Founded in 2008, Hockerty is a renowned online suit manufacturer, which offers a rich range of fabrics and customisation options thanks to its 3D interface.

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What Is Hockerty?

Hockerty is a contemporary online made-to-measure brand for men that was founded in 2008 as Tailor4Less. As the company grew and its quality improved, Tailor4Less rebranded itself as Hockerty in order to reflect this evolution.

Today, Hockerty continues to operate from its three headquarters in Barcelona, Shanghai, and Zürich. The e-commerce leader specializes in custom garments such as:

Hockerty has been featured as our 3rd best place to buy custom suits online. Head to our full online made-to-measure tailor guide to see the top 3!

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Hockerty’s History

Over its 10-year history, Hockerty has now produced more than one million garments for discerning gentlemen around the world.

Hockerty’s story begins when three friends from Barcelona were travelling across Asia. During their time in Shanghai, they discovered that there’s was a particularly active tradition of craftsmanship in tailoring.

Hockerty Threads Buttons & Trousers

Furthermore, these craftsmen provided high-quality yet surprisingly affordable garments. Consequently, it has become quite common to seize such an opportunity by visiting local tailors when travelling to Asia. Indeed, Bespoke Unit had similar experiences in Patong, Thailand.

Inspired by this blossoming industry, the three friends sought to provide the same service for people all over the world. After all, not everyone can afford to have a local tailoring experience.

Similarly, standard sizes tend only to fit only a lucky minority of people, which is particularly the case when trying off-the-rack suit jackets.

Hockerty Suit Unboxed

With this in mind, Hockerty was born with the vision in providing a veritable tailoring experience that was affordable to everyone. In order to achieve this, they set to work and began developing online tools that would allow clients to customise every detail of their garments.

Since its conception, over one million garments have been produced for more than 250,000 customers all around the world.

The fact that the number of garments exceeds the clients suggests that many of those are repeat customers. This could be interpreted as a firm indication that Hockerty succeeds in providing the experience that they wish to offer.

Hockerty Online Ordering Process

As we outline in our upcoming custom suit review, the process is quite an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

After creating your profile, you follow a sequence of videos, which guide you through the measurements. Once this has been complete, you’ll be able to customise your own suit.

Hockerty Measurement Page

Users can choose between existing models or dive straight into a custom garment. Either way, the user is then directed to the 3D customisation interface in which all the options can be effortlessly explored.

A particularly attractive feature is that styling options come at no extra cost. In the end, the only additional costs that may be experienced would be in the choice of fabric, the threads, monogramming and other personalised options. In either case, the client is made fully aware before choosing the option.

Hockerty 3D Suit Customisation Interface

Once the suit’s design is complete, you’re then ready to place your order.

Hockerty Manufacturing Process

Despite an intricate assembly process, Hockerty promises to fulfil every order in 15 days. In this section, we’ll be exploring the steps taken to manufacture a Hockerty garment.

Order Processing

After completing the customisation and order process, the details will be transmitted to Hockerty’s Logistic Centre in either Shanghai or Vietnam. Once received, a team will validate the sizes and options in order to verify whether all the data is correct.

Fabric Cutting

Hockerty Laser Cutting ToolThe data is then sent to be cut. Unlike a number of other garment manufacturers, Hockerty uses precision lasers to cut their fabrics. Laser cutting is a relatively recent evolution for the brand, which not only reduces manual mistakes but also to optimise the fabric amount used.

Waste is both an economical and ecological concern and the use of lasers allows Hockerty to reduce the brand’s environmental impact. The measurements are processed through software that optimises all pieces across the fabric, which is visualised on a computer before being cut.

Once all the fabric has been cut, it is then shipped out to Hockerty’s different facilities with the order for the individual tailors to construct.

Suit Assembly

After having arrived in the facility, the measurements are double-checked and the tailor will handwrite the sizes over the fabric before cutting. All the parts are then assembled and sewed up in order to create the suit.

Hockerty Laser Fabric Cutting Software

Hockerty’s selected tailors in Shanghai are fully committed to providing the best quality while respecting the light-speed 15 delivery time.

All Hockerty suit jackets are half-canvassed, which allows for the jacket to drape naturally over the chest. Nevertheless, the brand is currently developing  premium options that could soon include full-canvased garments.

Quality Control

Hockerty Shirt In PackagingAll garments are then returned to the Logistic Centre where they undergo extensive quality control. A common complaint among some online suit manufacturers is often due to mistakes in sizing.

Consequently, Hockerty have strengthened their quality tests to overcome this.

Once the garments’ measurements and quality has been checked, they are then ironed before being carefully packed into a surprisingly modestly-sized box. Finally, the custom clothing is now shipped out to the eagerly-awaiting clients.

Fitting & Alterations

Ill-Fitting Hockerty SuitThe brand offers a Perfect Fit Guarantee to ensure that their clients are proud of the unique garments that they purchase.

That said, even if you following the measurement instructions as closely as possible, some alterations may be necessary after your receive your order.

Even full bespoke tailors will encounter this, which is why there are usually several fitting sessions before the suit is finished.

Hockerty is well aware of this. As such, the brand will fulfil its Perfect Fit Guarantee by assisting you with alterations after your receive your garments.

If the garment only requires minor adjustments such as the sleeves or leg length, Hockerty encourages clients to go to a local tailor. If this is done within seven days of receiving the items, Hockerty will reimburse clients up to 25% of the garment’s full value.

However, should the suit require extensive alterations, Hockerty will proceed with a remake. In this case, the suit is entirely remade at no extra cost to the customer.

We experienced a remake ourselves, which you can learn about soon in a Hockerty full custom suit review.

What Does Hockerty Make & Sell?

Although best known for its made-to-measure suits, Hockerty also produces an extensive range of custom garments.

Indeed, this guide will be mostly concentrating on suits but Hockerty also crafts the following:

Custom Overcoats

Custom overcoats can be crafting following a process similar to suits. However, in this case, users will choose and customise the style before choosing the fabric.

From lapels to epaulettes, there are a host of customisation options so that the user can create a truly unique piece. As for fabrics, their range remains quite large but is somewhat smaller than the collection for suits. Generally, most of their coat fabrics are fifty-fity wool and polyester blends.

Nevertheless, custom coats start at a very attractive retail price of less than $200. Furthermore, a number of additional options such as quilted linings are available before completing an order.

You’ll soon be able to read more about Hockerty’s overcoats with a dedicated review.

Custom Dress Shirts

Hockerty Custom Shirts With Personalised CollarsHockerty’s custom dress shirts are probably the most popular garment after the suits themselves. A more affordable service, made-to-measure dress shirts start for as little as $59 depending on the selected fabric.

As expected, the level of customisation is particularly rich with a variety of options available in order to create a unique shirt.

In fact, we found that Hockerty’s shirts offered much more customisation options than other made-to-measure brands.

For instance, there are a whopping 10 individual collar styles and the same number in cuff designs. Users will also be able to choose placket and pleat styles as well as contrast colouring on different sections.

You can learn more about these with our full Hockerty dress shirts review coming soon.

Custom Polo Shirts

Available for as little as $59, custom polo shirts are an unexpected yet attractive option. Using an entirely separate 3D customisation interface, user can work through designing their own polo shirt.

hockerty polo shirt customisation

You’ll be able to personalise everything from the colour, sleeve length, colour and style for both the collar and cuffs and even breast pockets. If you’re a member of a sports team, there’s also a tool for designing motifs with a variety of different colours.

In terms of accents, you can add logos or numbers on different parts of the shirt as well as embroidery and threading options.

For something as casual and basic as polo shirts, the level of freedom is quite amazing and offers the opportunity to make a truly special design.


Hockerty Models Wearing Linen Suits & BlazersCustom chinos are also available on Hockerty, which start at $99. When ordering chinos, you can customise the fit, the pleats, fastening as well as the pockets and cuffs. Of course, you’ll also be able to choose from their myriad of colours and fabrics.


If you’re looking for just a blazer, there are a number of options available for designing one of these too. Using the same interface as the suit designer, you’ll be able to create your own casual jacket with prices starting from $169.

Hockerty’s Suit Fabric Collections

Given that Hockerty’s garments are fully customisable, the brand has no collections per se as every suit is unique to the client. However, they have a plethora of fabrics from which you can build your garments.

Hockerty Fabric Selection

Below is a small selection of suit fabrics that particularly caught our eye:

You can use the above links to jump down or keep scrolling to view them all.

1. Upper Side [Premium Fabric]

Hockerty Upper Side Merino Wool
  • Material: 100% Wool [Merino]
  • Yarn Fineness: Super 130s
  • Weight: 280 g / m² [8.26 oz / yd²]
  • Seasonality: Mid-Season
  • Price: $649+ [Buy Now]
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Woven from very refined Super 100s Merino wool, Upper Side is a excellent navy blue option for year-round wear. Thanks to the natural hard-wearing properties of Merino wool, this fabric offers attractive long-term value.

As with all of Hockerty’s premium fabrics, it comes with an extra cost, which comes to $380 in this case.

2. Reque [Winter Tweed]

Hockerty Reque Brown Winter Tweed
  • Material: 30% Wool & 70% Polyester
  • Yarn Fineness: Super 100s
  • Weight: 520 g / m² [15.33 oz / yd²]
  • Seasonality: Winter
  • Price: $269+ [Buy Now]
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We were smitten by this heavy tweed made from a fine Super 100s yarn. Although a wool and polyester blend, it makes for a very attractive garment that performs well throughout the winter.

In fact, this is the fabric that we chose for our review where we went through the online ordering process ourselves.

3. Sortino [Summer Linen]

Hockerty Sortino Summer Linen
  • Material: 100% Linen
  • Yarn Fineness: N/A
  • Weight: 212 g / m² [6.25 oz / yd²]
  • Seasonality: Summer
  • Price: $269+ [Buy Now]
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Hockerty also offer a rich variety of both pure and blended linen fabrics for the summer. Although it was difficult to choose a favourite, we did lean towards the navy Sortino.

While not their lightest linen, it has a particular attractive texture and the colour is an interesting choice for the warmer season.

4. Sicilian Grey [Mid-Season Fabric]

Hockerty Sicilian Grey Wool Fabric
  • Material: 100% Wool
  • Yarn Fineness: Super 100s
  • Weight: 285 g / m² [8.4 oz / yd²]
  • Seasonality: Mid-Season
  • Price: $269+ [Buy Now]
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While there’s a myriad of all-year fabrics to choose from, the Sicilian grey 100% wool Super 100s fabric is a particular favourite. Although black or navy should be the staple of your capsule wardrobe, a charcoal grey makes for a more laid-back alternative.

What Next?

During the course of its 10-year history, Hockerty has evolved to become a leader in the men’s tailoring sphere. The brand has faced many challenges along the way yet has overcome them all by learning from its experiences.

Today, Hockerty presents itself as a very attractive option in the made-to-measure tailoring market.

Furthermore, the brand takes pride in its image as an affordable retailer with a plethora of customisation offers. Its objective is to provide clients with the means to build a suit so that the end result is a truly unique piece.

If you want to see more of what Hockerty offer, head to their website. Otherwise, consider checking out some of related guides below:

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"Elegant yet affordable tailoring. Hockerty more affordable made-to-measure service with its rich range of styling options and fabrics."
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