Four men in military inspired outfits

This week’s #BespokeFocus – Military

The theme this week is Military, and here are our four different interpretations:

Paul – 1930’s News Boy

Paul Anthony Military Inspiret Outfit

“Out of the many things war can be, one of its positive aspects is the technological and social advances it can bring. This is just as true in men’s clothing, where military styles developed for function have spilled over to the mainstream. From flowers used to signify military affiliation, above I’m sporting the white rose here for York, “Old York” that is… (see War Of the Roses), to the well-known trench coat from WWI and the naval history of the blazer. Even though many of us may never be in combat, we still have all been touched by the war influence in the clothing we wear.  This influence is one of the reasons why I started Bespoke Unit, to see into the past and how it shapes our future within the world of men’s fashion.”

Charles-Philippe – 1940’s Officer

WWII Military outfit

“We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air… We shall never surrender!”
“Once upon a time, this sheepskin flight jacket was my father’s. A purchase from the swinging sixties, it retains the iconic characteristics of the famous Second World War bomber jacket, whilst incorporating a stylized edge. Its natural composition makes the perfect garment for any winds or low temperatures.
The waistcoat and trousers are both new wool that accompany the comfort of the sheepskin coat with ease. The shirt and woven tie, genuine British infantry garments, are remnants of my cadet days in the East Anglia Corps – as is the British Army beret.
Needless to say, the beret was just an amusing addition to the ensemble’s photograph and not something I wear in public!”

Craig – 1970’s Rebel

Dapper outfit with military pieces

“When I heard that this week’s Bespoke Focus was ‘military,’ I thought: “I’m done! I have nothing that could be considered military.” But on closer inspection, it appears that most of us have something in our closets that, at the very least, was military-inspired or derived from combat functionality. I knew I had some camo socks, courtesy of, so I started there. Obvious, I know! I also invested in a camo NATO band for my Timex, itself a military item. Add in some green chinos and a pair of brown leather boots and the look was coming together. For me though, the defining moment was when I really sat and considered my trench coat. ‘Trench’ … that had to be military right? Right! It’s one item that still looks like it did when it was created, as an alternative to the heavy Serge Greatcoats that were worn by the British and French soldiers during World War One. I’d worn mine on a number of occasions but never considered it’s origins. I wasn’t sure if I’d pulled it off until I walked into the office and a lady said, “So what’s this look today then? Gone for a military look have you?” Nailed it!”

Carlos – 2010’s Sprezzatura

Miami street style military look

“This field jacket is my secret weapon, it’s 100% cotton, unlined, and even has a well-placed snap that mimics a blazer’s button stance.  The Italians have been rocking field jackets at Pitti Uomo for years now. It looks great with chinos and a button-down, and it looks great over a suit. I wore this when I was in Chicago, where I talked my way into an interior design conference. It’s plenty chic enough to get you noticed by cute architect girls, and the best part is I picked it up for under twenty at a Target.”

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About the Author:

Carlos is a cigar lover living out in Portland Oregon. After first joining Bespoke Unit back in 2014 and taking a hiatus to get established in his career as an airline pilot, Carlos is back to review cigars. While not flying Carlos enjoys collecting fuzz guitar pedals, Japanese watches, and watching horror movies with his wife and cat.

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  1. Robert Bradshaw April 11, 2014 at 12:25 pm - Reply

    Awesome article! I love old war artifacts. I even had a pair of 17th century German guardsman custom made for me by J. Adler for a small production I was in a few years back.

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