Founded in 2014, Twillory produces precision-engineered garments for professional men with a strong emphasis on performance and formaldehyde-free fabrics. Although specialising in shirts, it also offers trousers and undergarments with more planned in the future!

In this guide, we will provide a detailed review of Twillory with a focus on its shirts and other garments, how they’re made, and the brand’s history:

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Twillory Shirt Review



Twillory Reviews

Before you learn about Twillory’s origins and production processes, we’ll take a close look at a sample of their garments. You can currently learn about the following ranges:

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Twillory SafeCotton Shirt Review

Twillory SafeCotton Shirt Review
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SafeCotton Style

Twillory SafeCotton ShirtsTwillory’s claim to fame was the development of its innovative SafeCotton, a 100% cotton fabric comprised of either two-ply Egyptian or Sea Island cotton. As you’ll learn in the guide below, SafeCotton is produced by combining machine processing as well as chemical treatments to ensure that it offers a true non-iron property.

However, unlike most non-iron shirts, it is thoroughly cleansed of any chemicals to both ensure its long-term durability and preserve your health. Available in a rich selection of fits, colours, collars, and cuffs, there is an appropriate style for everyone.

Twillory supplied us with a selection of tailored SafeCotton shirts with both French and barrel cuffs in different colourways and patterns. Although each had a classic spread collar, they’re also available with pointed and cutaway styles too.

We were particularly fond of the rich twill that provided additional visual interest, which is adapted for both formal and professional office wear. Meanwhile, we tried a barrel-cuff “Skull Contrast” shirt, which is ideal for more business casual environments.

Finally, there are a number of subtle details and attention to detail. For instance, the shirt placket is quite stiff, which helps retain the shirt’s shape and keep it defined to a neat appearance.

Fit & Comfort

Twillory SafeCotton Skull CuffSafeCotton shirts are available in a variety of fits such as slim “Extra Trim”, “Tailored”, and “Traditional”. We opted for tailored as we generally prefer a more adapted fit. However, the options are available for people who enjoy a more snug or relaxed fit.

Furthermore, you can opt for sleeve lengths and collar sizes independently, which offers a superior fit. Although most traditional shirtmakers function in a similar way, not all clothing brands offer these additional sizing options.

As a result, the shirts will fit perfectly as long as you properly take your measurements. Twillory offers an on-site guide, which respects their own sizing. However, the process is similar to our own guide.

Otherwise, Twillory’s non-iron shirts are soft and comfortable. They also breathe well and are easy to wear even during hot days at the office.

Value For Money

Twillory SafeCotton Shirt SideWhat sets Twillory above and beyond its peers is a small and subtle detail that you will unlikely notice until you wear the shirt. Although most brands will supply their shirts with thin plastic collar stays, Twillory’s shirts feature metal ones!

Although this may not strike you as a huge deal, it makes a fundamental difference to the shirt’s performance. Given that collar stays come at a cost, it is a strong indicator of the twillory’s value proposition.

Individual shirts retail for $99, which is an overall decent price for such quality. However, you can extract additional value thanks to Twillory’s extensive bundle deals. For instance, you can buy two shirts for $125 and three for $180. Meanwhile, shirts cost just $56.99 when you buy four shirts or more!

Twillory Performance Shirt Review

Twillory Performance Shirt Review
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Style & Construction

Twillory Performance ShirtMade “for the hustle”, the Performance shirt is the garment that best reflects Twillory’s brand identity. Indeed, it was designed specifically for the professional man who requires a shirt that won’t let him down during the working day and still looks the part at networking events in the evening. Like the SafeCotton range, the shirts are available in a number of cotton and collar styles.

We sampled a classic white poplin shirt with a spread collar and French cuff. The fit matched the SafeCotton and its handfeel was surprisingly natural despite the use of the Coolmax fabric that we describe below.

Furthermore, we liked the additional detail of what appeared to be a soft lining on the back of the collar. Perfect for an intensive working day, the lining adds a soft finish and absorbs sweat in the heat.

What Is Twillory Coolmax?

Twillory Performance Shirt Collar DetailAs mentioned above the Performance shirts are specifically designed for the modern professional man’s everyday hustle. After the success of the SafeCotton, Twillory researched a durable fabric that could take a beating and still look the part.

Like the SafeCotton, the Performance shirts are non-iron and formaldehyde-free. However, they also feature a Coolmax fabric, which a carefully-composed blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex. As a result, the shirt is optimised to provide moisture-wicking and cooling tech, which reduces perspiration and prevents stains.

Additionally, the shirts offer four-way stretch thanks to the precise use of spandex in the blend. The stretching allows for better manoeuvrability if you’re leaning across boardroom tables or reaching across desks. Additionally, the spandex prevents the shirt from untucking so you always appear immaculate.

Value For Money

Twillory Performance Shirt French CuffsTwillory’s performance shirts retail at the same price as the SafeCotton and can be bundled with the same deals. Furthermore, you can group multiple shirt types in the bundles if you want a combination of non-iron SafeCotton, Performance, and untuck(able) shirts.

As with the SafeCotton range, the Performance shirts are supplied with metal collar stays, which is an excellent attention to detail indeed.

Twillory Untuck(able) Shirt Review

Twilory Untuckable Shirt Review
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Twillory Untuckable Shirt Close-UpMade from a unique blend of Twillory’s SafeCotton and Performance fabrics, the Untuck(able) range is designed for more casual wear. Firstly, the shirts are only made with barrel cuffs. However, you can choose between a hidden or visible button-down collar. Nevertheless, both are small, casual collar styles.

Additionally, there is also a wide variety of colourways and patterns from which you can choose. The shirt’s cut has been specifically designed for untucked wear. As a result, the tail is just the right length and sits right over the buttocks without appearing too long or too short.

Similarly, there are no different fits like the Performance and SafeCotton ranges given that they’re made to fulfil a particular function. Although designed to be untucked, the shirts are quite versatile, though, and they can also be tucked in if you prefer.

We were admittedly a little apprehensive to try the shirt after months of self-isolation! Indeed, we had put on a little weight around the midriff. However, we were delighted to see how the shirt was extremely flattering by turning moobs into pecks and tapering the body.

Twillory Untuckable Shirt From Behind

Finally, Twillory has introduced the “Glow” version of the Untuck(able), which features buttons that glow in the dark. An intriguing if unexpected stylistic choice, they’re a fun option for a night out in a club!

Twillory Performance Pants Review

Twillory Shirt & Pants With Oliver Cabell Drivers
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Style & Construction

Twillory Performance Shirt & PantsTwillory complemented the Performance shirt with matching trousers using the same philosophy. Striving for comfort, functionality, and style, the trousers feel like joggers but have a tailored appearance.

They’re cut like slim-fitting chinos and are therefore best suited for business casual environments. However, they can easily be worn in casual environments, too. They’re also perfect for travelling as they offer the same non-iron and cooling technology as the performance shirt.

Whether you need to throw them in carry-on luggage or wear them during a long-distance flight, they’re lightweight and durable. We particularly appreciate the shirt-gripping waistband detail. When paired with a Performance shirt, you can be sure that you won’t look untidy by slipping out as you reach for the overhead storage.

Fit & Comfort

Twillory Performance Pants Phone Pocket

Although you can choose between an “Extra Trim” or “Tailored” cut, both are quite slim but will retain a neat appearance.

Despite being made from a unique synthetic blend, it’s crafted using Japanese engineering that we’ll explain in further detail below. Therefore, they have a surprisingly natural handfeel and offer an excellent level of comfort.

Like the shirts, you can opt for separate trouser and waist sizes, which offers added convenience to make sure that you have the correct size.

Finally, we tested the trousers over the course of several days during a heatwave and were amazed by their performance. Indeed, the pants succeeded in reflecting most the heat and breathed nicely to offer ventilation and coolness.

Value For Money

Given that Twillory’s shirts are $99, we were surprised to see that the trousers were just $89! Furthermore, you can get an additional $10 discount when you purchase the pants alongside a shirt.

If you’re looking for pants that perform well when travelling for business or in a fast-paced office environment, Twillory offers one of the best solutions for exactly this function.

How Twillory Was Founded

Twillory Shirt Collar StaysTwillory was founded in 2014 by Eli Blumstein, Harry Cedarbaum, and Ricardo Goldschmidt. Ricardo came from his four-generation family business and Twillory’s sister company, Byblos, an Argentinian textile producer that traces its history to Austria in 1892.

Ricardo’s father worked in the textile industry alongside his brother in Austria. However, he moved to Argentina right before the second World War and started his own textile factory. Ricardo worked there as a child and later launched Byblos when he moved to America in 1990.

Meanwhile, Eli and Harry were neighbourhood friends and today operate as the Creative Director and COO respectively. Given Ricardo’s background, he oversees materials as the chief fabric officer.

Twillory SafeCotton Shirt Skull ContrastHarry and Eli first launched Twillory alongside Ricardo by using his connections and extensive knowledge of fabrics with a view to developing superior yet affordable garments.

As a young and ambitious start-up with both modern values and traditional heritage, Twillory was destined to embody ambitious philanthropy, transformative technology, and manufacturing expertise.

Focusing initially on shirts, the team was aware that Twillory had to distinguish itself in order to earn its way into the wardrobes of discerning gentlemen. Therefore, innovative design and manufacturing to inspire brand loyalty was an important factor in its success.

Although a perfect fit was important, Twillory also focused on convenience and performance. The shirts wouldn’t require dry cleaning or ironing and also endure well against strain, perspiration, and wrinkling.

What Is SafeCotton?

Twillory Blue SafeCotton Shirt & Contrast StitchingTwillory’s first achievement was the development of SafeCotton. The non-iron shirt offers a particular convenience that is appreciated by the modern professional man. However, the majority of non-iron shirts are produced using a formaldehyde treatment.

Formaldehyde treatments not only cause a shirt to degrade 25% faster and be less durable but they may also pose significant health risks.

According to studies by the US government, formaldehyde in non-iron clothing can cause skin irritations and dermatitis at the very least. However, it may also lead to other conditions such as rashes, headaches, insomnia as well as nasopharyngeal cancer and leukaemia.

Therefore, Twillory created SafeCotton, which uses both machinery as well as chemical treatments to process the fabric’s non-iron properties. However, the fabric is then subjected to an additional intensive washing process to remove any formaldehyde and other chemicals.

Twillory SafeCotton Shirt & Cigar

Following the success of SafeCotton, Twillory has invested heavily in developing new fabrics to accomplish a variety of different functions as you will learn in this guide.

As Twillory has grown from strength to strength, its team has welcomed new talents to support its projects. For instance, Joshua Weiberg with whom Bespoke Unit has enjoyed lengthy discussions has been Twillory’s Director of Production since 2017.

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Where Are Twillory Shirts Made?

Twillory Untuckable ShirtTwillory’s fabrics are produced using precision technological engineering. Therefore, the cotton blends for the shirts are manufactured in either China or Vietnam from only specialised producers.

Afterwards, the yarns are shipped to Twillory’s factory in Vietnam where skilled workers will assemble the garments. Twillory takes pride in the factility’s craftsmanship and working conditions. As such, its representatives regularly visit the factory to inspect its production.

Meanwhile, the performance pants required an entirely different approach. The machinery used by Twillory’s existing suppliers weren’t adapted to producing the desired result.

Consequently, Twillory sought engineers in Japan who produce the fabric, which is then shipped to Egypt where the pants are produced by a suit manufacturer.

How Twillory’s Garments Are Made

Twillory SafeCotton Shirt Close-UpAlthough product development may take somewhere between six months to a year, Twillory focuses heavily on fabrics that are engineered with specific functions in mind. Therefore, the research and development process for the garment’s fabrics can take several years.

For instance, Twillory wasn’t happy with its initial prototypes for the performance pants. Furthermore, its Vietnamese and Chinese fabric producers used machinery that wasn’t adapted to producing large enough yarn.

Therefore, it approached a Japanese fabric manufacturer that was able to make knitted yarn with a polyester top-down warp rib rather than a woven weft.

Eventually, Twillory had developed a fabric with a natural handfeel that didn’t resemble polyester. However, it took several years until it was ready to be manufactured. Nevertheless, it would require at least another six months to develop the pants themselves with Twillory’s Egyptian suit factory.

Twillory French & Barrel Cuffs

The above illustrates Twillory utmost dedication to precision fabric engineering. Unwilling to compromise with inferior materials, Twillory is dedicated to producing garments that fulfil their intended function to their fullest.

Future Twillory Projects

Twillory Performance Shirt StyleTwillory’s objective is to be able to provide the modern professional man with a full outfit. After having produced shirts, undergarments, and trousers, Twillory is now currently researching blazers.

The blazers are planned to match with the trousers so that they can be worn as suits. However, Twillory is honing the suit’s construction structure so that they can be worn as casual separates too.

As with the trousers, the development is a long and intensive process with many challenges. For instance, Twillory wasn’t happy with the puckering and bonding on initial prototypes.

Furthermore, one of Twillory’s priorities is that the blazer will offer a natural drape that is reminiscent of fine tailored suits. Additionally, the blazer will be machine-washable and fully-structured.

Consequently, appropriate 3D padding is being researched that can be properly washed and dry without being damaged or losing its shape.

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What Next?

Oliver Cabell & TwilloryTwillory differentiates itself by not only offering quality garments but also catering to specific contemporary needs. By combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, Twillory has engineered clothing for professional men on the move.

As the brand eloquently summarises, its shirts and trousers are “for the hustle” and effortlessly accomplish what they set out to do. If you’re running between meetings or endure intense working days, consider trying Twillory to see how they help alleviate the discomfort of such pressure.

If you want to see more of what Twillory has to offer, head to its website. Otherwise, consider checking out some of the related guides below:

"By offering precision-engineered fabrics, Twillory fulfils the modern man's needs with comfortable yet professional performance clothing."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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