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As a long-time user of the Skull Shaver Pitbull, I’ve spent plenty of time both with the original five-headed blade as well as the newer four-headed iteration.

While the newer four-headed blade is what you can expect to receive with any new orders from Skull Shaver, the older five-headed version may still be purchased from the brand’s site.

Considering this, I’ve put together the following article comparing the two options. I’ve taken into account the closeness of the shave, as well as the ease of cleaning and longevity of each:

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Five-Headed Blade For The Skull Shaver Pitbull

As I alluded to above, I’ve been using the Skull Shaver for a number of years. To be more exact, it’s been 5+ years trusting the Skull Shaver to keep my head clean and to do so without irritation around my scalp or neck area.

When I first purchased the Skull Shaver, the units used to ship with the five-headed blade that you can see below.

From the get-go, I was quite satisfied with the performance of this blade. Each of the four surrounding razors articulates individually, so they mold to the shape of the head rather effectively. Additionally, you are able to take 4 of the 5 razors out to access the internals and clean the mechanism.

Four-Headed (New) Blade For The Skull Shaver

Having become accustomed to the older style of blade for the Skull Shaver, I was hesitant to switch to the new style. However, when I purchased a new battery after years of use had worn the previous one down, I was surprised to find that the package included the new style of blade by default.

Since I had the new four-headed blade in my hands, I thought I may as well give it a go. To my surprise, the new four-headed blade is a much superior design to the previous five-headed iteration.

Four Headed Blade For Skull Shaver Completely Broken Down

Overall, I found the new four-headed blade to provide a closer shave, something I wouldn’t have guessed given that there are fewer blades present. Perhaps most importantly, the new style of blade is much easier to clean compared to the previous one.

Not only does this new four-headed blade possess a significantly larger reservoir for clippings, but it also allows one to take apart the blade head to clean it completely; it even provides access to the individual razors!

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Cost Comparison

Both the four-headed and five-headed blades from Skull Shaver are available in three tiers: Carver, Forte, And Baron, with the Baron being the most premium option and Carver the most affordable.

For the five-headed model, the prices are $17.99, $26.99, and $35.99, respectively.

On the other hand, the prices for the new four-headed model are $22.49, $31.49, and $40.49.

Skull Shaver Baron Blades 4 HEad & 5 Headed In Packaging

While at a glance, the cost of the new Skull Shaver Blades points towards a more expensive shave, I also found the new four-headed blades to last longer than the previous design.

Generally, I’d get about 2 to 3 months out of the five-headed blades with everyday use. In comparison, I’ve found the new four-headed blade lasts at least 4 months.

Considering that I was buying the Baron, the highest tier blade for both designs, this adds up to about $10 a month ($40 / 4 months = $10/month) or around $0.30 per day. With the five-headed blade, the average cost was about $12 per month ($36 / 3 months = $12/month) or about $0.40 per day.

Final Thoughts

If you’re stuck between the previous five-headed blade and the redesigned four-headed blade, I’d confidently suggest you at least consider trying the new design.

Skull Shaver 4 Headed Blade With Charger & Cable

While the newer four-headed blade does appear to have less shaving surface area than the older head with five razors, this slight shortcoming is completely overshadowed by the advantages of easy cleaning and longevity of the blades. Moreover, not only did I find the new blade to provide a cleaner shave, it also caused fewer sensitivity issues for me.

Lastly, once I did the math, I was also glad to see that the cost with the new blade is substantially more affordable, especially considering that I opt for the highest-tier blade, the Baron, as my bumpy scalp is prone to irritation when shaving. If you don’t encounter similar issues, I am sure either the Carver or Forte tiers will be just fine.

Paul Using Skull Shaver Pitbull On Head

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What’s your experience with the Skull Shaver? Did you find additional differences between the two blade styles that I didn’t mention here? Chime in in the comments section below! Otherwise, check out some of our other grooming guides below:

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