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Louis Collections is a bespoke tailor that can be found in the Sukhumvit district of Bangkok, Thailand. It is operated by the husband-and-wife team of Johnny and Poly Singh.

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Louis Collections Location & Contact

Louis Collections Price List

To give you an idea of costs, Louis Collections has provided us with the following prices:

  • Suit: $200 – $450
  • Blazer: $150 – $350
  • Trousers: $80 – $150
  • Waistcoat: $100 – $200
  • Shirt: $80 – $90
Inside Louis Collections

Bear in mind that the prices listed above are to give you a general idea of the range. These prices may change depending on the fabrics and construction that you choose. Those listed above take into account lined garments with a minimum of two fittings.

As a standard, Louis Collections offers bespoke suits with a horsehair half-canvas construction. Johnny also produces full canvas suits, which generally come with an extra 20% cost as well as an additional 48-hour turnaround time given the labour required.

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Who Is Louis Collections?

Johnny & Poly of Louis Collections

As mentioned above, Louis Collections is owned and managed by Johnny Singh. It was originally founded in 1985 by his father before he took over the family business with his wife, Poly.

When it first opened, Louis Collections was among just a small community of local tailors. However, as you probably know, Bangkok has grown to become a dynamic hub of both affordable and high-quality custom clothiers.

Today, Louis Collections operates from its salon along the main road along Sukhumvit, an exciting district known for its “sois” alleyways. Johnny and Poly have developed their tailor shop from strength to strength.

For instance, Louis Collections has been recognised with a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence since 2014 and also received a Travelers’ Choice Award in 2020. Indeed, you’ll clearly see exclusively high praise and positive feedback on its TripAdvisor page.

Throughout the week, Louis Collections is open from 10 am until 10 pm except on Sundays where it closes earlier at 7 pm. Although Johnny and Poly are always busy running all the business’ activities, you may often find them in the shop. Otherwise, Sony and Shanu are its dedicated salesmen.

Finally, once you have been measured by Louis Collections, you’ll be a permanent client on its database. Therefore, you can also place postal orders via email or telephone, which take six weeks to complete and deliver.

Louis Collections Trunk Shows

Given its strong European clientele, Johnny often travels around the world to represent Louis Collections at trunk shows. Although these were momentarily halted with the Covid-19 pandemic, the truck shoes have since resumed normally.

Consequently, you can benefit from Louis Collections affordable high-quality service and garments without leaving your country. You can see the latest upcoming travel plans on Louis Collections’ website.

Louis Collections Custom Suit Review

Louis Collections Shop Floor

Now that you’ve learned a bit about Louis Collections, its background, and history, what follows is a review of its bespoke suit services based off real experiences.

Shop Front & Interior

Louis Collections Fabrics

Louis Collections is easy to find thanks to its central location on Sukhumvit Road. It can be quickly and conveniently accessed by the Nana BTS Skytrain station on Soi 8.

The shopfront can be recognised by the large yellow lettering that states “Louis’s” in an elaborate font. Indeed, its signage hasn’t changed since the business was founded by Johnny’s father. Therefore, while it looks a little older than some of the flashier shops, it has retained an element of charm thanks to its local history.

The shop interior is cosy without feeling cramped while the walls are all adorned by endless bolts of fabric. Although we’ve seen larger tailor shops in Thailand, it is of equal size to more traditional European establishments. Spaces are also available to take a seat and go through swatches of additional fabric samples.

Upon entering, you’ll instantly be welcomed by one of the salesmen, Sony or Shanu, who will be delighted to help you according to your needs.

Fabric Selection & Measurements

Louis Collections Suit Fabrics Landscape

Firstly, your measurements will be taken before you begin choosing the fabrics and style of your suit. Although you might have your own measurements already to hand, every tailor might have his or her own process. Therefore, it’s worth doing it again to make sure that they’re accurate before the garments are made.

This process is quick yet precise but gets the formality out of the way before the fun starts. Whichever salesman or member of staff takes your measurements, they will ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the experience.

Once your measurements have been taken down, you will then also be able to make long-distance orders in the future. Nevertheless, it’s encouraged to get your first garments made on-site so any corrections in your measurements during the fittings can be taken into account.

There are two ways to approach customing your bespoke suit with Louis Collections. You can first select a fabric that you like and then design the suit around it. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a specific suit style, you can choose the fabric according to its structure.

Designing Your Suit

Louis Collections Shirt Fabrics

Needless to say, the salesmen will be there to provide you with feedback and advice if you’re not quite sure what you want. That being said, we recommend that you have a relatively good idea of what you’re ordering before you go as it’s easy to get carried away.

You don’t want to be shopping for a business suit and then end up ordering a tuxedo instead! However, the staff at Louis Collections will be happy to guide you as you make styling choices on things like lapels, buttons, and the suit’s cut.

Make sure that you familiarise yourself with all the available customisation options so you don’t miss out on anything that you’d like. Of course, there are a lot and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask that somebody walks you through each of them with examples from mannequins.

Remember that the advantage of a bespoke suit is that it’s your opportunity to express your identity. Indeed, this belief is also very much part of Johnny’s mantra for customers.

Furthermore, you can still find ways of expressing yourself with a conservative suit with the office. For instance, you can have a classic single-button navy suit, but then additional details like colourful lining or contrast boutonnière stitching. These options are available at Louis Collections.

First & Second Fittings

Louis Collections Fitting

Once you have selected your fabrics (including the lining), customised the suit, and had your measurements taken, Louis Collections’ in-house tailors will immediately get to work.

Thanks to their efficient and highly-skilled craftsmen, the first fitting is very quick. We recommend placing your order in the morning so that there’s a greater chance of it being ready the next day, especially if you’re visiting on vacation and time is short. However, it will be ready to try in two days at the latest.

Bear in mind, though, that they’ll need a little longer to have it ready for the first fitting if you’ve asked for a full canvas suit as that’s where most of the additional work is required.

Such turnaround times sound scarily fast, especially if you’re familiar with European craftsmanship, which can take weeks. However, bear in mind that Louis Collections operates on a different budget. Similarly, the fittings are there to allow both you and the salesmen to check the quality of the suit and its fit.

Don’t be afraid to speak up if anything seems amiss. While few customers have had any issues, there may be the odd thing that you’d want to change. Any modifications will be noted, marked with pins on the suit, and taken into account for the second fitting.

If no changes were required, the second fitting will be ready the following day. Large modifications may require a little more time, but the tailors are usually swift enough to have it ready within 24 hours.

A second fitting is essentially the same process as the first. Nevertheless, you’d notice that the suit is now almost finished. Indeed, the first fitting ensures that everything is on track before continuing work on the suit.

Final Fitting & Suit Collection

Louis Collections Second Fitting

After the second fitting has been approved, the suit is finished and ready for delivery. If big changes were required during the second fitting, a third one may be required but it’s very rare. Otherwise, Louis Collections will invite you to come in and try the final product on-site for any final checks.

However, if time is short during your stay, Louis Collections can instead ship the finished suit to an address of your choice. Nevertheless, we highly encourage you to pick it up in person, especially if it’s your first suit.

This way, everyone can check one last time that the fit and the suit’s construction quality are perfect. Furthermore, the tailors will be able to finalise your file’s measurements for any future mail orders. This is a worthwhile additional service as it’ll allow you to quickly order suits in the future without any fittings.

It’s also worth noting that not all tailors offer a final fitting with the finished suit. Occasionally, they’ll swiftly deliver it before you can provide any final remarks just in case something is amiss.

When tailors request that you try it one last time, it suggests that they’re both confident in their service and that they value your opinion.

Overall Thoughts Of Louis Collections

Louis Collections is a well-established Bangkok tailor that has garnered a positive reputation through years of hard work. While it might not have a shopfront that is as flashy or modern as some of its newer peers, it offers service and quality that are unparalleled in the area.

Furthermore, Johnny of Louis Collections is also a close and personal friend of Johnny at Exclusive Tailor in Patong. Indeed, it was he who recommended Louis Collections to Bespoke Unit and that we should cover it with a review.

When tailors vouch for one another, it often suggests that they’re part of an authentic community of artisans who work together as a family rather than compete for first place.

Therefore, if you’re in Bangkok, we highly recommend visiting Louis Collections. You won’t be disappointed by its speed and service, especially given the very reasonable price of its garments.

"A historical establishment of Bangkok's celebrated tailoring scene, Louis Collections offers both an impeccable quality and service that'll provide you with the perfect fit!"
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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