Harris Tweed Dr Martens Shoes As with “The Emsemble” post last week featuring my new Goorin Bros hat, I’ve decided to feature a new pair of Dr Martens I just purchased. They combine three of my favorite things: Shoes, Harris Tweed, and Dr Martens.

Until several months ago I had never actually owned a pair of Dr Martens, but things escalated quickly shall we say and I have amassed 22 pairs in a little over four months. They are a great winter shoe for a number of reasons. First, they have a rubber sole that not only keep ones foot warm, but shall also make the shoes last much longer over a leather welted shoe in the salt and snow. Secondly, they are NOT just black leather with yellow welt stitching, but come in amazing variety like the featured Harris Tweed.

Green Mens Harris Tweed ShoesI have been personally introducing them into both my business and casual ensembles, and have nothing but amazing things to say for their style, comfort, longevity, and overall value. I shall not be deserting my Allen Edmonds, Church’s, or casual Stan Smiths anytime soon, but I’m glad to have added the Docs to the rotation.

Pairing The Tweed Shoes With An Ensemble

Last week I was working from the hat down, while this week it’s the shoes up! That said, the Dr Martens shown here have earthy tones similar to those present in the Goorin Bros hat that was featured in last week’s post. These green Harris Tweed shoes are a rich woodland green, with the usual amazing array of colors one expects from Harris Tweed.

See the selection of pictures below, and some short commentary on how I put this look together. As always, please search our old posts and resources for any style questions you may have, or contact us with a suggested “The Ensemble“, #BespokeFocus, or general sartorial question and the Bespoke Unit team shall do our best to accommodate.

The Ensemble

Man in harris tweed shoes and suit

Upper suit details with lapel pin

Purple silk lining in cashmere suit jacket

Purple floral silk suit lining

Purple collar felt on Holland & Sherry suit

Surgeons cuff with purple stitching

For this outfit, I used the double breasted jacket from my three-piece Holland & Sherry “Sherrykash” cashmere suit. This again highlights the versatility of a three-piece suit being broken off into “odd” pieces. The purple accents in the floral silk lining, button holes, and collar felt really complement the green on the shoes.

Green samsonite briefcase

I’m a huge fan of vintage accessories, none more so than Samsonite briefcases. Read my buying guide here. The best thing about these classic briefcases is that they are typically a fraction of the price compared to their modern counterparts while boasting far greater style.

Vintage Samsonite and Harris Tweed jacket

Putting on Harris Tweed overcoat

Street Style Harris Tweed

Living in the brisk climes, Harris Tweed is a great insulator. So not only did my shoes consist of the material but so did my overcoat (which was a vintage acquisition from Ebay).

Winter outfit including several tweeds

Vintage brown Harris Tweed Jacket

Samsonite floral briefcase lining

Winter Harris Tweed Street Style Look

Ensemble Items

  • Hat: Goorin Bros
  • Glasses: Zenni Optical
  • Coat: Ebay Vintage
  • Double Breasted Jacket: Holland & Sherry
  • Pink Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt
  • Tie, Lapel Pin, Pocket Round: Dapper Lapel
  • Cuff-links: Vintage
  • Tie Bar: Brick Lane London vintage find
  • Scarf: Banana Republic
  • Gloves: Ralph Lauren
  • Socks: J Crew
  • Trousers: JC Penny
  • Briefcase: Samsonite vintage
  • Shoes: Dr Martens -Harris Tweed Made In England

About the Author:

Paul Anthony is the founder and creative director at Bespoke Unit. He has had a life long affair with design, watches, fragrance and clothing. Originally from England, he now lives in the USA splitting time between NYC & Philly. Favoring "British Style", but has an overall eclectic taste.

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