According to your television, the closest shave needs five blades, an aloe vera strip and a flexible head. A few swipes across the face and women will be falling at your feet over your smooth jawline. Need to touch up those contours? No problem, a precision blade on the back will do it all for you.

However, how many blades do you really need on your razor? If the first gives you a close shave followed by the second and an even closer shave with the last, do you really need those first four blades?

Although the beard isn’t fading as many suggest, fashion’s becoming more balanced with a mix of bearded and clean-shaven men. Whether you prefer a bare chin or love a partial beard, you’re likely looking for the best shaving tools.

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Why Should I Shave With A Safety Razor?

With the rise of disposable and cartridge razors, the safety razor fell out of favour for a number of years. Nevertheless, a growing wet shaving community has kept its head above water. Today, many are returning to the old fashioned way of doing things.

In our main shaving page, we already talked about the benefits of wet shaving as opposed to electric shaving. However, let’s cover the reasons why you should consider ditching your cartridge razor and opt for a safety razor instead.

It’s Better For Your Skin

Firstly, safety razors provide a far superior shave to their multi-bladed cartridge counterparts. Many men complain of the skin irritation they experience from cartridge shaving. Anything from burns, ingrown hairs and soreness are typical hallmarks of cartridge razors.

When you wet shave, you expose your skin to a naked blade, which naturally exfoliates it. A cartridge razor consists of three to five blades. Therefore, using one as opposed to a safety razor means that you expose your skin to blade up to 5 times more.

That is not to say that you’ll never experience any irritation with a safety razor. After all, there’s a learning curve involved. However, you will quickly learn to overcome these with the control you’ll obtain from a double edge or safety razor.

You’ll Get A Better Shave

Despite there being no spring-loaded head to follow your contours, you’ll learn to properly use the blade against your face. The skill you will develop will give you a better, closer shave. In addition, it won’t necessarily take longer than using your cartridge razor. Over time, you’ll learn to do it so efficiently that you’ll no longer notice the difference.

Not only will it improve the quality of your shave but you’ll end up looking forward to the next one. Wet shaving will unlikely be a chore in the future and you’ll enjoy the experience as your own moment of pampering.

You’ll Save Money

pile of derby shark wilkinson sword & gillette safety razor bladesEven if you take the plunge and buy a premium or rare vintage razor, you’ll end up saving money in the long run. A cartridge razor may cost only around $15 alone but the replacement blades cost a fortune. In addition, they tend to dull faster and need replacing sooner.

On the other hand, safety razor blades can cost as little as 9 cents each if you buy in bulk. Furthermore, they last just as long as cartridge razor blades. Therefore, you’ll be saving money even in your first year of shaving.

Of course, the actual cost all depends on the frequency that you shave and how sharp you like your blades. However, rest assured that you’ll be spending a lot less on safety razor blades than cartridges.

It’s Better For The Environment

According to the EPA, approximately 2 billion cartridge razors are thrown away every year. Not only is this sum enormous but being composed of both plastic and metal, cartridge razor heads are impossible to recycle.

However, disposable razor blades can be recycled because they’re just a thin sheet of metal. Even if you don’t recycle your razor blades, you’ll be contributing considerably less waste to the environment.

You’ll Learn A Traditional Artform


Charles-Philippe’s grandfather’s safety razors.

Although safety razors aren’t quite as prestigious as straight razors, mastering their use is still a recognised skill. As mentioned above, you’ll develop the knack for shaving with one and unlikely turn back to a cartridge razor.

You’ll be shaving like your father, grandfather or even great-grandfather. You’ll even be able to pass down this mastery to your son or grandson.

Finally, many men who enjoy shaving with a safety razor will develop skills that will be invaluable when they get the itch to try out a straight razor.

What Next?

Excited to learn more about safety razors? Great! Just jump back up to the menu and discover our detailed guides on everything you need to know.

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