Sometimes also referred to as a tie bar or simply a “slide”, the tie clip is a menswear accessory that wears many hats. Practically, it keeps your tie in place but it’s also an accessory and a type of men’s jewellery. Much like cufflinks, they’re a great opportunity for personalising your style.

In this guide, you’ll learn all about tie clips from the different varieties and how to properly wear one as well as the top 10 best brands:

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What Are The Best Tie Clips & Bars To Buy Online?

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Best Tie Clips & Where To Buy Online

Before we give you a full overview of tie bars and clips as well as their history, let us present you the best brands on the market to give you an idea of what’s available. If we were to list all the brands that produce tie bars, the list wouldn’t quite be as extensive as for cufflinks but it would still be pretty long!

Nevertheless, here’s a selection of the best brands for buying tie bars that we recommend:

  1. The Tie Bar
  2. Dapper Lapel
  4. Brooks Brothers
  5. Hawes & Curtis
  6. Ted Baker
  7. Charles Tyrwhitt
  8. Cufflinks Inc. Tie Bars
  9. American Coin Treasures
  10. Stacy Adams Tie Bar

Simply use the links above to jump ahead or scroll down to see them all!

1. The Tie Bar [Value Accessory Brand]

The Tie Bar Accessories
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As the name suggests, The Tie Bar’s very identity is founded upon its eponymous accessory. An excellent resource for men who are looking to spruce up their wardrobe, TheTieBar offers no fewer than 112 tie bars on their site!

Whatever the style or metal, all of their tie bars retail for the exact same price, which is $15. Additionally, it’s easy to pick up cufflinks that coordinate with the tie bar thanks to their intuitive navigational experience.

"The Tie Bar is a particularly convenient destination for the discerning gentleman that offers excellent value for money."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

2. Dapper Lapel [Value Accessory Brand]

Dapper Lapel Tie Clips
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Dapper Lapel is another men’s lifestyle resource, which we often use when looking for unique and affordable accessories. Although their site specialises in stylish lapel flowers, they also have an excellent selection of ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and, of course, tie bars.

These retail for $25 and come in a variety of styles with different finishes.

3. [Convenient Accessory Brand]

Ties dot com Tie Clips
  • Pricing: From $20
  • Where To Buy:
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Although similar to TheTieBar, seeks to stand out by seeking to provide a slightly higher level of quality but with more premium pricing. Consequently, all of their tie bars are $10 more than their counterpart at $25 each.

While there’s fewer to choose from, the selection is more curated with an emphasis on novelty styles and fun designs.

4. Brooks Brothers [US Men’s Tailoring Brand]

Brooks Brothers Tie Clips
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A celebrated US brand, Brooks Brothers’ identity is deeply ingrained into American fashion culture. With an emphasis on quality, Brooks Brothers caters to a much more premium market.

While the selection of tie bars is much more expensive than the brands above, the collection is carefully curated and offers value for money thanks to the additional attention to detail.

5. Hawes & Curtis [Best Value Heritage Brand]

Hawes & Curtis Tie Bar
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Over the course of its history, Hawes & Curtis has collected four different Royal Warrants since 1913! Another cherished Jermyn Street establishment, it used to be a firm favourite of the British aristocracy.

Today, they cater to a more upper-middle-class market and offer excellent value in their wares. Unfortunately, their selection of tie bars is a little limited but you’ll likely find what you need.

5. Ted Baker [Contemporary British Brand]

Ted Baker Tie Bar
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Ted Baker is a much younger and more contemporary brand than most other British institutions. Therefore, it prides itself in modern designs and styles. If you’re looking for a stylish albeit modest selection of luxury cufflinks, it’s a great option to check out!

7. Charles Tyrwhitt [Young Jermyn Street Brand]

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A younger Jermyn Street brand, Charles Tyrwhitt has matured to be well-respected by its peers. We’re indeed fans of their shirts that offer excellent value for money.

Unfortunately, their selection of tie bars is very limited. However, of the few that there are, they’re understated and elegant. Therefore, if you want a stylish and modest tie bar, they’re worth a visit.

8. Cufflinks Inc. Tie Bars [Novelty Accessories]

Cufflinks Inc Captain Marvel Tie Bar
  • Pricing: From $15
  • Where To Buy: Amazon
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If you’re looking for fun novelty tie bars, Cufflinks Inc. has got your covered! With a plethora of licences under their belt, they have a variety of Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Star Trek themed accessories available. And that’s not even an exhaustive list!

While some can be up-front and very conspicuous, they understand that some fanatics may need to adhere to strict business codes. Therefore, many of the tie bars and cufflinks are subtle and only reveal your passion to the most observant eye.

9. American Coin Treasures [Currency Themed]

American Coin Treasures Tie Bars
  • Pricing: From $20
  • Where To Buy: Amazon
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We were quite taken aback by American Coin Treasure’s selection of tie bars. This brand is currently only present on Amazon and specialises in transforming coins of different eras into accessories.

Don’t let the name fool you, they don’t just do American currency either. In fact, we saw some old Finnish coins as well as the first Greek euros too. This is the perfect choice for a passionate coin collector or if you work in a financial sector.

10. Stacy Adams [Stylish & Affordable Tie Bars]

Stacy Adams Tie Bars
  • Pricing: From $15
  • Where To Buy: Amazon
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Stacy Adams is a well-known brand that provides eccentric yet affordable styles for fashion-forward men. We often talk about them and their creations as they offer some many opportunities to express some personality and project your identity.

If you’re looking for some affordable yet distinctive tie bars, you might want to give Stacy Adams some consideration.

What Is A Tie Clip?

man in houndstooth tieA tie clip, also known as a tie bar, is a menswear accessory that’s used to keep a necktie in place by attaching it to the shirt with which it’s being worn.

A functional form of jewelry, tie clips are available in a massive array of colors, materials, styles, and price points.

An incredibly practical accessory, tie clips prevent neckties from flopping all over the place and thus help a gentleman maintain a neat, put-together appearance.

For the discerning gentleman, there’s nothing more frustrating than a restless tie that keeps flapping in the wind. Usually, a waistcoat will keep everything fixed in place. However, if you’re not wearing a waistcoat, a tie clip is an excellent option.

Tiny accessories like tie clips speak volumes about us, and there’s a lot to know about them to wear them not just correctly, but with style. Note that the phrase “tie bar” is both a specific item and a catch-all term to refer to a couple of different items. We’ll use “tie bar” throughout this page for ease of use.

This page will discuss tie clips in depth. You may read it in its entirety by simply scrolling down! We also offer a dedicated guide on how to wear a tie clip if this is what you need.

History In Menswear

The original tie pin was actually the tie tack, which saw its first use in the late nineteenth century. Throughout this time and into the period around the two World Wars, tie clips became increasingly popular as men began to forgo waistcoats in their suited ensembles.

Once this happened, tie clips became ubiquitous. Everyone, from C-level executives down to rank-and-file employees wore them. They were offered in a multitude of designs, and companies would even brand tie clips to have their employees wear.

Tie bars enjoyed popularity up until the 1990s. During this decade, popularity for the tie clip waned until it began to experience a resurgence at the turn of the century. Today, tie bars are available everywhere and enjoy the widespread popularity they deserve.

Different Types Of Tie Clips

As a marker of one’s personality, there are by necessity various styles of tie clips. We outline all of them below but you can click one of the links here to jump straight to them:

Standard Tie Bars

tie clip on green tie

Technically, there are two types of tie bars: a tie clip (or clasp), which uses a spring-loaded mechanism to open and close around the tie and adhere it to the shirt, and tie bars (also known as “tie slides”), which lack such a mechanism and simply slide across the tie and shirt placket.

Our personal experience dictates that tie clips are both more popular and easier to use. Meanwhile, tie bars are often difficult to put on, wrinkle your tie, and generally don’t warrant the effort.

Tie Pins / Tacks

front and back pieces of a tie tack

Tie pins, also referred to as tie tacks, perform the same function as tie clips and bars, but in a totally different way. There are typically two pieces: the pin (which includes the design element) and the base, which has a small chain with a T-bar attached to the end of it.

The original tie place keeper, tie pins are inserted through your tie and secured with the base. At that point, you take the chain and push it through one of your shirt’s buttonholes, which is what keeps the tie from moving around.

Tie Chains

Tie chains are a bit of a throwback style and are rarely seen nowadays. They are comprised of two parts: a bar and a chain. The bar attaches to a shirt button and rests behind the tie, completely covered by it. The chain in the front goes on top of the tie, helping to hold it in place. The final look is that of your tie wearing a necklace, as they’re generally made from precious metals like silver and gold.

Different Tie Clip Materials

Generally speaking, tie bars are made of metal, typically something that appears silver or gold. Higher-end versions are made of sterling silver, gold, or platinum, while less expensive ones are made of nickel, stainless steel, or other silver-plated metals.

There are also speciality tie bars made from materials such as wood, though these are generally made in a one-off way by artisanal craftspeople as opposed to large companies.

Tie Clip Designs

Plain Metal Bar

Tan-Jacket-Pink-SHirt-WIth-SuspendersIf you’re just starting your tie bar collection, your best bet is to start with a plain metal bar, preferably in silver. This will work in most professional settings (including job interviews) and is just as appropriate at a funeral as it is on a date. Its versatility is another sell: a plain silver tie bar goes with anything.

A good rule of thumb as it relates to metals you wear is to keep them the same throughout your ensemble. This means silver tie bar, silver belt buckle, silver cufflinks. The same holds true for gold.

Metal bars are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, including different types of engravings and etchings.

Fun / Novelty / Themed

Novelty-Musical-&-Pirate-Sword-Tie-ClipsSince the return of the tie clip’s ubiquity in the early 21st century, various makers have introduced tie clips in a broad array of colors and novelty designs. You can pick one up in blue, red, green, yellow, or whatever other color you can think of.

There are tie clips with musical notation, in the shape of glasses frames, arrows, skulls and crossbones, handguns, and just about anything else you can think of.

These tie clips are fine to wear for general purposes, but we suggest avoiding them for any kind of solemn occasion or anytime you’re making a first impression in a professional  setting.

Custom / Personalized Engraving

Anything metal can be engraved, and tie bars are no different. Typically, one’s initials are engraved on the front of the tie bar, but the back can be engraved as well. These make for great gifts, especially for birthdays or as groomsmen’s gifts.

Speaking of groomsmen: if you’re a groom who’s curious about what accessories to give your guys, or just what to wear to a wedding you’re attending, check out our wedding guide.

Wearing A Tie Bar Correctly

Man wearing a tie clipKnowing how to properly wear a tie bar is one of those simple but very important pieces of knowledge that can make or break an ensemble. The most common errors we see are around placement, angle, size, and garments with which it’s worn.

To that end, we created an entire guide on how to wear a tie bar that covers everything you’ll ever need to know about wearing a tie clip.

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It’s our sincere hope that you found this guide useful! You can learn more about neckwear and accessories by visiting some of our other guides below:

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