Founded in 2007, Indochino is a made-to-measure tailor with both an online store and brick-and-mortar outlets.

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Indochino’s Custom Garments

The following section quickly features Indochino’s various services and custom garments. You can either use the links below to head straight to Indochino or read our reviews. Otherwise, keep scrolling to learn more about the brand.


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What Is Indochino?

Proudly headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Indochino also has over 36 showrooms and counting throughout North America. Founded with the vision in providing an affordable made-to-measure experience, Indochino crafts the following custom garments:

Indochino has been featured as among our best places to buy custom suits online. Head to our full online made-to-measure tailor guide to see your other options!

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Indochino Coupon Codes & Discounts

Best Linen Suits

Even before Indochino was featured on Bespoke Unit, the team has been using their services for a number of years. When we reached out to them for information for our research, they offered an exclusive coupon for our readers.

Consequently, you can benefit from an exclusive 10% discount with all suit collections save for luxuries when you use the code “BESPOKEUNIT” during checkout!

Furthermore, this coupon is stackable and can be used in combination with any other deals and discounts. It also works both their 36 brick-and-mortar showrooms as well as online!

Finally, please bear in mind that it requires a minimum order of $399 USD or $539 CAD.

Indochino’s History

Indochino’s story began with fellow University of Victoria classmates, Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani. Heikal struggled in finding suits that he both liked and could afford and the friends realised that their options were limited as students.

At 22 and 26 years old respectively, they made the commitment to put their studies on hold in order to bring reasonably priced made-to-measure tailoring directly to the consumer.

Model Wearing Indochino Hemsworth Charcoal Suit

Through the University’s mentorship program, they were introduced to local angel investors. Thanks to the university’s resources, they began researching the market to create their business model.

In 2007, Kyle and Heikal together launched Indochino, which offers a veritable made-to-measure experience as an alternative to off-the-rack clothing.

In the company’s short history, Indochino has since opened 36 showrooms throughout North America. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the brand also has offices in Dalian, China and employs over 600 people around the world.

Indochino Showroom Fabrics

Unwavering from its core values, Indochino continues to create a meaningful, disruptive change in the retail and e-commerce sector. The brand strongly believes in creating unique apparel garments for its clients while solving seemingly impossible challenges.

This outlook is reflected in their embrace  of change. Indochino believes in unconventional thinking and creativity, which feeds their passion for innovation.

Today, Indochino operates with CEO Drew Green at the helm. A veteran in managing high-growth companies, Drew has received critical acclaim and was featured as a Top 40 Under 40 as well as nominated for CEO of the Year.

Since assuming leadership at Indochino, Drew has ben awarded the Innovation in Retail by the University of Alberta in 2017 as well as EY Pacific Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018.

How To Order Indochino Suits

We will explore the ordering process in greater detail through our Indochino made-to-measure review. Nevertheless, we will briefly cover it here too.

Once an account has been created, clients are then prompted to take their measurements. The process involves a series of short videos during which the user is able to fill in the necessary data.

Indochino Waist Measurement

After this has been completed, the measurements are then submitted for review. However, it is still possible to place orders while they are being consulted and verified.

Alternatively, Indochino offers the unique possibility of heading into one of their showrooms where a tailor will be able to create an account and take the measurements for you.

A clear benefit of being measured by Indochino’s personnel is that they will be much more accustomed to the brand’s own process.

Should I Order An Indochino Suit Online Or In-Store?

After the measurements have been taken, an order for a suit or other garment can be placed. Like the measurement process, the order can be made either in-store or online through the same account.

Indochino creating measurement profile

Both approaches have their own advantages. For instance, the most obvious benefit of ordering a suit online is the convenience of doing it from home. In addition, clients will be able to take their time in choosing the fabric and customisation options before finalising the order.

Meanwhile, the benefit of placing the order in-store is that customers will be able to see and touch the fabrics for themselves. Furthermore, they will be able to see examples of suits and seek the advice of the in-house tailors when selecting the customisation options.

Finally, whichever method the client chooses, the ultimate cost and manufacturing process are the same. Similarly, there are no hidden charges or surcharges for customisation options with Indochino. The only times that you may pay extra is when ordering a luxury fabric or adding a waistcoat for $99.

You can learn more about the process with our Indochino custom suit order review. In this article, we explore the various options as well our own recommendations following our experiences.

Using Tailor’s Kits For Placing An Order

If clients find that they are unable to conveniently go to an Indochino store, the brand offers a number of resources to help with their online order.

Clients can order Tailor’s Kits online before purchasing a suit, which is a handy tool to assist with orders. For $29, the client will be equipped with two tape measures as well as a selection of 16 fabric swatches of their choice.

Indochino Tailor Kit

Interestingly, the fabrics chosen can easily be selected from their suit, shirt, blazer, waistcoat and trouser collections. Furthermore, the $29 spent on the Tailor Kit is then credited to the client’s account as a discount to any eventual order.

Therefore, if you do place an order with Indochino, the Tailor Kit is a free resource sent to your door.

How Indochino Suits Are Made

Indochino states that their garments will be delivered within two weeks after placing an order. During this time, the garments undergo a complex manufacturing process.

Made In Dalian, China

Indochino Tailor Marking FabricThanks to a recent partnership with the Dayang Group, all of Indochino’s garments are crafted in their manufacturing facilities in Dalian, China. Interestingly, this is also where the Dayang Group also create garments for other brands such as Banana Republic and Hugo Boss.

The partnership has proven to be extremely beneficial for Indochino. Not only has it allowed the brand to exponentially increase their fabric selection, but it also has allowed for a greater level of customisation.

For instance, all the suits are now supplied with German BWF collar fabrics, which offer excellent quality. These can also be personalised to the colour of the client’s choice.

New Manufacturing Technologies

Furthermore, Dayang has created opportunities for Indochino by offering new manufacturing technologies to ensure faster and more efficient turnarounds. The Dayang Group has since provided Indochino with a dedicated factory with state-of-the-art equipment such as high-speed laser cutters.

Indochino Vaccuum Laser Cutter

Laser cutters have become all the rage in the contemporary tailoring sphere. Not only do they speed up the cutting process but they also reduce waste thanks to more efficient use of the fabric bolts. This also allows for a more precise cut for the end client.

Furthermore, Indochino’s lasers work with the fabrics sealed in a vacuum to prevent imperfections in the cut.

Indochino Tailor Choosing Fabric

However, Indochino knows that technology is only as good as the passion of the craftspeople that they entrust with their garments. Their skilled workers have take expert care in the suit assembly.

Indochino Tailor Sewing Fabric

Each suit is half-canvassed while the jacket arm is hand-stitched to the shoulder. Similarly, each button is meticulously reinforced for improved longevity.

Indochino takes pride in their craftspeople’s attention to detail such as the defined buttonholes and invisible front pocket stitching.

Finally, the suits undergo an intense 10-step pressing process to achieve their final, tailored appearance where they are moulded to the body’s natural shape.

For about the same price as an off-the-rack suit, clients can find themselves with a competitively priced made-to-measure suit.

Fitting & Alterations

Indochino Factory Fabric SwatchEvery Indochino purchase is backed by what the brand term as their Fit Promise. Staying true to their full made-to-measure experience, Indochino offers a number of services after the purchase of a suit.

Should the suit have any minor fitting issues, the client is encouraged to alert Indochino within 10 days of receiving the garments. He can then book an appointment to visit a showroom so an in-house tailor can undertake the necessary alterations.

If the client does not live in a showroom area, Indochino provides reimbursement for up to $75 for local tailoring. The client needs to simply print an Alterations Form for the tailor to fill in and then provide a receipt within 30-day of informing Indochino.

However, the benefit of heading to an Indochino showroom is that the in-house tailor can properly assess the degree of alterations that need to be made.

If it is decided that too much work is economically – and ergonomically – required to salvage the suit, the tailor may instead call for it to be remade entirely free of charge.

What Garments Does Indochino Make?

Wearing An Indochino Seersucker Suit In Summer

Indochino specialises in producing suits from a variety of different fabrics such as merino wool, linen, and seersucker, which we detail below. Although best known for its made-to-measure suits, Indochino also produces a variety of other custom garments.

Although this guide focuses mostly on Indochino’s suits you can learn about their other services below:

Made-to-Measure Tuxedos

Gentlemen Wearing Indochino TuxedosFor black tie and formalwear, Indochino also have a wide selection of tuxedos and dinner jackets. Although tuxedos retail for $999, they’re often on sale and can be picked up for half that amount with some strategic timing.

Few online made-to-measure retailers offer black tie attire and even fewer provide satisfactory quality. Bespoke Unit founder Paul Anthony recently acquired an Indochino tuxedo and has enjoyed wearing it to events at the Philadelphia Union League.

The customisation process is similar to suits but with a few different options that are more relevant to tuxedos. For instance, there’s a greater selection of jacket lapels.

Custom Dress Shirts

For $99, you can order a custom dress shirt, which can be personalised to a certain degree. Starting with six collar styles to choose from, there are also five cuff designs too.

A trim can be selected from the inside of the collar and sleeve while a chest pocket can be added if desired. Meanwhile, a monogram can be added to either the chest of cuff. There’s also an option for white collar and / or cuffs for a touch of contrast.

Finally, the client can choose between a standard folded placket or a seamless French one.

Indochino Garments & Suitcase


Clients can order a custom pair of chinos for $79, which is cheaper than Hockerty. Chinos come with a small selection of customisation options such as the front and back pocket styles, hem, button colour, pleats as well as whether to press with a crease or not.

Blazers & Pants

Using the same suit customisation tool as outlined above, clients can order a single blazer or pair of trousers. Prices for blazers start at $300 while trousers begin at $160.

Indochino Suit Fabric Collections

Outside of their formalwear, Indochino’s catalogue consists of three core collections, which are Premium, Luxury, and Seasonal. The client is presented with a basic suit template, which they can customise to their heart’s content.

Indochino also regularly rotates its catalogue with new and exciting fabrics. Therefore, it’s always worthwhile to check out their website on a regular basis to see what’s on offer.

Their rich collection of fabrics are varied and there are options for every season and occasion. From heavy winter tweeds to lightweight yarns, here’s a small selection that caught our attention:

You can use the above links to jump down or keep scrolling to view them all.

1. Indochino Merino Wool Suits

Man In Three Piece Indochino Suit Smoking Cigar
  • Material: 100% Wool [Merino]
  • Yarn Fineness: Super 100s
  • Weight: 310 g / m²
  • Price: $360* [Buy Now]

* With “BESPOKEUNIT” 10% Discount Code

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Featured above is the Darwen Windowpane Suit, which we reviewed in detail in the previous link. Since then, Indochino has released a number of new and exciting fabrics of different weights and styles. Indeed, there are a variety of patterns and colours that are worth seeking out on their site.

2. Indochino Linen Suits

Green Linen Suit & Panama Hat
  • Material: 85% Wool, 15% Linen
  • Yarn Fineness: Super 100s
  • Fabric Weight: 245 gsm
  • Price: $360* [Shop Now]

* With “BESPOKEUNIT” 10% Discount Code

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Indochino produces refined linen suits in a variety of colourways and patterns that are simply perfect for the summer. As these suits are made from a wool and linen blend, you can enjoy all the benefits of linen without suffering from any creasing.

3. Indochino Seersucker Suits

Indochino Blue Solid Seersucker Suit
  • Material: 92% Wool, 5% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • Yarn Fineness: Super 140S
  • Fabric Weight: 235 gsm
  • Price: $360* [Shop Now]

* With “BESPOKEUNIT” 10% Discount Code

Shop Now

Another excellent summertime option, seersucker is traditionally made from cotton. However, like linen, it is known to crease a lot when you wear it. Therefore, Indochino has produced a wool seersucker fabric, which features the distinctive puckered finish for ventilation but doesn’t wrinkle when worn.

4. Indochino Twill Custom Suits

Indochino Hereford Cavalry Twill Gray
  • Material: 100% Wool
  • Yarn Fineness: Super 110s
  • Weight: 270 g / m²
  • Price: $385* [Shop Now]

* With “BESPOKEUNIT” 10% Discount Code

Shop Now

Indochino’s Hereford Cavalry Twill suits are a permanent Indochino line and for good reason! Inspired by the heritage materials used for riding and military uniforms, the hand feel has been softened to bridge the gap between the past and contemporary tailoring. A perfect option for the office!

What Next?

How To Wear A Linen Suit

Few brands have achieved as much as Indochino in such a short period of time. With its combined use of physical showrooms and online resources, Indochino is a trailblazer in contemporary menswear.

Although more expensive than some of the other online made-to-measure retailers, it offers superior fabrics and a more reliable service. This is partly thanks to the physical support of showrooms to its centralised online platform.

However, it is not to be overlooked that Indochino still offers a very attractive and affordable proposition. After all, even its premium options are comparable to most off-the-rack solutions in terms of price.

You can learn more and peruse their collections via the Indochino website. Alternatively, some of our related guides may be of interest to you too:

"Few brands offer as much value for money as Indochino. Their affordable suits offer a true made-to-measure experience that can't be beaten on price."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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