Best Beard Brushes SelectionYou’ve likely heard about beard brushes at great lengths and possibly wondered what the fuss was about. Perhaps you’ve heard that brushing your beard will make it grow faster. Alternatively, you may have heard mention of boar or horse bristles.

In this guide, you will learn why beard brushes are important, how to use them as well as how to keep them clean. Finally, you will discover our recommendation of the best brushes on the market.

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  1. Why Do You Need A Beard Brush?
  2. How Do You Use A Beard Brush?
  3. How To Clean A Beard Brush
  4. Top 5 Beard Brushes On Amazon

Why Do You Need A Beard Brush?

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Firstly, a beard brush isn’t merely an accessory but a vital tool for keeping your beard healthy and attractive. Although we wouldn’t recommend it, you could dispense with everything bar a quality beard brush. Brushing your beard is fundamental to a lush and well-kempt mane.

Unlike beard combs, it’s important to own a brush early on in growing your beard. This will ensure that the foundations of your beard is kept soft and full of life for later growth. Furthermore, they soothe the onset of beard irritation and keep the follicles nourished.

A beard’s texture will improve through frequent brushing and become soft rather than rough. Furthermore, brushing helps create a natural shine by distributing natural oils called sebum through your beard.

Beard follicles are denser than head hair. Likewise, beard brushes feature denser bristles than hair brushes. However, they aren’t as stiff and work with the hair rather than against it. Furthermore, the bristles are at different lengths. This ensures that every level is properly brushed and nourished with oils even on long beards.

Brushes also keep the beard clean by removing daily dirt and grime. As you may know, you shouldn’t wash hair too regularly or it may dry out. So brushing keeps it clean between washes. On a related note, brush once a day for shorter beards and twice for longer ones.

What Are Boar Hair Brushes?

You may have heard about boar brushes or even horse hair. These are brushes that feature natural bristles made from animal hair. However, they’re often much more expensive than synthetic bristles. Nevertheless, they’re worth the investment.

For instance, boar brushes are quite popular and for good reason. Natural hair fibres contain sebum like your hair and beard. These natural oils keep hair healthy and create a natural shine. Natural brushes are much more efficient than synthetic ones for evenly distributing these important oils in your beard.

This is because as boar hair is natural, it works much like a membrane. If it comes into contact with oily areas, it absorbs moisture. Conversely, it lets out oils in dry areas. For this reason, it’s best to use a brush when the beard is naturally dry.

Similarly, oily beards become healthy with boar hair brushes as the bristles absorb the sebum. Likewise, dry beards will benefit from how it will redistribute sebum to areas it needs most.

Will Brushing My Beard Make It Grow Faster?

man stroking beard brush how toThe short answer is no, brushing will not make your beard hair grow faster. However, it does stimulate the follicles and make it grow more healthily.

Furthermore, brushing will tame your beard into a particular direction. Men with curly or frizzy beards will see the results far more than naturally straight ones. Your beard will become straight through regular brushing and appear much longer and thicker.

For example, one of the most common complaints of early beard growth is the way the hairs curl into the mouth. Brushing the moustache hairs to the side regularly will encourage them to grow outwards.

How Do You Use A Beard Brush?

Unlike beard combs, brushes are best used on naturally dry hair at normal room temperature. Furthermore, avoid using it on a beard during or after blow drying. This may damage the bristles and cause your beard to frizz. However, if you need a tool for blow drying your beard, consider a beard comb instead.

  1. Massage a few drops of beard oil or balm evenly over your beard.
  2. Brush along the beard’s hair growth with short strokes.
  3. Start from the bottom and work your way to the cheeks and sideburns.
  4. As your brush higher, increase the length of your strokes.
  5. Use the brush to guide your beard growth into the style you want.
  6. Stop when satisfied and the oil has been evenly distributed into your beard.

Although brushes are more effective with oils, it’s not obligatory every time. Fuller beards are best brushed twice a day. In this case, consider using oil only in the morning to avoid an unnecessary build-up of grease.

Keeping Beard Brushes Clean

Firstly, remember that a good craftsman keeps his tools maintained. The same logic applies to your beard accessories. Always keep your beard brush in a dry place to avoid the wood taking in moisture. If your brush comes with a protective case, it’s worth keeping it in there to prevent it being crushed in a drawer. The bristles are fragile and can become bent or fall out under weight.

While cleaning a beard brush may sound weird, it’s absolutely necessary if you want to extend its lifespan. A quality brush will last only a few years if neglected. Over time, its bristles will be become hard and sometimes fall out. However, a weekly clean can make it last for generations. Imagine passing your cherished beard brush down to your son if he starts growing one?

how do you clean a military beard brush

How To Clean A Beard Brush

  1. Add a dollop of shampoo to a bowl of warm water.
  2. Swirl the brush in the bowl for a few minutes.
  3. Gently massage the solution into the bristles with your fingers.
  4. Use a comb to pull out tangled hair and scrape away greasy residue.
  5. Rinse the brush thoroughly.
  6. Repeat using conditioner instead of shampoo.
  7. Leave to dry naturally.

Although you can do this just with shampoo, a second pass with conditioner is worth the extra hassle. Shampoo takes the oils out of the natural fibres but some conditioner will soften the brushes and prevent them becoming brittle.

Finally, if the brush features an untreated wooden handle, don’t let it get too wet if it’s clean. However, if it’s greasy, give it a clean with the shampoo solution and let it dry. Finally, rub it down with some linseed, walnut or tung oil to keep the wood healthy. Remember only to use natural oils for this as even if the wood won’t touch your skin, it’s a hygiene product after all.

Top 5 Best Beard Brushes

As mentioned above, brushes can come with different bristles. However, they also come in different shapes, sizes and price tags. Each of the best beard brushes on the market feature certain characteristics that are more adapted to different uses. Nevertheless, each are excellent options for general maintenance.

1. Best First Beard Brush: Jack Dean Gentleman’s Military Brushmilitary style jack dean beard brush


After a couple of week’s growth, you’ll likely start to feel your beard beginning to itch. This is around the time that it’s best to start thinking about investing in a beard brush. However, given that it’s only around a month since you’ve last shaved, you may be reluctant to make the commitment to buy an expensive brush.

Therefore, Jack Dean’s military style brush is an ideal option for beard beginners who just want something as a stepping stone. However, note that in order to keep costs down, the brush is made with a blend of synthetic and natural hair bristles. Therefore, you won’t get the same quality and softness as you would from high-end options.

At just over $10 on, it offers excellent value for a first beard brush.

2. Best Versatile Brush: Smooth Viking Beard Brushsmooth viking natural beard brush


At only a slight extra cost than the Jack Dean military brush, Smooth Viking offers a beard brush made from 100% wild boar bristle. Furthermore, it’s slightly longer yet narrow than the above brush, which allows you to cover a larger surface area in your strokes.

Smooth Viking offers great value. However, it’s bristles are somewhat softer than other options on the market. Therefore, it’s ideal for shorter beards and lacks the ability to reach deeper levels of growth on longer ones.

Nevertheless, Smooth Viking is a worthwhile option for men with shorter, cropped beards looking for a quality value brush. It can be found on at around $13 so offers ideal value for money.

3. Best Handled Brush: ZilberHaar Pure Boar & Pearwood BrushPure Boar & Pearwood ZilberHaar Beard Brush


For men that prefer a handled brush, they need look no further than ZilberHaar’s pure boar brush. Meaning “Silver Hair” in German, it’s made with pure boar bristles and pearwood from Germany’s Black Forest.

Its performance matches luxury brushes and evenly distributes oils in your beard and skin. Furthermore, the ZilberHaar has long bristles, which reach even the deepest layers of your beard. ZilberHaar’s handle is a nice change from the usual military style and offers precision along with ease of use.

It may be somewhat less portable than other options, but it does give one of the best brushing experiences on the market. Finally, they usually retail at around $30. However, you can find a ZilberHaar on for as little as $18. Overall, it offers excellent quality for a very reasonable price.

Reviewed by Charles-Philippe Bowles, on .
"German precision from the mythical Black Forest. ZilberHaar's German-made beard brush offers a luxurious pure boar bristles with a refined pearwood handle at fantastic value."
Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

4. Best Luxury Model: Kent Gentleman’s Model No. MG3pure white boar bristle kent mg3 beard brush


Made by celebrated UK-based comb manufacturer, the Kent Gentleman’s No. MG3 is one of the best brushes available on the market. The back is made from hand-finished beechwood but unlike other brushes, it’s made with white boar hair. The Model No. MG3 isn’t specifically designed for beards. However, its structure and bristles are ideal for a man’s face.

Although it may be a touch smaller than other brushes on the market, the bristles are of supreme quality, which is why they have a Royal Warrant. They’re very soft and ideal for younger beards and sensitive skin but penetrate beard growth enough to get to deeper layers. Nevertheless, beards that are over 6 months old may find that it lacks the resistance necessary for grooming.

Finally, they’re slightly more expensive than other brushes and sit around $32 on That said, the quality of Kent brushes has resonated through generations and if well-maintained, one can last several itself.


5. Best Precision: Stern Moustache BrushStern Precision Moustache Brush

While the Stern moustache brush is indeed far too small for your entire beard, it offers great precision for styling. The Stern is an ideal accessory for complementing your arsenal and gives you the extra edge when grooming.

Furthermore, its use doesn’t have to be reserved for the moustache but can be used for extra styling on areas like sideburns for finishing touches.

Unfortunately, the handle is made out of plastic, which is a shame. However, its quality is satisfactory and provides good grip between the thumb and forefinger. The bristles are made from pure boar hair so you can be assured that the brushing action itself is of good quality.

On the subject, the bristles give a medium resistance so penetrate to more than enough depth on even the thickest moustaches. With few moustaches brushes on the market and even fewer that provide such good quality, it’s definitely worth your consideration.

Finally, the Stern moustache brush fetches for slightly over $10 on Amazon so makes an ideal addition for any serious beard enthusiast.

Now that you’ve learned about beard brushes, consider complementing this knowledge with our beard comb guide. Alternatively, head to our main beard page for beard styles and growing tips.