Best Cigar Scissors: Xikar Multi Tool

  • Xikar Multi Tool Scissors Cigar CutterBrand: Xikar
  • Type: Scissors
  • Maximum Gauge: 58
  • Spring-Loaded: No
  • Will Cut Figurados: Yes
  • Guarantee: Lifetime
  • Price: $53.72 [Buy Now]

For those looking for absolute cutting precision, we recommend premium cigar scissors. Unlike those kept in your kitchen drawer, these fine blades are made from HRC57 stainless steel.

Held by a lightweight and ergonomic body, the scissor blades neatly fold for safe storage and transportation. This avoids accidental snips from the scissors opening in your pocket or bag.

The newer model also includes a screw driver, which allows you to adjust the frame height for better cutting. Being a multi-tool, the scissors feature a small screwdriver for adjusting lighter flames, a cigar poker for any hard draws as well as a handy bottle opener.

Xikar Cigar Scissors Demonstration

Although it’s a little hard to master at first, you’ll realise their potential after a few tries. They’re incredibly sharp and while you can use them just for straight cuts, you can also preen and shape the head.

This allows you to customise the draw to your liking. Furthermore, if you’re careful you could probably use these to cut anything larger than its suggested 58 gauge maximum.

Additionally, the open blades make them much easier to sharp, which means that they can last you a lifetime. Speaking of which, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Finally, while they are on the higher-end of the scale in terms of pricing, they’re well worth the investment. You can buy these cutters straight from Amazon.com at only $53.72.

2. Best Premium Cutter: Xikar XO Double Guillotine

  • Xikar XO Premium Cigar CutterBrand: Xikar
  • Type: Double Blade Guillotine
  • Maximum Gauge: 64
  • Spring-Loaded: Yes
  • Will Cut Figurados: Yes
  • Guarantee: Lifetime
  • Price: $78.75 [Buy Now]

For the highest-quality cutters, it’s no surprise that Xikar’s premium range has the best offering. The Xikar XO is a breathtaking device and a special addition to the cigar cutting family.

Their complex yet minimalist circular design is a pleasure to hold in the palm of the hand. It feels solid and weighty and the blades flick open at the push of a button. When the blades are closed again, they lock in position, which avoids accidental cuts when carrying them in your pocket.

The stainless steel blades cut beautifully well. Thanks to their patent pending planetary gear system, they slide cleanly in harmony with little effort.

Although they’re advertised to cut up to a 64 ring gauge, you could probably snip a 70. However, you may struggle as the thick frame will make it hard to squeeze a large cigar in there.


Like the Multi-Tool, this Xikar cutter comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is handy in case the complex mechanism ever fails on you. All you have to do is fill out a form on the Xikar site and send it to be repaired.

Finally, at $78.75 on Amazon, these are indeed an investment. However, they’re well worth it and thanks to the quality and guarantee, you may never need another cutter.

3. Best For Large Ring Gauges: Xikar 75RG

If you’re someone who enjoys particularly well-endowed cigars with a large girth, then you’ll know the cutting woes only too well. Most Guillotines are too small for even 70 gauges and even if you can just about snip off the cap, nothing larger will fit in the opening.

Fortunately, Xikar have catered to this with their 75RG range, which offers a comfortably large opening for even the chunkiest cigars. The sharp stainless steel blades even come with the same lifetime guarantee as any Xikar.

In fact, Xikar proudly boast that this cutter will even fit an 80 ring gauge if you ever come across such a behemoth. It can even be used on small gauges. However, as this cutter was designed for large cigars, it may be awkward cutting a typical 44 ring gauge Corona due to all the empty space.

Nevertheless, for those who struggle to find a cutter large enough, this is the best choice available. Furthermore, you can buy it for only $29 on Amazon, which offers excellent value for money from a high-end brand.

4. Best V-Cut Cigar Cutter: Colibri Black V-Cutter

  • Calibri V Cut Cigar CutterBrand: Xikar
  • Type: V-Cut
  • Maximum Gauge: 80
  • Spring-Loaded: Yes
  • Will Cut Figurados: Yes
  • Guarantee: 2 Years
  • Price: $31.10 [Buy Now]

For those that prefer a V-cut in their cigar, it’s always a challenge to find a good quality option. Fortunately, the Colibri offers one of the best V-cuts available. Featuring an ergonomic design and spring-loaded release, this cutter makes the difficult cut a breeze.

Although it only comes with a 2 year warranty, it’s made using high quality materials and craftsmanship. This particular model is ideal for cutting both figurado cigars or those with larger gauges. For instance, figurados such as torpedoes need a small opening so this will an ideal cut if not too deep.

Colibri V Cutter Demonstration

Similarly, you’ll be able to cut anything up to an 80 RG. Simply test the draw and if it’s too tight, you can do another cut at a perpendicular angle. Usually, V-cutters are notoriously hard to master. However, this one is very easy to use successfully and cleanly cuts rather than crushes your cigar cap.

Finally, the Colibri V-cutter offers exceptional value. You can buy this particular model for as little as $31.10 on Amazon.com.

5. Best Budget Cutter Under $10: Monsiter Double Guillotine

  • Cigar After CuttingBrand: Monsiter
  • Type: Double Blade Guillotine
  • Maximum Gauge: 60
  • Spring-Loaded: No
  • Will Cut Figurados: Yes
  • Guarantee: None
  • Price: $9.99 [Buy Now]

Normally we wouldn’t recommend that you skimp on a decent cutter. After all, cigars aren’t cheap so why try to save a few bucks on a cutter? However, if you’re really hard up or you’re looking for a budget option for whatever reason, there are options.

We’re particularly fond of the Monsiter double bladed guillotine. It’s a sturdily-built all-metal cutter with sharp blades enclosed by rivets. It performs very well and gives you a clean cut on even stubborn cigars.

Furthermore, the blades are fixed tightly against one another. Therefore, they are able to slightly self-sharpen through friction. The opening will allow anything up to a 60 ring gauge, which should be enough for the majority of common sizes.

Naturally, they aren’t as sharp as the other premium models on this list. However, there is nothing at there that cuts as well as these around the same price point. In fact, you can buy these for as little as $9.99 on Amazon.com!

6. Best Desk Cutter: Scorpion Table Top Guillotine & V-Cutter

For something a little different, why not consider a table top cutter? If you’re regularly hosting fellow cigar smokers either at the office or at home, the Scorpion table top cutter is an ideal addition.

Made from heavy-duty metal, it’s also an attractive decorative item that sits well on any coffee table or desk. Furthermore, it features four different sizes in order to make short work of any cigar.

The two large sizes should be able to cut cigars of a ring gauge up to around 80. Meanwhile, the smaller size is perfect for more common Robustos and Coronas. Meanwhile, a v-cut option is available in each of the sizes for a little variety.

Rather than passing around a typical cutter, the Scorpion is a superb alternative, which offers a more grandiose and exclusive experience when shared. At only a shade under $70 on Amazon, it also offers great value for money given its build quality.

Scorpion Table Top Cigar Cutter In Use

What Next?

Now that you have read about the best cigar cutters on the market, check out our lighter recommendations. Alternatively, you can learn how to properly use a cigar cutter.

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