Double and Single Watch Winders From Barrington

If you’re in the market for a new watch, you may also be considering buying a watch winder to go along with it. There are several pros and cons to watch winders (see our YouTube video on the subject here). If the pros win the day, then you should look no further than Barrington for high quality and reasonably priced watch winder.

In this article we’ll be covering / reviewing Barrington Watch Winders.  Note – you can use the links below to “jump” to your point of interest, or just scroll to read entire brand offering review:

Finally, we shall give our overall thoughts on the brand and its offerings.

You can visit the official Barrington Watch Winders website and shop.

Barrington Watch Winder And Accessories

Barrington Watch Winder Review

The watch winder company has become known for their brightly-colored single watch winders, but they also offer several other options for more watches from arraying single units to a 12 watch winder safe!

Rolex Batman In Barrington Watch Winder

We are going to cover one of their single units, and further down double units with additional watch storage.

Single Watch Winder

Single Watch Winder From Barrington Being Reviewed

As I would plan to use the watch winder with my Rolex Batman, the blue and black model seemed to be a perfect fit.


Unboxing Barrington Watch Winder

Upon arrival the box was simple, but very well padded inside to protect the winder and its additional accessories.

I really like the high lacquer finish, and thought an outside photo shoot would do it most justice! However, it does pick up finger prints, but this is not a big issue as once deployed on a shelf / sideboard it shouldn’t be picking up many.

Securing Watch In Place

Spring Loaded Watch Pad For Winder

I really liked the feel and operation of the watch pad.

You simply push the back-side spring loaded plate in, place the watch over the pad and then release the back plate to secure the watch to the pad. I also liked the side fins to further secure the watch, which are also used to clip the pad back into the unit.

Power Options

Power Supply Options For Watch Winder

There are two main options:

  1. 2X AA batteries – which is a really nice option, especially if an outlet is not close, is close and want wire management, and / or plan to travel with the unit
  2. USA power adapter – the site also stated that you can request a UK or EU one per your needs

I also really like these units as there is a connection cable where you can array multiple units from one single power supply.  This is really nice as you can buy as your collection grows, and even play around with some of their different colorways per the style of your watch.

Winding Cycle Options

Watch winder operation options

As with most higher end winders, there are three direction options:

  • Clockwise
  • Anti-clockwise
  • Multi-direction

Further there are five number of revolutions per day settings:

  • 650
  • 750
  • 850
  • 1,000
  • 1,950

Author Note: PLEASE contact your watch maker / read manual for what direction and number of cycles per day you should be operating the winder at. If you can’t find your desired information there, seek out a watch forum / Facebook group as there are many helpful fellows out there….

You can also reference the Barringon “turns per day guide” database to assist you [see example below for Rolex Automatics].


It’s important to mention some manufactures such as F.P. Journe do not recommend using a watch winder at all! But please see our YouTube video here, on the pros and cons of using a watch winder.

As a quick aside note the biggest pro in my eyes is the ease of switching out watches in your collection that are correctly set, especially as I always seem to be rushing out of the house.


These winder use high quality Japanese motors. Although very quiet I’d not say they are silent.

As they don’t run 24 hours, if in the office you can run overnight, and if in the home, have them run during the day. Simple!

Overall Impressions

This is my second single watch winder from Barrington, as I’m very pleased with the looks and performance especially for the money.

The cost $179 or 125 GBP,  you can buy the blue winder above here.

Barrington Double Watch Winder Review

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial and not into setting up an array the multiple winder may be an option.

Barrington Double Watch Winder

It’s a handsome unit in a lacquered black finish with faux carbon fiber accents. It has quite a motor-sport vibe, which I know will suit many watch collectors’ preferred aesthetics.

The build feels really solid, like a decent piece of furniture.  Each winder can be set independently.

In addition, there is a nice LED readout of the settings you have the winder at, unlike the turn knobs on the single winder above. With that being said the settings are the same.

Lastly, I do prefer the watch pads on the single model as these are just foam. But they perform the job sufficiently.

Two Watches In Barrington Watch Winder

The two features I really liked about this unit were:

  • The additional storage
  • Remote operation. I know it’s not really “needed” but it’s a nice touch, all the same

This unit can be bought from Barrington for $465 or 349 GBP.

Which Is Better – Single or Double?

As both units seem to feature the same “ultra-quiet” motors with the same functions re directions and number of turns per day I’d say it comes down to three main things.

  1. Which one you like the look of best
  2. If you think your collection may grow, the single arrayable options may be more flexible for your upcoming needs
  3. You have space concerns as the double unit is quite large (however it dose compensate with great presence)
    1. They sell array boxes in configurations of 2 and 4 that may be of interest

Barrington Single and Double Watch Winders

Other Barrington Accessories / Products

The company does offer a small collection of other watch related accessories.

Barrington Watch Accessories

They include:

  • Watch cases – both travel and desktop
  • Watch repair tools

Desktop Watch Case

Barrington Alligator Watch Case

I particularly liked this eight watch case in faux grey alligator skin with a contrast red stitch.

It looks right at place in my dressing room, next to my cigar humidor.

Watch Loop Glasses

I have several watch loops, with my favorite being the Omega Spectre once included with that amazing watch box.

But these loop glasses were a hoot for me to try! I really got in there at 25X magnification….

Watch Loop Glasses and lenses

A nice added bonus is the LED lights in the side to really illuminate your next unsuspecting watch victim for close inspection!

LED lights on watch loop glasses with Rolex

They are not the highest quality items in the world, but at $45 for a watch hobbyist / collector like myself they are a fun addition to the tool kit to appreciate my pieces.  You can buy them here.

Watch Tools & Spring Bars

As tool kits goes, this is an adequate entry piece.

If you feel the urge to open up your watch I’d advise against it until you get some skills (much greater than mine too!)

Basic watch tool kit and spring bar set

I’d recommend getting an old pocket watch or mechanical movement in the largest size you can get to be familiar with the insides of a watch and “play around” with it.

If like me you’d like to know more, you can attend a class like those offered by HSNY, if interested you can read my full review.  Also PLEASE join as it’s a fantastic organization, even if you’re not in NYC as they record all of their lectures for members (note I get no compensation for this recommendation – they are truly the best!)

Overall Thoughts On Barrington

There may be cheaper and much more expensive watch winders on the market, so why choose Barrington?

I feel they sit in the sweet spot between quality build and functions, with a good aesthetic without costing more than your next intended watch purchase! We highly recommend them if you’re in the market for a winder.

You can see their official website and shop here:

Barrington Watch Winders And Bespoke Unit

Want to read more from Bespoke Unit:

You can also see our Bespoke Unit YouTube channel with many watch resources too!

Barrington Watch Winders
Reviewed by Paul Anthony, on .
"Practical and affordable. Barrington Watch Winders offer the watch collector the sweet spot for a winder, being made from quality materials while not breaking the bank. Not forgetting to mention they are quite handsome to boot!"
Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

About the Author:

Paul Anthony is the founder and creative director at Bespoke Unit. He has had a life long affair with design, watches, fragrance and clothing. Originally from England, he now lives in the USA splitting time between NYC & Philly. Favoring "British Style", but has an overall eclectic taste.


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      Hi John,

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