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As most cigar smokers delve deeper into the hobby, no matter their personal preference for this cigar or that one, all are faced with the same problem: adequate storage for an ever-growing collection.

Many will outgrow standard-sized humidors very quickly. Others will find that their particular storage method is simply too imprecise for keeping cigars at the desired RH level.

Starting prices for specialized cigar cabinets can easily reach the $1000 mark; for many, this is simply too high a price to pay. Cigar coolers do a proper job of maintaining cigars at an ideal temperature and are more affordable, but there still remains the question of proper humidity for stored cigars.

Electronic cigar humidifiers offer a middle-ground between an expensive cigar cabinet and the relatively haphazard desktop humidor. On this page, we’ll be providing an overview of various cigar humidifiers that may fit your cigar-storing needs.

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EB-Series Humidifiers

As mentioned above, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best cigar humidifiers from Your Elegant Bar’s online inventory. They range in price as well as in capacity, so it’s best to guide yourself by the volume (cubic feet) of the space you need to maintain humidified:

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EB-200 Cigar Humidifier

The EB-200 cigar humidifier is the most economical of the options reviewed here. It sells for $155 and is rated to effectively maintain the preset humidity in a space of 8 cubic feet. As a result, it is an ideal option for medium to large humidors.

Front Side LCD Screen Of EB-200 Cigar Humidifier


The EB-200 boasts strong fans that intake air, humidify it, and then expel it into the humidor. This mechanism will also help to circulate the air within the humidor, ensuring that all cigars have equal exposure.

Without a system circulating air within a humidor, you can get “micro-climates” within the humidor, leading to cigars being stored at different RH levels within the same humidor. Often, the cigars closest to the humidity source inside a humidor will contain more moisture than those which are farther away from it.

The EB-200 not only humidifies air to your preconfigured value (set using a simple LCD screen), it also mitigates the aforementioned issue thanks to its industrial-grade fans. Lastly, the humidifying system employs gel beads that are generally easier to manage than the water reservoir system present in many other cigar humidifiers.

EB-200 Cigar Humidifier

Looking past the humidifying functionality, the unit itself boasts a 304L steel body that is resistant to corrosion. Accordingly, it will be safe from ruin within a humidor environment.

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EB-100 Cigar Humidifier For Cabinet & Lockers

A step above the previous option, the EB-100 is currently on sale for $375 and is specified for volumes up to 70 cu ft. Accordingly, this unit would not only be too large but also overkill for smaller humidors. Instead, the EB-100 is most appropriate for use in larger cigar cabinets or lockers.

Like the EB-200, the EB-100 boasts powerful fans that help to circulate the air within an enclosed space. When the air travels through the unit, it is humidified to the desired RH level. Once more, the configuration for the desired RH level is accomplished with an LCD screen.

Cigar Humidifier EB-100 For Cigar Cabinets


Unlike the EB-200, this EB-100 employs a different humidification system as gel beads would not be sufficient for humidifying a space as large as 70 cu ft. Instead, the EB-100 is equipped with a water reservoir and wet film to effectively evaporate water droplets into the air that is being pushed through the unit.

At times, maintaining a humidifier’s water reservoir can be tedious, particularly if the unit is constantly running. Fortunately, the EB-100 can be refilled both manually or by hooking it up to a filtered water line. While this “auto-fill” version commands a $50 premium ($425 total), it will save you the time and hassle of refilling the reservoir when it’s running low.

EB-100 Electronic Cigar Humidifier In Large Cabinet

Lastly, since the reservoir resides within the 304L steel casing of the unit, it also boasts a water level indicator right on top of the machine. At a glance, you can determine whether the water level is adequate or if it requires refilling.

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The EB-03C Humidifier For Walk-In Humidors

While most cigar smokers will never need a unit as powerful as the EB-03, which can maintain the RH level in a space as large as 4000 cu. ft. and sells for just under $1000, I thought it’d be worthwhile featuring here.

Like the EB-100, EB-03C employs a water reservoir system to humidify the air. However, this unit is more sophisticated in that it uses an atomizer as well as a high-pressure system. Of all the units featured in this article, this system will be the most effective at getting small water droplets into the air to then be expelled into the room.

Large Cigar Humidifier EB-03C For Walk In Humidor


On the air circulating system – the EB-03C boasts powerful industrial fans as well as large inlet and outlet ports that allow it to push a large volume of air. Naturally, this gives it an advantage when humidifying entire rooms such as those used for walk-in humidors.

Internally, this unit has a water reservoir that is likely to be of little use when the goal is to maintain the RH level in a walk-in humidor. Understanding this, the manufacturers equipped it with filtered water collections that completely mitigate the need to monitor and refill the reservoir constantly.

Finally, the EB-03 is mounted on wheels so it can be moved around a cigar room as necessary.

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