Although they may seem to be a minor component of an outfit, socks are anything but. Case in point: would you wear rainbow polka dot socks to a job interview at a law firm? Not if you want the job!

Therefore, this guide will teach you how to properly wear socks as well as the top 10+ best men’s dress socks:

  1. Boardroom Socks
  2. Ace Marks Socks
  3. Twillory Socks
  4. Soxy Socks
  5. ALMI “Invincible Socks”
  6. The Tie Bar Socks
  7. Hugo Boss Socks
  8. Hot Sox
  9. Doré Doré 1819
  10. Stance Socks
  11. Happy Socks

See what else we cover in the guide below, scroll down to read it all, or use the links above to jump ahead!



What Are The Best Men’s Dress Sock Brands?

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1. Boardroom Socks [Best Overall Men’s Sock Brand]

Boardroom Over The Calf Socks Full Length
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Boardroom Socks may sound like a relatively new brand but it has actually been a family-owned business since 1837! Operating from their independent mill in North Carolina, Boardroom Socks strives to produce luxury yet affordable products that cater to the discerning professional man.

We’re very fond of their over-the-calf socks, which fit snugly without pinching on the skin. There are a plethora of both professional and casual styles with a variety of patterns and colours to choose from.

Boardroom No Show Socks From Side

Furthermore, Boardroom introduced its own no-show socks in 2021 after several years of research and development. Crafted from merino wool, they’re comfortable and breathe nicely in the heat. However, they also feature nylon and spandex to fit properly on your feet. 

"A very promising American family-owned business that produces some of the best quality and value socks that we've yet to wear!"
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

2. Ace Marks [Made In Italy]

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Despite being a young an aspiring newcomer to the market, Ace Marks is currently our favourite the best Italian shoe brand. Although Ace Marks is best known for its shoes, they also offer some beautifully-crafted Egyptian cotton socks.

Like their shoes, the socks are made in Italy and are sold in $49 multi-packs of 3 pairs, which come to $16 each. While selection is slightly limited, it’s carefully curated with some beautiful options. We’re particularly fond of the ones with the little aeroplanes!

3. Twillory Socks [Performance Tech Brand]

Twillory Socks On Feet
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Twillory is known for its formaldehyde-free non-iron SafeCotton and Performance shirts that use precision fabric engineering. As a result, they’re made to perform throughout the day by both keeping you cool and resisting wrinkles under heavy use.

When reviewing Twillory, we also received a few pairs of their socks. At first, we didn’t give them much attention as we focused on the brand’s shirts and pants. However, after trying them, we realised that was a mistake!

The socks offer a perfect balance of stretch and comfort by keeping their place without pinching too hard. Similarly, the fabric breathes, which keeps you cool in summer while offering insulation for the winter. They’re also very stylish and are available in a number of colourways.

4. Soxy [Most Colourful Socks]

Soxy Crazy & Atheltic Socks Bundle
  • Pricing: From $11
  • Where To Buy: Soxy
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If you like colourful socks then, wow, you won’t be disappointed here! Soxy claims to offer some of the most colourful socks on the market and we’re in no position to disagree. Striking colours and patterns are part of its brand DNA with a variety of novelty designs. We particularly love the ones with the planets!

While we will unlikely wear them with a tuxedo, they’re a fun brand if you like to express yourself when dressing casually. Meanwhile, Soxy also offers an excellent and diverse selection of stylish athletic and no-show socks. If you’re looking for practical socks that break away from the norm, they’re a superb brand.

5. The Tie Bar [Best Value Socks]

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The Tie Bar is well known for men’s accessories yet is often overlooked for socks. Needless to say, socks are truly part of the brand’s repertoire and it proudly stocks a large variety from which you can choose.

They’re also quite affordable as quality socks go and prices start around $8. If you’re looking to do a bit of general shopping to refresh your accessories, you might want to check out what’s available on the site.

6. Almi Apparel “Invincible Socks” [Most Durable Sock Brand]

Almi Apparel Invincible Socks & Shoes

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Recently, ALMI (“A Little More Invincible”) Apparel approached us with what they referred to as the “invincible” sock. Initially, we were somewhat sceptical. However, after having used their socks for the last few months, we can attest that their unique concept is impressively rugged and well-crafted.

As we described above, they’re hybrid athletic and dress socks. Therefore, they’re thin enough for dress shoes but provide the necessary support for sporting activities.

Made with durability in mind, they’re also reinforced with extra padding to improve comfort. You can feel the compression, which reduces slip and improves blood flow, as well as the omni-grip instep support.

You can also benefit from a 10% exclusive discount with the code “BU10” when checking out! If you’re not convinced but still curious to give them a try, they also offer 30 risk-free days to test them and see if they’re for you.

7. Hugo Boss Socks [Understated Designer Brand]

Hugo Boss Socks
  • Pricing: From $7
  • Where To Buy: Zappos
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Hugo Boss is often regarded as a quality designer brand that retains a sense of understated elegance in its designs. Indeed, its socks are no different and they exude style without running after the fast fashion bandwagon.

Zappos stock a variety of their classic socks, which come in a variety of lengths and styles. If you’re looking for something that suitable for the office, they’re a solid choice.

8. Hot Sox [Fun Novelty Sock Brand]

Hot Sox Selection
  • Pricing: From $9
  • Where To Buy: Amazon
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Hot Sox first caught our eye with their amazing print of Munch’s The Scream. They’ve actually done a series of art-inspired printed socks as well as an excellent variety of novelty socks. If you’re somebody who appreciates original albeit tasteful designs, they’re well worth checking out.

Furthermore, they’re well-stocked on Amazon so you don’t have to look far!

9. Doré Doré 1819 [Luxury French Sock Brand]

Doré Doré Novelty Hunting Dog Socks
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We weren’t aware of Doré Doré until it was pointed out to us by one of our editors who lives in France. Founded all the way back in 1819, the House of Doré is one of the country’s oldest sock makers and even won awards at the 1867 Universal Exposition in Paris!

Today, it continues to thrive and produces high-quality premium socks and tights for both men and women. Despite its luxurious standards, the prices are still quite affordable. Furthermore, they offer a selection of fun novelty socks made from materials like Egyptian cotton, merino wool, and alpaca!

10. Stance Socks [Branded Sock Brand]

Stance Men's Socks
  • Pricing: From $8
  • Where To Buy: Amazon
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Stance is novelty sock brand that piqued our curiosity some time ago. What sets them apart is that they often work on partnerships and collaborations with well-known licences. For instance, they have a selection of Marvel-themed socks and merchandise.

We’re quite fond of the X-Men collection. However, we’ve not had the occasion to wear them with our favourite business suits just yet! Similarly, they’re available on Amazon so it’s an easy purchase.

11. Happy Socks [Novelty Sock Brand]

Happy Socks Beatles Yellow Submarine
  • Pricing: From $4
  • Where To Buy: Amazon
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Happy Socks is another novelty brand that does fun and exciting pairs that you can buy through Amazon. Not only do they have a variety of colours, patterns, and designs, but they’re also quite affordable.

We’re particularly fond of their recent Yellow Submarine Beatles-themed sock box set. A great gift idea for the Beatlemaniac in your life!

How To Match Socks

There are a few different rules and regulations when it comes to your hosiery. As with anything clothing-related, it’s best to start by obeying these rules (especially in conservative situations) and bending them as your sartorial muscles begin to strengthen.

The rule of thumb is that sock color should match or very closely match the color of your trousers. If nothing else, you will be dressed correctly and inoffensively by obeying this rule. On the other hand, you might not have that much fun.

As socks are often patterned, typical pattern coordination guidelines apply.

Below, we explore the various outfits with which we can pair socks. Keep in mind that all of these suggestions are subject to your environment and that common sense, good taste, and your audience trump everything.

How To Wear Socks With A Suit

When wearing socks with a suit, color choice should be dictated by your environment. If you’re in a business professional dress code or wearing a suit to a funeral, you should absolutely wear grey socks to match your grey trousers. On the other hand, if you’re on a date or just wearing a suit for fun, you can coordinate your socks with another part of your outfit, such as your shirt or tie (more on that below).

There’s one incredibly important thing we have to mention before moving on; when wearing a suit or any outfit that involves a dress trouser, it is imperative that your socks are long enough to keep your legs covered up while you’re sitting down in addition to standing. While the sockless look has been a thing for a few years and will likely continue to be a thing, if you’re wearing proper socks, they must be long enough.

What Socks To Wear With Jeans

blue dot socks in penny loaferJeans allow you a ton of wiggle room as it relates to your socks. You can obviously wear the same color socks as your denim (that is, some shade of blue), but the casual nature of a pair of jeans is such that you can wear basically anything you want when it comes to socks.

Consider coordinating with your shirt, sweater, or sport coat by mirroring one or more of the colors.

This will obviously require you to be well-read on the topic of color, and we have a color guide that’s very helpful in that regard.

Socks To Wear With A Tuxedo

Though there’s a bit of variation allowed with tuxedos, a true black tie ensemble calls for black silk hosiery. If you’d like a bit of design, they may have clocks on the outside of them.

If you’re wearing a tuxedo in a creative black tie scenario, you can get away with a more boldly designed sock, but we still suggest keeping the colors dark and rich as you would a cummerbund or vest: deep plum, burgundy, forest green, and the like.

Best Socks To Wear With Shorts

Boardroom No Show Socks & Driving Shoes

If you’re wearing socks with shorts, they should be no-show socks (or pedis, or man-peds, whatever you like to call them). The shoes one would wear with shorts will look good with no-show socks, and anyone who lives with you will thank you for having worn some kind of sock after you get home and take your shoes off.

For more about no-show socks, we explore them in greater deal below as well as recommend our favourite brand.

The only real exception to this is if you live in Bermuda and are wearing the national garb of Bermuda shorts, shirt & tie, blazer, and dress shoes with over-the-calf socks.

Under no circumstances whatsoever should you wear the tube socks-with-sneakers-and-shorts ensemble seen on so many middle-aged fathers. It is truly atrocious.

Do You Match You Socks With Shoes?

As it happens, you should not match your socks to your shoes. We opt to match socks to trousers instead of shoes because matching them to shoes will produce a boot-like look when you’re not, in fact, wearing boots. It’s not a sartorially smart decision to make.

Of course, this changes when your shoes happen to match your trousers. If these two items are the same color, then yes, you can match your socks to your shoes.

Coordinating Socks With A Tie, Pocket Square, & Other Accessories

Coordinating the colors of your socks and tie is a very smart move that, when pulled off well, lends continuity and closure to an ensemble all at once.

In this case, “matching” really means “coordinating.” While you can certainly wear deep purple socks in the same shade as your deep purple tie, these items are too far apart from each other physically to look unstudied. A better choice would be a lavender sock with plum tie, electric blue socks with a navy tie, or yellow socks with green dots paired with a forest green tie.

You’ll want to know all about complementary and monochromatic color schemes to pull this off well. Click either of the preceding links to get more information on those topics.

Matching Socks With A Shirt

Coordinating your socks with your shirt is another thing you can do to add some color and general fun to your outfits. The same guidelines apply that we use for coordinating socks with ties.

Different Styles Of Men’s Socks

Not all socks are created equal. There are many different styles to suit various occasions and personalities.

We should probably start with “no socks” as an option. The obvious choice for flip-flops and slides, going sockless with regular shoes is less desirable. Our personal experience has seen insoles being ripped out as they stick to your feet when taking shoes off, terrible odor, and general physical discomfort.

Unless it’s the summertime and you’re wearing sandals or espadrilles, opt for some kind of sock.

Men’s No-Show Socks

No-show socks came on the scene for men over a decade ago. Originally only available in white and black, they’re now available in as wide a range of colors and patterns as regular socks. This is perhaps confusing as the whole point is that they don’t show, but then again, underwear comes in a a bunch of different colors too.

Invisible socks should cover the soles of your feet, your toes, and the bottom of your achilles tendon, but not much more. Again, the whole point is to be able to wear them with any shoe and still appear to not be wearing socks.

These are an excellent option for warm weather and work with shorts and jeans. There is much rancorous debate over whether or not these are appropriate with suits.

Caucasian Skin-Tone Boardroom No Show Socks & Oliver Cabell Driivng Shoes

Our opinion is that common sense should make that call, and common sense is based on who your audience is going to be and the sartorial environment you plan to be in.

Wear proper socks to a funeral in the summertime. If you’re a guest at a daytime summer wedding, though, feel free to throw on some no-show socks with that natty suit of yours.

Although lots of brands produce no-show socks, not all of them are equal. Lower quality no-show socks may fit poorly and then slip down your foot, bunching near the toes.

The aforementioned Boardroom Socks recently introduced its own in 2021. Like its other wares, they’re crafted in the USA from Merino wool while careful use of nylon and spandex in the blend ensures a correct fit. Meanwhile, silicone backing grips the heel to make sure that they don’t fall off.

Boardroom’s no-show socks are currently available in black or beige. Since it’s inevitable with any brand that a little sock will show, this colour choice is quite handy to make them as subtle as possible.

Men’s Athletic Socks

Athletic socks are completely appropriate for athletic endeavors. Typically hitting just above the ankle, their colors tend to be limited to white, black, grey, navy, or combinations thereof.

Generally, dress socks aren’t adapted for sports while athletic socks are a poor choice when dressing formally. Most athletic socks will also alter the fit of your shoes, so make sure that you wear proper socks when shoe shopping, too.

However, there are some rare exceptions. For instance, Almi Apparel has aspired to develop hybrids socks that can be worn both professionally and athletically.

Their socks are made with a 200 needle machine, which is the standard for fine-knit dress socks. Similarly, the padding is thin enough for dress shoes but still offers support. Meanwhile, Swiss silver technology is used to neutralise odour-causing bacteria, which reduces smelly feet.

Nevertheless, brands like Almi are a rarity. Therefore, you’ll have to invest in a diverse selection of socks if you want to ensure that you’re prepared for every occasion. That being said, it’s not always a bad idea as Soxy is a brand that has a diverse collection of stunning athletic socks!

Men’s Fashion Socks