Having tried my hand at the Sanguine, I was keen to give another shavette a go. This time I felt brave so I chose the Black Widow, a stylish razor with a 1.5 mm blade exposure. Read this review to see how I got on.

Overview Of The Black Widow Shavette

  • Black Widow Shavette Straight RazorBrand: Black Widow
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 60 g (2.1 Oz)
  • Mechanism: Clasp
  • Included Blades: No
  • Price: $18.95 [Buy Now On Amazon]

Out of the box, the Black Widow is a very stylish shavette indeed. The stainless steel body is very elegant and I loved the matte black finish on the scales.

A particular detail that caught my eye was the spider logo at the base of the scales. This looked very impressive if a little intimidating… And rightly so as we’ll discover later!

As for the blade’s arm, I was very fond of the highly curved tang and ridged spine. This provided the perfect grip for the ultimate control.

Unfortunately, this particular shavette doesn’t come with any razor blades or a pouch. Although this is a shame, it’s certainly not a deal-breaker. In fact, I already had a box of 50 Derby Platinum blades left over from the previous review.

With as much as 1.5 mm blade exposure, the Black Widow is without a doubt the most aggressive shavette to be featured on this list. We’d dissuade beginners from try this one out. However, if you’re a professional or have experience in traditional shaving, it might be just what you need.

After the Equinox, it’s also the second heaviest, which is important given that the blade is so exposed. This will let gravity do the work for you rather than applying too much pressure.

The scales feature a similar matte black finish to the Equinox and feel stable in the hand. The tang also has small grooves for an extra grip.

Unfortunately, no blades were included with this purchase. However, you can pick up 100 Derby Premium blades at $6.84 on Amazon. Furthermore, if you like the look of this configuration but want something more premium, you can pick up a an elegant black and gold model for $6 more on Amazon!

Shaving Experience

Shavette With Inserted BladeWith a lot of blade on show, it’s safe to assume that this is a very aggressive shavette. 1.5 mm may not sound like much but it might as well be miles compared to our other favorite shavettes. Fortunately, the razor is a little heavier than the normal at 60g (2.1 Oz), which means that I can let gravity do the work rather than applying pressure.

In fact, that last detail is quite important. Usually, shavettes are very light compared to other razor types, which makes them quite unforgiving when you apply pressure. In an ideal world, you need something weighty so that it glides across stubble naturally.

With so much exposed blade close to my jugular, I admit that I did tremble a bit. However, I reassured myself that I’m a professional and this is my job. Therefore, I will try this razor for a full review.

Overall, the shave was very smooth if a little hazardous. I experienced a lot of tactile feedback due to the blade’s exposure. However, I didn’t have any unwanted vibrations will I worked the blade.


Unfortunately for me, my level of expertise with a shavette is not quite there yet and I did get a few nicks on the way. In fact, I feel that this razor is quite as heavy as I’d like. Nevertheless, I realise that it would be absolutely perfect for others.

For instance, professionals would really benefit from a highly-exposed blade and lightweight construction. When working on contour details or even shaving small areas, they can really maximise from what this razor can offer.

Likewise, seasoned enthusiasts would probably have a lot of fun with this shavette. By applying almost no pressure, they’d probably be baby-butt-smooth in a single pass.

Final Verdict

For me, the aptly-named Black Widow is a little too aggressive. However, I do really like this razor: its design, build and balance are all perfect. Actually, I might send it along to Charles-Philippe as he’s more experienced with these!

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this razor to beginners as it’s a very dangerous choice for novices. If this is you, then I’d suggest that you check out the alternatives that we recommend in our guide to the best shavettes to buy online.

However, professionals and experienced enthusiasts alike may love it as a unique and aggressive shave. It’s quite inexpensive too and you can pick these babies up for just shy of $19 on Amazon.

Sanguine Pure Wood Shavette
Reviewed by Trevor Guilday, on .
"A very aggressive shave for the enthusiasts. The Black Widow earns its name in being one of the most aggressive razors I've ever tried!"
Rating: 4.0 ★★★★

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