Trevor Guilday in Exclusive Tailor custom suit

On our recent trip across Asia Trevor [above, in his finished Exclusive Tailor suit] and I spent eight days in Patong Thailand, and we wanted to find the top tailors in the city. All told we tried 10 different tailoring houses, and Exclusive Tailor easily made our top 5 places to get a custom suit in Patong beach.

Custom Suit Review From Exclusive Tailor

Located just off the famed Bangla Road, Exclusive Tailor will not be far for anyone staying in Patong Beach as the main downtown area of Patong is quite small.  The shop is located in the heart of it all, but on a side street so not too crazy!

First Visit, Selecting Fabric & Getting Measured

First Impressions

Exclusive Tailor Phuket Thailand Shopfront

The building itself is impressive and modern looking.

Fabric options at Exclusive Tailor

The inside lines up well with the outside and the positive reviews on both Google and Trip Advisor that the shop got.

On the day we visited we were lucky enough to meet the owner Johnny, a very nice charismatic man that knows his stuff!  He was firm but fair with our negotiation tactics.

Several times a year he can be found across Europe conducting fittings, and you can see his schedule on their website [given below].

Selecting Fabric & Designing The Suit

As with any custom suit / garment, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you want before you go into the shop / fitting.

I know that I have a propensity to throw all the best laid plans out of the window when I see all the options, and “possibilities”.

As you can see from the pictures above there is a bewildering array of fabric to choose from – not to mention all of the style options.

Trevor, being more rational and reasonable than I, was in need of a navy blue suit, and stuck to that plan!  This made things a little easier, but he still wanted something with a little something extra.

Trevor Guilday looking at fabric options

He decided [with a little guidance from me, especially on that “crazy” lining nobody would see…] on the following navy blue herringbone wool with a purple and white floral lining.

To me, the lining of a suit is a great way to be expressive, even if you are a relatively conservative guy when it comes to suits. This can be the “gateway” for you to one day in the future get a little more comfortable in more eccentric designs, colors and fabrics. And if you never reach there, it’s always nice to have some flashes of color in your life!

Navy Blue Herringbone wool suiting fabric

Initial Suit Measurements

The initial fitting took about 10 minutes to get all of the measurements down, and then about another 5 – 10 minutes to select all the design options. As this was to be a more conservative / classic cornerstone of the collection suit, this was relatively easy.

I’m a big advocate of a classic peak lapel jacket, and side vents. One really can’t go wrong with this configuration as it’s flattering and formal without being stuffy. If, however, you’re not sure then you should ask for help / stick with something classic, especially if you don’t have an extensive suiting wardrobe or need for suits too often. And by gosh please avoid 1″ wide lapels! It’s not the 90’s anymore… Something proportional between 2.5 – 3.5″ is a great range.

First suit fitting at Exclusive Tailor Patong

First Fitting

Only one [yes one!] day later the initial jacket was ready for a first fitting.

In the USA it’s typically 3 – 6 weeks before the first fitting, so this was new sartorial speed / territory for Trevor and I.

Trevor Guilday at first suit fitting Exclusive Tailor

Out of the gate the jacket fit relatively well.

Only a few small tweaks were needed in the trousers and jacket.

Second Fitting

Trying on custom suit jacket for the first time

The second and final fitting was to nail down the sleeve length so functional button holes could be cut [also known as the “surgeons cuff,” as these were first introduced so surgeons could roll-up their sleeves while performing surgery!], and also any final tweaks.

Silhouette of Trevor Guilday in Navy Blue Suit

This second fitting was pretty much spot on. The sleek silhouette of Trevor can be seen above. This is actually quite hard as he’s got a large “drop” [size drop between his chest and waist]. Furthermore, he has a large “seat” [rear end] making matter still worse. With these measurements, it can be hard for tailors to “show off” his slender yet muscular physics, as many times his true waist can be lost dealing with the drop, then re-up to accommodate the seat.

Anyway, enough of the suit jargon. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the initial fit to say the least!

Final Fitting / Collecting Suit

Happy with final suit from Exclusive Tailor

Once the suit was “perfect” the staff took careful measurements so that any additional suits needed / wanted in the future could be ordered with these measurements as a master template.

This final measurement taking was something common among the best tailors we went to, and it’s these kind of small differences that set them apart.

Final finished suit measurments taken for records

Overall Thoughts Of The Process, People & Product

Exclusive Tailor really nailed the classic navy blue suit for Trevor. Although they were a touch on the pricey side [relative to other Patong tailors in our top 5 list], this would not deter me from going to them again, as ultimately the fit is all important.

Although I can’t attest to them fitting a larger guy like myself, they did nail the athletic frame for Trevor.

Time & Number Of Fittings: From start to finish it took just under five days to get the suit fully made.

Service / People: Johnny [the owner], the shop assistants and tailors could not have been more friendly.

Options Both Fabric & Design Points: They did not have the largest selection of fabric on show, but plenty to get in more than enough trouble!

Cost: The cost for the suit was on the higher end of the best tailors we went to, but the fit on Trevor was second-to-none. The range for a good entry level suit fabric was $350 – $500.

Quality Of Finished Garment: Overall the bespoke suit fit exceptionally well, and the construction seemed to be nice too.

Total / Value For Money: As stated, the price was on the slightly higher end, but if looking for a quality fit then this might be one of the best options.

How To Find & Contact Exclusive Tailor

Exclusive Tailor Phuket
54/6 Soi Bangla Road
Patong Beach, Phuket 83150
+66 76 340 823
Reviewed by Paul Anthony on .
"Exclusive Tailor did a great job with the custom suit! Everyone in the shop was very nice and the fit of the suit was great. Definitely one of the top 5 best tailors in Patong Beach."
Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

Google Map Linked Address: Exclusive Tailor, Phuket Patong Thailand


Email: [email protected]

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