The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the timeless and stunning Rolex Batman GMT-Master II.

There are over 20 pictures of the watch, from in the box to on the wrist.

Sunrise In Philadelphia Highlighting Rolex GMT

This article focuses in on the latest “Batman” iteration. Batman refers to the black / blue ceramic bezel.

This is important to note as it’s the first EVER bi-colored ceramic bezel to be featured on a watch (not the blue / red “Pepsi” bezel which many assume was the first bezel that Rolex made in ceramic). Although ceramic can be brittle, its anti scratch properties outweigh this downside.

The ceramic process is patented by Rolex, so this shall be the only watch you’ll see it on for sometime to come, unless someone comes up with a significantly different way / process.

The Watch Up Close

Tech Specs

  • Side View Of Rolex BatmanDial: Black with white hour markers
  • Movement: 3186 self-winding movement
    • Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, aka “COSC”
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Depth Of Case: 12.4mm
  • Case Material: 904L stainless steel
  • Bracelet & Size: Oyster 20mm
    • “Easy Link” allowing a 5mm addition to bracelet for comfort
  • Water Resistance: 100m / 330ft
    • Screw-down crown, with crown protectors
  • Special Features / Complications:
    • GMT Function (independent 24 hour hand)
    • Rotating bi-directional 24 hour bezel
    • Bi-color bezel (black and blue, a first ever!)
    • Date window with Rolex “cyclopes” crystal

I would classify the watch in the style category of sporty / business casual.

The Watch In Macro Shots

Macro Shot Of Rolex Batman Watch Face

For me the blue and black bezel color makes the most sense of any bezel color combination, being “day” and “night”.

The bezel makes one full rotation in 24 moves, that align with the hours. You use the blue “GMT” hand to read the time in the set timezone.

Some purists believe that this GMT hand should always be set to GMT (London) time, but I however feel it’s up to the user to decide what is best for their lifestyle. Some choose to have their home time while away on vacation or business, and revert back to a day / night indicator while at home. It’s really up to you.

Hermes Leather Watch Straps

The GMT complication was originally requested by Pam AM Airlines in the 1960’s, so their pilots could more easily track time as speed of travel had dramatically increased with the advent of jet air travel.

Crown of Rolex Gmt Master II Batman

At 12.4mm case depth it sits very well on the wrist, and feels exceptionally sturdy with the oyster bracelet.

Inside Oyster Clasp Rolex writing

Macro Rolex Crown On Oyster Clasp

Review Of Rolex Batman “On The Wrist”

I’ve owned the watch now for about 2 months, and I absolutely love it. Its classic looks, date window, GMT complication and sturdy feel are exactly what I was looking for in an everyday casual watch.

Rolex Batman On The Wrist Over Loooking Ice RInk

I originally hail from London, so setting the GMT hand to GMT is fine for me as it “bases” me back to the motherland and where all my family still reside. Now, however, I live in Philadelphia, which is the eastern time zone (-5 hours from GMT) of the USA. The picture above clearly shows how to read the time.

Using a combination of the “normal” hour hand, GMT hand, and bezel, it’s possible to crack up to three time zones.

  1. The “Mercedes” hour hand is at 2.36 (and it’s the afternoon)
  2. The blue GMT hand is pointing between 19 and 20, making it 7.36pm in GMT (London)
  3. Finally, if I were to rotate the bezel I could set a third time zone

Wearing Rolex Batman At 76ers Basketball

It’s a very versatile watch looking both great in a casual setting (above), and a more business casual setting (below).

I would however say that it’s not a formal watch, and one should consider a plain time only watch for more formal business and black tie events.

On The Wrist With Suit And Rolex Batman

What’s In The Box

Right now this is one of the most, if not the most, popular Rolex models, with a 6 – 12 week waiting list.

This popularity can also been seen in the second-hand market with the watch trading for more than the original recommended retail. This is an almost unheard of situation in modern retail, demand does truly exceed supply!

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Rolex GMT Master II Outer Box

Removing Protective Stickers On Rolex Batman

There were roughly 2.7 million stickers attached to the watch…some of which were completely hidden. I even found several after a couple of weeks of wearing.

Rolex GMT Master II Box With Watch

Rolex GMT Batman In Box

Rolex Crest On Inside Of Watch Box

The box is a standard Rolex box, solid and understated.

Rolex is historically a brand that made watches for explorers, divers and sports people, becoming more linked to luxury in the modern age. This is carried over in the boxes and other supplied material, compared to other brands.

Rolex GMT Batman Box Items

Warranty And Service Docs Fro Rolex GMT

Waved top of green Rolex watch box

Behind The Scenes Of Rolex BLNR Shoot

Top 5 Reasons Why The Rolex Batman GMT Is A Great Watch

This watch has quickly become one of my favorites in my collection. Below are my top five reasons why:

  1. It’s been a timeless design for over 50 years, and has no reason to stop being a classic. The face is very readable at a quick glance
  2. It feels very solid on the wrist, not overly heavy but does stay in place very well
  3. The complications are highly functional for the average guy with the:
    1. GMT Hand
    2. Bi-directional bezel, and
    3. Date window (and “cyclopes” crystal magnifier for readability)
  4. Solid depth rating of 100m, so you don’t have to worry about any spontaneous leaps into the ocean or heavy downpours
  5. I don’t like to focus on the economics of my watch collection, but in this case it’s hard to ignore the exceptional demand for this particular “Batman” model that is holding and even exceeding the retail price. So if anyone is on the fence about buying this watch, that’s a pretty strong “insurance policy” if you end up for some unknown reason not liking the watch

Rolex GMT Batman On An Airplane

Final Watch Review

Overall I would highly recommend this watch for a wide array of men. Firstly, the guy who is looking for a rugged watch that is good looking and functional in plenty of situations, and is not as generic as the Rolex Submariner (even though they share the same case). And secondly,  the traveler who will actively use the GMT complication.

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Even though it retails for $8,995 USD, I feel it offers outstanding value for money with the heritage of Rolex, usability of the watch with it’s depth rating & GMT function, not to finally mention how strongly it’s holding its value.

Expect to see plenty more looks of this watch on the Bespoke Unit Instagram page in the near and long term future, as I have no plans to be getting rid of this piece anytime soon.

Rolex Batman with Philadelphia Skyline Backdrop

Rolex Batman GMT-Master II

Reviewed by Paul Anthony, on

“I absolutely love this watch!
The timeless design, solid feel on the wrist and functional complications make the Rolex Batman GMT-Master II a great piece to own. Highly recommended.”

Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★