Mens camel duffel coat street styleOn a recent trip to Washington D.C. it was a fairly chilly day, and so there was no better opportunity to don the Holland & Sherry “SherryKash” three piece suit. It’s a cashmere wool blend, so offers outstanding warmth for cold early spring days.

As with all of “The Ensemble” posts, I like to take the opportunity to showcase my entire ensemble and why I put the respective items together.

I often receive requests from gentleman (and the occasional lady) asking for help compiling an outfit. Not only that, but how to get the most bang for ones buck, by showing how one can use items of clothing in many different ways. A prime example of this is the jacket from this three piece suit, which is used as a “sports coat” in the recent Harris Tweed Dr Marten post.

I’m a huge fan of getting three piece suits as they offer outstanding value, and can be used in so many ways by “odding” them out, or just wearing as a two piece suit.

With all that being said, let’s dive in to this ensemble’s looks, layers and accessories.

The Full EnsembleHolland And Sherry Suit

SherryKash Suit Layers

Man wearing suspenders for street style shoot

Man in SherryKash waistcoat overlooking DC

Street style SherryKash three piece suit

Mens street style in Washington DC

The four layers of this outfit take me from: shirt, waistcoat, jacket, and coat.

Highlighting The Menswear Accessories

Street style suit details with lapel flower

This picture really highlights the stunning Holland & Sherry “SherryKash” fabric. It’s a deep blue, with a brown windowpane topped by a light blue windowpane. I’ve found this to be a very versatile palette to work from, being able to wear both black and brown shoes / accessories. Even going as far as mixing the two “major” accessory colors in this ensemble to highlight how in certain cases this can be achieved.

Green Harris Tweed flat cap

Green herringbone flat cap made from Harris Tweed.

Rolex Air-King in street style ensemble

Purple floral suit lining in mans suit jacket

Above, the lining of the suit is a decorative purple floral print, with my standard maximum array of inside pockets to store all needed accouterments. Below, the somewhat rugged Dr Marten faux crocodile boot, that goes great with this winter outfit and was ideal for this day as there was a threat of adverse weather conditions.

Black Dr Marten boots and fleck socks

Travelling & Preparation For The Street Style Shoot

Lastly, I believe the “art” of travel has been mainly lost. Whether going away for the weekend, embarking on a two week vacation, or taking a business, one should always appreciate the adventure of travel as an opportunity to explore new things and seek opportunities. If that is to seek financial gain or personal development through cultural exposure, one must look their best to project the person they are. With that romantic ideal in mind, why would one resort to travelling like a bum?  I challenge everyone to travel a little more “dapper” and bookend your travels the right way.

All black mens travel luggage

High seen shoe shine on black boots

Transportation hubs are always a good place to find the most interesting characters to give your boots a quick shine.

Oh…and never forget the reason why you’re travelling! To spend time with the best people you know…

Dapper couple in Washington DC street style looks

Ensemble Items

  • Hat: Harris Tweed
  • Glasses: Warby Parker
  • Coat: H&M (over 10 years old…)
  • Three Piece Suit: Holland & Sherry “SherryKash” [Made by Enzo Custom]
  • Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
  • Tie, Lapel Pin, & Pocket Round: Dapper Lapel
  • Braces: Vintage
  • Gloves: Bananna Republic
  • Socks: ASOS
  • Shoes: Dr Martens

About the Author:

Paul Anthony is the founder and creative director at Bespoke Unit. He has had a life long affair with design, watches, fragrance and clothing. Originally from England, he now lives in the USA splitting time between NYC & Philly. Favoring "British Style", but has an overall eclectic taste.


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    You have my dream job. Good on you.

    • Charles-Philippe September 10, 2018 at 2:21 am - Reply

      Thanks, Gregory! It does have its perks but it’s not without its own quirks. But give it a shot and make your dream a reality!



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