If you have learned how to properly light a cigar, you may start looking for the best cigar lighter for your stogies. With so many varieties of lighters on the market, you might be after something that caters to your particular needs.

Therefore, this guide will provide you with the top cigar lighters:

  1. ST Dupont Défi Extreme
  2. Xikar Ultra
  3. ST Dupont Hooked
  4. Bespoke Leather Lighters
  5. ST Dupont Ligne 2
  6. Colibri Quantum
  7. Xikar Volta
  8. Nub Ignition
  9. Colibri Rally
  10. ST Dupont Ligne 8
  11. Colibri Firebird

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Selection Of Cigar Lighters

What Are The Best Cigar Lighters?

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Learn How To Properly Light A Cigar

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1. ST Dupont Défi Extreme [Most Durable]

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Lighter
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Although we’ll regularly try out new and exciting lighters, we always end up drifting back to our trusty Défi Extreme. Despite its modern and futuristic design, the Défi Extreme is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

It’s certainly endured a lot of punishment from us, and it just keeps going! Its mechanism is very ergonomic and comfortable to use. On one side, you have the trigger, which clicks into the body. Meanwhile, the other side shows a full-length fuel gauge that’s easy to check regularly.

Limited Dupont Défi XXtreme Cigar Lighter In Use

If you just want a lighter that will never let you down, the Défi Extreme would be our first choice. It’s a bit pricey, though, and starts around $215 on Amazon.

2. Xikar Ultra [Combo Lighter & Cutter]

Xikar 907 Single Torch Lighter & Cutter Combo
  • Brand: Xikar
  • Flame Type: Torch
  • Number Of Flames: 1
  • Visible Reservoir: Yes
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price: $100 [Buy Now On Amazon]
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If you’re looking for a device that fulfills both cutting and lighting functions in a single portable package, you could do much worse than Xikar’s Ultra Combo. Featuring an ultra-slim design, the cutter is only slighter thicker than a credit card whilst the lighter is sleek and narrow.

Both clip together thanks to their magnetic construction and rivets on the cutter fit nicely into the lighter’s screw holes. This prevents either from sliding around for a secure hold. However, you can use them independently if you choose as they don’t appear out of place on their own.

The Ultra’s cutter and a very sharp double guillotine with engraved measurements on the side. This helpful detail allows you to measure any cigar ring gauge from 24 to 56. However, the cutter can even remove the cap from a 70RG cigar.

Meanwhile, the lighter is solidly built with a full metal construction. Its single jet torch is intense and precise, making lighting easy in even the highest winds. We love how both of these come together so well and the Ultra is an ideal companion for when you’re out and about.

Finally, the Xikar lighter and cutter combo retail at a shade under $100 on Amazon. Although this may seem like an investment, remember that you’re getting both a quality lighter and cutter together.

"A well-conceived lighter and cutter that conveniently fit together without taking too much pocket real estate."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

3. ST Dupont Hooked [Most Portable]

ST Dupont Hooked Lighter
  • Brand: S.T. Dupont
  • Flame Type: Torch
  • Number Of Flames: 1
  • Visible Reservoir: No
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price: $50 [Buy On Amazon]
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Of all the premium brands, ST Dupont represents some of the most iconic luxury lighters. That said, Dupont recently added an affordable lighter to its repertoire, which surprised many enthusiasts when news broke out.

It earns its name thanks to its large hole in which you can loop a supplied key-ring. We’ve taken to attaching ours to the end of an Albert chain when wearing a waistcoat!

ST Dupont Hooked Cigar Lighter On Pocket Watch Albert Chain

First available in Europe, it took a while for them to make it across the pond. However, they’re finally here and well-worth testing! One of our editors who resides in France was fortunate to grab one before they were released outside its home country.

After several months of use, he told us that it performs like an expensive Dupont but without the price tag. Nevertheless, there is a trade-off in that it’s made from plastic as opposed to metal like the premium models.

That said, they’re well worth the price thanks to a reliable and precise flame. You can now pick them up on Amazon for around $50.

4. Bespoke Leather Flint Lighters [Best Luxury / Custom Lighters]

Bespoke Leather Custom Leather Fling Lighters For Cigars
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Bespoke Leather lighters hail from Damien Moura-Delort’s independent studio in South London. Formerly a leather expert leveraged by famed fashion houses in England and France, Damien now devotes his time to bringing a more personalized touch to his custom leather goods.

Among his offerings are these refined flint lighters. Available in pocket and desktop sizes, Bespoke Leather’s lighters can be purchased with a number of different leather sheaths including alligator, traditional calfskin, stingray, and more.

Ranging in price from £99-£165 for the pocket lighters and £150-£285 for the desktop lighters, Damien’s flint lighters may also be commissioned with custom insignia or logos. Both types possess flame-adjusting valves on the bottom, while the pocket lighters also include an integrated cigar punch cutter that helps cut down on bulk.

Custom Alligator Leather Lighter In Box From Bespoke Leather

Couple the old-school look of these flint lighters with the classic presentation that also includes extra flints, and you have the perfect lighter for all of your formal outings.

5. ST Dupont Ligne 2 [Premium Soft Flame]

ST Dupont Ligne 2 Purple Lighter
  • Brand: S.T. Dupont
  • Flame Type: Soft
  • Number Of Flames: 2
  • Visible Reservoir: No
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price: From $500 [Buy On Amazon]
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Alongside the Montblanc Meisterstrück, the S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 lighter is the ultimate expression of luxury. Although not necessarily made solely for cigars, it tends to be associated with them more than cigarettes or pipes.

Handmade in France, they can be bought with a Chinese Lacquer finish, bare metal, or with a 007 theme as well as other novelties. Like a Zippo, an ST Dupont Ligne 2 has a distinctive sound when it’s opened, which should be as clear as a ringing bell.

Starting at 10 times more than the Dupont Hooked above, they demand significant investment. However, we’ve yet to hear from someone that was disappointed with their purchase. A number of models are available on Amazon if you want to take a look!

6. Colibri Quantum [Precise Multi-Flame]

Colibri Quantum Triple Lighter
  • Brand: Colibri
  • Flame Type: Torch
  • Number Of Flames: 3
  • Visible Reservoir: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Price: 
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Most torch lighters will have their multiple jets aligned side-by-side or in a square. However, Colibri have approached things differently with their Quantum lighter. Instead, the two outer jets are angled inwards to provide you with a more precise burn.

When it was released, it was the first triple jet lighter of its kind. In fact, we have yet to discover another like it! If you want the convenience of a multi-jet lighter without losing out on precision, you ought to consider the Colibri Quantum.

They’re a bit pricey but we’ve had ours for a while without any issues. On Amazon, they fetch for around $175.

7. Xikar Volta [Table Top Lighter]

Xikar Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Torch Lighter
  • Brand: Xikar
  • Flame Type: Torch
  • Number Of Flames: 4
  • Visible Reservoir: No
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price: $114 [Buy On Amazon]
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For those who like to smoke at their desks at home or want to equip their Man Cave, a tabletop lighter is the perfect addition. Like the Scorpion tabletop cutter, the Xikar Volta is a sturdy beast that can enshrine your home environment.

This huge cylinder is as heavy as it looks and feels weighty in the hand. Its oversized push button launches a powerful quad jet flame that will light any cigar within moments. It also features a handy fuel gauge at the back with a hearty reservoir.

Although this is totally impractical for taking out with you, it’s a great option to have at home and looks fantastic next to the Scorpion table cutter mentioned above.

It’s easy to imagine this next to a beautiful desk humidor for a relaxing cigar between meetings (if you’re the boss) or after a long day. Sturdy and impressive, it’s the perfect statement to have at home or in the office.

At $114 on Amazon, it’s a premium choice yet offers the build quality as you would expect from Xikar. Nevertheless, it comes with a lifetime warranty just in case anything happens.

8. Nub Ignition Triple Torch [Table Top Lighter]

Nub Table Top Cigar Lighter
  • Brand: Nub
  • Flame Type: Torch
  • Number Of Flames: 3
  • Visible Reservoir: No
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Price: $50 [Buy On Amazon]
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Nub Connecticut Cigar & Merchandise

“The ‘B’ is the button!” Exclaimed our editor in uncharacteristic over-enthusiasm when he first tested the Nub Ignition. While this tabletop lighter may come across as a bit of a gimmick at first, it’s actually a really good lighter!

Indeed, the “b” of “Nub” is the trigger for this bulky lighter, which clicks to release the three jet flames in unison. Nice and sturdy, it sits comfortably on your desk and looks right at home in both contemporary and traditional environments.

Furthermore, it also ages surprisingly well. Although you might expect that its white finish or black tobacco leaf will eventually wear, it hasn’t budged since we first got it a few years ago. Every time it has got a little grimy, all the dirt is just wiped off with a damp sponge.

On top of that, it’s also very affordable for a desk lighter and only costs $50 through Amazon.

9. Colibri Rally [Rugged Lighter]

Colibri SV Cutter & Rally Lighter
  • Brand: Colibri
  • Flame Type: Jet
  • Number Of Flames: 1
  • Visible Reservoir: No
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Price: $50 [Buy On Amazon]
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Admittedly, we actually prefer the SV Cutter that goes with the Rally lighter. That said, the Rally is still a top-notch lighter that performs well. Simply pulling down the latch on the side reveals the jet flame, which activates with a satisfying click.

Being a single torch flame, you won’t get the same power as the Quantum listed above. Nevertheless, it provides you with accurate precision and an easy lighting process.

You can pick up the Rally and SV Cutter together at a slight reduction or you can buy them separately. On Amazon, they retail at around $60 each or $100 as a pair.

10. ST Dupont Ligne 8 [Affordable Premium]

ST Dupont Ligne 8 Blue Lighter
  • Brand: S.T. Dupont
  • Flame Type: Soft
  • Number Of Flames: 2
  • Visible Reservoir: No
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price: $380 (New)
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An affordable alternative to the Ligne 2, the Ligne 8 has a more contemporary and streamlined construction. With its glossy lacquer finish, it’s narrower and more lightweight than the robust Ligne 2 whilst still offering the same quality that you’d expect.

Its smooth roller and metallic features contrast nicely with the lacquer for a luxurious finish.

Dupont Lighter Flame Close Up Feature

Although some may argue that classic flames are less convenient than torches, others prefer the control and lower temperature that this offers. Furthermore, Dupont will service your Ligne 8 lighter for a mere 47€ directly from their workshops in France.

Made in France, the Dupont Ligne 8 is a truly premium choice for lighting your quality cigars. Whilst its $380 price tag on Amazon is a touch expensive, it provides you with a more accessible alternative to the regular Ligne 2.

Dupont Soft Flame Cigar Lighter Blue

11. Colibri Firebird Lighters [Budget Lighter]

Colibri Firebird Afterburner Cigar Lighter
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Finally, not everyone’s budget can allow for premium goods and sometimes you want a lighter that won’t make you become teary-eyed if it gets lost. If you’re looking for something that sits within the $10-20 price point, you can’t go wrong with Colibri’s Firebird line of cigar lighters.

An example of one of their offerings is this Qu4d Burner, which has been a huge success since its release in 2016. At a low price, the user gets a reliable and robust quad-jet flame.

This flame thrower comes with a safety cap that just needs flicking before depressing the button to activate it. Moreover, the base is slightly broad for a bottom-heavy design, meaning that it won’t fall when standing up.

Furthermore, the addition of an oversized flame adjustment on the base makes it easy to control your flame. The Firebird is ideal for when outdoors, and the quad flame won’t let you down. Sure, it guzzles gas, but its large transparent reservoir will stop you from ever being out of action.

Broadly speaking, you really can’t go wrong with this impressive little lighter. It’s inexpensive and perfect for traveling or taking with you for a round of golf.

What Is The Best Lighter For Cigars?

CP Lighting Cigar at NightAs you may have already learned in our introduction to lighting, not every lighter is appropriate for cigars. For instance, Zippos and other fuel-fired lighters feature chemicals that may taint the taste of your cigar. Similarly, matches aren’t always very convenient.

You’ll probably also realize while reading the above guide that some lighters are suited more to specific environments than others. For instance, you could choose from heavy tabletop lighters to small and sleek portable lighting options.

Similarly, there are other considerations, such as a soft flame or torch/jet flame. And even then, you can have multiple flames on certain models.

Overall, it boils down to your personal needs, and by that, we mean where you normally like to enjoy cigars.

Charles-Philippe Lighting A Cigar In His Study

Choose The Right Cigar Lighter For You

For instance, you might often smoke cigars outdoors. As such, a soft flame lighter wouldn’t be very useful as it would often extinguish in the wind. Similarly, your choice of torch lighter will depend on your lighting process and the types of cigars that you smoke.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to take too long lighting or you smoke cigars with large gauges, a torch lighter with multiple jets will be more practical. Conversely, if you prefer precision, multiple jets might be frustrating to use effectively as they can be quite overzealous.

Finally, if you often smoke in your office or study, you might enjoy something large and bulky that can sit on your desk and not get lost in a drawer. However, these aren’t particularly convenient to carry around, so a small, portable lighter might be better.

Consider Geographical Location

When shopping for a new cigar lighter, it’s important to factor in your geographical location and the environment where you typically enjoy your smokes.

Xikar Purofine Premium Cigar Lighter ButaneDifferent climates and altitudes can significantly impact the performance of your lighter. For example, high altitudes can affect the efficiency of butane lighters, while humid climates might impact the reliability of certain ignition systems. To combat this, you may have to purchase premium butane, such as Xikar’s purofine butane, which is more effective in harsh environments.

Understanding these environmental influences can help you select a lighter that offers consistent performance, ensuring that your cigar lighting experience is smooth, regardless of where you find yourself enjoying a cigar.

Finding A Quality Cigar Lighter That You Can Rely On

Paul Anthony Lighting Cigar with LighterIt’s also true that lighters can vary in both quality and price tag. Therefore, you may be reluctant to pay a lot for something that might not be worth it. Likewise, you might be after a deal but don’t want something that breaks within weeks.

Indeed, the key to this is balance. Of course, investing more in your lighter normally implies that it will last longer or generally be more reliable. That said, there are some affordable solutions that don’t come from a celebrated brand.

Occasionally, you can stumble upon an excellent purchase just because it isn’t as well known. Nevertheless, the lighter market is quite limited compared to cutters. There are only a few manufacturers and some of the lesser-known brands will often suspiciously resemble one another.

As you can see in the list above, Dupont, Xikar, and Colibri make most of the lighters that we have featured. Of course, there are brands like Corona. However, they’re better known for producing quality pipe lighters.

Overall, the most important thing is that you find the cigar lighter that best suits your needs and doesn’t let you down. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying lighter after lighter only for them to stop working after a few weeks. Trust us, we know!

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