Raching Cigar Cabinet Humidor MON Series

As the owner of more than just a couple of cigar cabinets manufactured by Prestige Imports, I am intimately familiar with my units’ pros and cons.

Broadly speaking, they remain useful and effective at what they were designed to do – safely store my growing collection of New & Old World Cigars. This being said, they are not bulletproof.

As a result, I am usually on the lookout for newer cigar cooler humidor units that may mitigate the issues I’ve encountered and which cost me sleep while I’m away on travel and not able to monitor the units regularly.

Most recently, while browsing Your Elegant Bar’s extensive inventory, I came across the newest C-Series & MON Series cigar cabinet humidors. These two modern cigar cabinet lines boast the latest technology for precisely maintaining the temperature and humidity required for safely storing cigars, among other desirable characteristics.

In the below blog, I’ll be breaking these aspects down as I compare the MON & C-Series cigar cabinets past just their price points.

Raching Cigar Cabinets Review


  • Models: C150A, C230A, C330A, C380A
  • Storage Capacity: 600, 900, 1300, 1500
  • Shelves: 3, 5, 6, 7
  • Temperature Range: 59°-77°F
  • Humidity Range: 60-75%
    • Precision: 3%
  • Temp & Humidity Sensors: 2
  • Humidification Method: Membrane In Liquid
  • Cooling Method: Air Cooling
  • Colors: Black or Brown
  • Tempered Tinted Glass Front
  • Pricing: $2,199-$3,099 [Buy Now]
Raching C150A Electronic Humidor Cigar Cabinet


  • Models: MON800A, MON1800A, MON2800A, MON3800A
  • Storage Capacity: 600, 900, 1300, 1500
  • Shelves: 2, 5, 6, 7
  • Temperature Range: 61°-72°F
  • Humidity Range: 56% – 78%
    • Precision: 1%
  • Temp & Humidity Sensors: 7
  • Humidification Method: Evaporator (0.4nm droplets)
  • Cooling Method: Water/Hydrocooling
  • Colors: Black or Gold
  • Tempered Tinted Glass Front
  • Pricing: $2,899-$3,899 [Buy Now]
Raching C150A Electronic Humidor Cigar Cabinet

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Raching C-Series Cigar Cabinet

When it comes to comparing the C and MON series with my current cigar humidor cabinet setup, the C-Series are the units that most closely match the features. However, the Raching C-Series Cabinets possess critical enhancements that put them a step above my current Prestige Imports cabinets.

Boveda Butler In Remington Cabinet

Digital hygrometer backup in Prestige cigar cabinter.

First and foremost, the most notable improvement is the extra humidity and temperature sensor. As you can imagine, this sensor plays a critical role in keeping cigars stored safely and at the desired temperature/RH. Accordingly, having only one of these sensors in the humidors creates a weak point in the system; if the sensor fails, an entire cigar collection can be ruined. To combat this, I keep numerous digital hygrometers that will alert me if the conditions drop too far outside of my desired configuration.

To combat this, the C-Series now possesses two separate sensors. This reduces the chance of failure while also allowing the C-Series humidors to increase the precision surrounding the desired humidity setting. As it stands, the Raching C-Series cabinets have a 3% margin of error when it comes to the pre-set RH level.

Adding Seasoning Packs To Prestige Imports Remington Cigar Cabinet

My current cabinet setup. Notice the inside is not lined in Spanish cedar.

Another improvement of the C-Series is the fact that now the entire inside of the cabinet is lined in Spanish cedarwood as opposed to just having cedar shelves. This not only results in a better seasoning for the humidor but also combats fogging within the unit.

Yet another upgrade on the C-Series is the Wet Membrane Humidification system. As opposed to the open water reservoir on my Prestige cabinet, the C-Series employs a water membrane that allows the unit’s humidification system to better control how much water is evaporated into the air. Pair this with the “waterfall” fan setup (top & bottom fans) and you have air of the desired humidity circulating comfortably throughout the entire humidor.

Prestige Imports Remington Cigar Cabinet Control Panel

Current Remington cabinet’s LCD screen

There are some additional enhancements, including a system that recycles condensed water to reduce how often you need to refill the reservoir, and the American Embraco compressors for the cooling system, which also inspire confidence. Lastly, the C-Series has the tempered glass front door and LCD configuration screen at the top – both characteristics I’m glad weren’t changed as they worked well.

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Raching MON-Series Cigar Cabinets Overview

It isn’t always the case that a product that retails for a higher price than another is the better one, however, I think this certainly rings true with the MON-Series when compared to the C-Series. The price difference is not negligible, but neither are the improvements over the lower-priced unit.

Before getting to those differences, let’s consider the similarities. Both the Raching MON and C-Series cigar humidor cabinets are offered in four models of increasing size, each designed to store anywhere from 600 to 1,500 cigars. Both have a couple of color options, with the MON offering a gold burl variety that is quite unique (and one which is growing on me the longer I look at it!)

Raching MON Series Cigar Cabinets In Black Ang Gold

MON Series color option

If there’s a gripe I have with the Raching units is this capacity estimate, given that my Remington is advertised as a 2,000-cigar unit and I already have to use a couple of very large plastic storage containers for overflow.

I suppose the advertised cigar counts are a low-end estimate, but at this price point, one would hope that you could completely solve the cigar storage problem. I certainly am not able to, though one of the larger C-Series or MON-Series units may be enough for you. In this regard, I’ve found the cigar and watch hobbies to be quite similar – the collection will always grow to fill the space allotted.

Raching MON3800A Cigar Cabinets Filled with Cigars

Raching MON3800A

Returning to the Raching MON Humidor Cabinets’ superior characteristic, these units have 7 sensors for tracking humidity and temperature throughout the units. As a result, it’s no surprise that the margin of error from the configured humidity value is just 1%. Additionally, per the manufacturer, they possess two of each of the critical hardware systems including the evaporator, refrigerant, water pump, heating pipes, and more.

Raching MON Series Cigar Cabinet Dual HArdware Specs

It quickly becomes evident why the Raching MON cigar humidors command a higher price. With these units, you’re paying for quality components and backups to those components. Ultimately, this brings peace of mind when you’re not able to monitor (or babysit) your cigars because you’re traveling or simply busy with other matters.

Raching MON800A Small Cigar CabinetWhen it comes to the cooling and humidification systems on the MON series, these are a water cooling and hydrophilic aluminum foil copper tube which, again, help the unit to have better control over the environment. Moreover, the latter produces 0.4nm water droplets, too small to become fog, though if fog materialized, it would also be mitigated by the Spanish cedar interior lining (much like the C-Series.)

On disadvantages, I have found some comments online which state that the fans of the MON-Series are always running, which I’d imagine is what is required to maintain the 1% margin of error on the humidity settings. This may vary depending on your geographical location, but it’s worth taking into consideration.

By comparison, the C-Series runs only temporarily and then shuts down the fans until they’re required again, which you may prefer for the reduced noise and energy expenditure.

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Final Thoughts On Raching Cigar Humidors

As you can gather from the information I’ve compiled above, after studying both of these units, I’ve come away convinced that they are a step above my current cigar cabinet humidors. On many occasions, I had heard other owners of the Prestige cabinet (and other brands) express dissatisfaction with the unit’s inability to maintain their desired humidity or temperature configurations; everything points to the Raching cigar cabinet humidors having done away with these issues with additional components and re-engineering of the systems.

When choosing between the MON and C-Series cabinet humidors, it will come down to your specific needs and desired control over your cigar’s environment. I could argue for both, and especially for the MON-Series, as I have an ever-growing of aging cigars and stored cigars which are no longer available for purchase, or very difficult to source, or very expensive.

With the MON-Series, it’s very difficult for something to go wrong and for the temperature/humidity to stray so far that the cigars are ruined. Yet, not all have the same cigar needs as I, in which case I could recommend the C-Series as a great starting point for those looking into electronic cigar cabinets.

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