Whether you’re a seasoned shaving enthusiast or you’ve just started researching straight razors, you’ve probably heard about shavettes. If not, shavettes are unique devices that are essentially straight razors with disposable razor blades.

This guide covers everything you need to know about shavettes including:

If you’re not sure about shavettes, remember that we also offer extensive guides to both straight razors and safety razors. However, if you’re looking for a straight razor with disposable blades, read on!

Equinox Shavette Straight Razor

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Finding good quality straight razors with disposable blades is quite challenging.

With lots of cheap options on the market, it can be tempting to pick up the first good deal that you see.

However, buying any shavette at a good price might be a big gamble. After all, the quality of the razor will affect the shaving experience. If the razor is of an inferior quality, it may put you off traditional wet shaving entirely.

Fortunately, we have put together our recommendations for the best shavettes to buy online, which you can read below. Here, you’ll find the best shavettes for every budget.

The ultimate shavette guide. Make an educated conclusion as to whether a shavette is right for you.
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1. Best For Barbers: Equinox Matte Black Professional Shavette

  • Equinox Shavette Straight RazorMaterial: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 70 g (2.45 Oz)
  • Mechanism: Clasp
  • Included Blades: 100 Derby Premium Single Edge Blades
  • Price: $12.50 [Buy Now On Amazon]

Equinox provides a solid offering with the weightiest shavette on this list. Made completely from stainless steel, it provides durability as well as a great tactile feedback when shaving.

Furthermore, the stainless steel is coated in a scratch-resistant matte black paint. Not only does this look very stylish but it also protects the steel from oxidation and physical wear and tear. This does mean that the surface easily picks up finger marks but it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

With its streamlined design, the Equinox is cut entirely from stainless steel with no other materials as well as a nice stamped logo down the scales. Meanwhile, the blade is easily secured using a classic clasp mechanism.

We also loved that the Equinox came with 100 Derby Premium blades. The added advantage of these is that they’re single rather than double-edge blades. This makes it more convenient as you won’t have to cut them in half in order to use them.

On their own, 100 Derby Premium blades retail at $6.84 on Amazon so their inclusion offers considerable value. This essentially halves the overall $12.50 price of the entire package on Amazon!

We’d even say that this is an ideal razor for both home and professional use given its quality and extraordinary value for money. If you want to learn more about this razor, you can read the full Equinox shavette review too.

2. Best Wooden Scales: Sanguine Coolcut R5 Pure Wood Shavette & Pounch

  • Sanguine Shavette Straight RazorMaterial: Wood & Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 50 g (1.75 Oz)
  • Mechanism: Clasp
  • Included Blades: 5 Treet Platinum Double Edge Blades
  • Price: $14.00 [Buy Now On Amazon]

As with their quality beard scissors, Sanguine offer a superb shavette. Rather than opting for the more conventional steel scales, they’re made from pure wood. Although we never really determined the type of wood used, we couldn’t help admire its quality and potential durability.

For the blade, it’s constructed entirely out of stainless steel with a well-curved tang. Rather than a typical pivot pin, the blade is fixed to the scales with a tightening screw so it can be adjusted by the user.

Overall, the razor feels solid in the hand. Although lighter than the Equinox, we did like its balance and grip.

We also really liked the added touch of the faux-leather pouch, which makes it very easy for travelling. The razor also comes with 5 Treet Platinum double edge blades.

The blades are decent but we don’t think they’d last many shaves. Furthermore, you’ll have to cut or snap them in half before fitting them. Instead, we recommend just getting some good quality Derby Platinums with your order.

Finally, at a mere $14 on Amazon, these are a very good candidate for your choice shavette. If you’re interested by this shavette, read the full Sanguine Coolcut R5 review.

3. Best For Beginners: Parker SR1 & 31R Shavette

  • Parker-RS1-Stainless-Steel-Shavette-OpenBrand: Parker
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 48 g (1.7 Oz)
  • Mechanism: Clasp
  • Included Blades: 5 Shark Super Stainless Single Blades
  • Price: $20.99 [Buy Now On Amazon]

With a full stainless steel construction and unique details, the Parker SR1 (known previously as the 31R) is a tried-and-tested classic among the shaving community. It was originally one of the first shavettes to become available to the public and deserves a lot of credit for their popularity.

Weighing in at just under 50 grams, the Parker SR1 isn’t the heaviest on this list and it may not be as stylish as the matte black offerings. However, it is indeed durable and offers and excellent shave with its mild blade exposure.

Buy this razor on Amazon and you’ll get 5 Shark Super Stainless Steel single blades. This may not sound much but it does provide the opportunity to try before you buy more. We’re also found of these particular blades and they’re featured on our list of best razor blades.

At $20.99 on Amazon, the Parker SR1 isn’t the cheapest on the list but it is the most beginner-friendly.

Finally, you could always consider the full shaving kit offered by Parks, which includes the SR1, a badger shaving brush, 100 Sharks Super Stainless blades as well as a chrome shaving stand. All this can be had for as little as $73.88 on Amazon.

If you want to learn more about this shavette, head to the Parker SR1 review.

4. Most Aggressive Shavette: Black Widow Professional Shavette

  • Black Widow Shavette Straight RazorMaterial: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 60 g (2.1 Oz)
  • Mechanism: Clasp
  • Included Blades: No
  • Price: $18.95 [Buy Now On Amazon]

With as much as 1.5 mm blade exposure, the Black Widow is without a doubt the most aggressive shavette to be featured on this list. We’d dissuade beginners from try this one out. However, if you’re a professional or have experience in traditional shaving, it might be just what you need.

After the Equinox, it’s also the second heaviest, which is important given that the blade is so exposed. This will let gravity do the work for you rather than applying too much pressure. Learn about the full shaving experience by reading our Black Widow shavette review.

The scales feature a similar matte black finish to the Equinox and feel stable in the hand. The tang also has small grooves for an extra grip.

Unfortunately, no blades were included with this purchase. However, you can pick up 100 Derby Premium blades at $6.84 on Amazon. Furthermore, if you like the look of this configuration but want something more premium, you can pick up a an elegant black and gold model for $6 more on Amazon.

To discover this razor and its features in greater detail, you can read our full Black Widow shavette review!

5. Best Premium Shavette: Taylor Of Old Bond Street

  • Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shavette Straight RazorMaterial: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 46 g (1.6 Oz)
  • Mechanism: Clasp
  • Included Blades: No
  • Price: £39.95 [Buy Now On Amazon]

For a more premium experience, you can rely on Taylor Of Old Bond Street. Like the Equinox, it’s made from stainless steel with an anti-oxidation black matte finish.

Taylor of Old Bond Street carries a certain brand recognition. Being a historical London firm, it was founded in 1854 and offers premium shaving goods and wares.

As such, the logo is proudly printed across the top of the clasp. In terms of shaving experience, the razor is well-balanced and solidly constructed to give a smooth vibration-free shave.

However, it is somewhat lighter. Therefore, if you prefer more control with less weight, this may be an ideal choice for you.

Furthermore, the Taylor Of Old Bond street shavette comes with a nice faux leather pouch, which we found to be considerably better quality than either the Sanguine or Forgica. However, it wasn’t supplied with any blades.

If you’re in London, we’d recommend that you’d head to Taylor Of Old Bond Street to see what they have to offer. Otherwise, you can peruse Amazon for the products that they have online. You can even read the full review to learn more!

6. Best Insert Shavette: Forgica Multi-Handle Professional Shavette

  • Forgica Shavette Straight RazorMaterial: Plastic & Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 35 g (1.23 Oz)
  • Mechanism: Insert
  • Included Blades: 50 Derby Professional Single Edge Blades
  • Price: $12.99 [Buy Now On Amazon]

For those seeking an alternative mechanism for securing their blade, the Forgica is designed with an insert rather than clasp. As you can discover in our introduction to shavettes, these are defined by metal slides that come out of the centre of the spine onto which the blade is placed.

The Forgica is an interesting choice and features very eye-catching multi-coloured scales. This is also present on the tang, which covers the metal. Furthermore, the razor is supplied with 50 Derby Professional razor blades.

Like the Premiums offered with the Equinox, they’re single-bladed for easy replacement. In terms of quality, they’re about the same but not quite as sharp. Given, that these go for around $11.14 for 100, including 50 blades with the Forgica essentially halves the price.

Additionally, this comes with a faux leather pouch. However, we didn’t find its quality to be quite as good as those with the Sanguine and Taylor Of Old Bond Street.

Whilst the Forgica is certainly cheap at $12.99 on Amazon, the Equinox is of a similar price and actually offers better quality. Nevertheless, if you have lower dexterity and you’re looking for a different closing mechanism, its insert may certainly be of interest.

If you want to learn more, head to our Forgica shavette review.

Why Shave With A Shavette?

Sanguine Straight Razor ShavetteFor those who want to try out straight razor shaving, a shavette seems like a logical choice as a stepping stone. After all, you have the same general configuration with the added convenience of disposable blades.

With a shavette, you’ll be able to learn a time-honoured skill that will give you an authentic shaving experience. Additionally, you’ll save money as disposable blades are far cheaper than cartridge razors.

Meanwhile, you’ll get a better quality shave thanks to the superior control that you’ll have. Unlike cartridge razors, safety razor blades are only pieces of metal rather than plastic constructions, which makes them also easier to recycle.

Therefore, it seems like a clear choice. You’ll be able to reap all the benefits of both safety and straight razors without a steep learning curve in stropping and honing.

However, like learning to shave with a traditional straight razor, shavettes will require patience, a steady hand and some practice. In fact, you’ll learn in this guide that it isn’t as black and white as that.

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