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As I covered in my full review of the Skull Shaver, I’ve been using this electric shaver for more than five years. In that time, I’ve become very familiar with all of the quirks of the unit.

More specifically, I’ve become an expert at cleaning the Skull Shaver. It’s not particularly difficult, but it is a step that is critical if you want to extend the life of your Skull Shaver blades as much as possible.

For that reason, in the below article, I’ll be going step-by-step over how to clean both the older model five-headed Skull Shaver Blades as well as the newer four-headed blades.

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Cleaning The Five-Headed Blade Of The Skull Shaver

The five-headed blade from Skull Shaver is the “original” version released by the brand. Nowadays, it seems the brand is moving away from this model and instead shipping all new Skull Shaver Pitbull PRO models with the four-headed blade that we cover below. Nevertheless, you can still purchase this five-headed blade from them if you prefer it over the updated model.

Five Headed And Four Headed Blades For Skull Shaver

Five-Headed & Four-Headed Baron Blades For The Skull Shaver

Cleaning the five-headed Skull Shaver blade is rather simple. After you’re done using the shaver, you have to remove the four surrounding blade heads individually. These should pop off pretty easily as there are small notches on the sides which allow you to get a good grip with your nail.

All four of the outside heads are able to be removed in this way. Unfortunately, the center blade is not removable. To clean this center blade, the only recourse available is to run it under water and hope that most of the debris is flushed out.

Skull Shaver Five Headed Blade Taken Apart For Cleaning

When it comes to the four removable blades, you may also run these underwater in both directions. If there’s a lot of buildup, you can also use an old toothbrush on the back of the head or in the gears to remove any stuck-on debris. However, if you’re cleaning the five-headed blade regularly, a simple flush under running water should do the trick.

Once you’re done cleaning the individual heads, simply snap them back into place. If you don’t hear an audible “snap,” you may have to briefly turn on the shaver while applying pressure to the individual blade head, at which point it should snap into place. I ran into this issue in the video tutorial above, so I recommend watching that (4 minutes long) for the visual explanation.

Cleaning The Four-Headed Blade Of The Skull Shaver

Cleaning the newer four-headed blade of the Skull Shaver is slightly easier. You’re also able to disassemble the blades completely which lets you clean them even more thoroughly.

Four Headed Blade For Skull Shaver Taken Apart

To clean the four-headed blade, begin by removing the entire front shroud that holds all four blades and their articulating components. Once you remove this, you have access to a large reservoir that is intended to hold all of the hair trimmings from past shaves. At this point, you can clean out all of the debris in the reservoir and run water (in both directions) through the blade assembly.

If you’re just going for a simple cleaning, you can just reassemble the blade and finish. However, if you’re looking to complete a more thorough cleaning, you can further disassemble the blades from the front shroud.

Four Headed Blade For Skull Shaver Completely Broken Down

To do this, rotate the metal gear in the center about half a turn. The entire white plastic component will release and provide access to each of the four blades. Since the blades are exposed, you should be careful not to cut yourself. At this point, you can remove and clean each of the four blades individually, as well as each of the grey metal foils or covers.

While the simpler cleaning can be done in the shower after a shave, I don’t recommend taking apart the entire blade in the shower, as it’s likely that you’ll drop and potentially lose some of the pieces. I generally prefer to do the full disassembly and cleaning next to the sink so that I can keep track of all of the components.

Once you’re done cleaning, simply reinsert all of the pieces into their respective slots, tighten the white plastic cage into the front of the blade, and click it back onto the shaver.

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