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Having only so far reviewed a single Cuban, we believed it was time to introduce more Old World cigars into our repertoire. Indeed, our reviews have been growing yet missing a key player of the rich cigar culture.

Therefore, this review will explore something special. In this article, you will discover the Ramon Allones Superiores LCDH Edition in this review, covering the following topics:

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  • Brand: Ramon Allones
  • Range: Superiores
  • Reviewed Vitola: 5.63 x 54 Corona Gorda
  • Filler: Cuban Puro
  • Binder: Cuban Puro
  • Wrapper: Cuban Puro
  • Factory: Partagás [Havana Vieja, Cuba]
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Body: Medium
  • Estimated Smoking Time: 60-80  Minutes
  • Pricing: $147 / Box of 10 [Buy Now]

The Superiores LCDH Edition is exclusive to only La Casa del Habano stores. A Corona Gorda, the yearly production is limited to 50,000 cigars or 5,000 boxes.

The edition reviewed for this article was released in June 2017.

Ramon Allones Superiores Cigars In A Row

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Ramon Allones Superiores Look & Feel

  • Wrapper Hue: Tawny Cinnamon
  • Rolling Consistency: Some Soft Areas
  • Spring: Supple
  • Aromas: Milk Chocolate, Nutmeg, Cinnamon

Ramon Allones Superiores Cigar Final ThirdWith its quintessentially Cuban triple cap, the Superiores features a tawny cinnamon wrapper that evokes dried clay. The wrapper has some visible veins and a few mottled bumps protruding from the filler beneath it.

As fort he rolling consistency, there are a few soft areas and there’s a supply spring when pinched.

In terms of aromas, I could pick out a vivid milk chocolate note with a hint of nutmeg and warm cinnamon. The overall accord was evocative of a very gourmand hot chocolate.

Ramon Allones Superiores Review

As with all cigar reviews, a selection of three cigars were picked at random from the box. this provides a broad perspective of its flavours and construction as well as accounting for any anomalies.

Pre-Lighting Experience

  • Draw: Mild Resistance
  • Aromas: Cinnamon, Café Latte, Cedar

After having removed the triple cap, a dry draw revealed an overt cinnamon note with a touch of café latte and cedar. An overall complex cold draw, I could anticipate many future notes to come.

As for the draw, it was pleasant and offered only a mild resistance, which is always a relief with a Cuban!

1st Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Terracotta, Roasted Espresso, Pecan

Ramon Allones Superiores Cigar First ThirdAlthough delicate, the first third offers a fuller body than expected. As the smoke begins to settle into an even burn, the palate develops rich and distinctively Cuban flavours.

After a burst of rich spices, the initial notes of terracotta is the most prevalent. This terracotta note could be described as a clay soil field or even Mediterranean roof tiles under the sun after a brief rain shower.

The accompanying roasted espresso is not particularly overt but certain present. With it comes a hint of chlorinated water as if I was having a cup of coffee by a pool.

Meanwhile, a touch of pecan adds slightly bitter substance to the experience.

2nd Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Grapefruit, Charred Pine, Bay Leaf

Ramon Allones Superiores Cigar Second ThirdAs the the cigar transitions towards the second third, I am becoming aware the cigar stimulates the front of the palate as well as the sides at the rear. This sweet yet zesty piquancy is reminiscent of citrus yet there are no tangible notes.

Furthermore, once well into the second third, the Ramon Allones Superiore grows in body. Its overall notes are sharper and begin to distance themselves from the mellow terracotta and coffee accord from before.

This evolution is quite sudden and brings the flavour to the front revealing the elusive citrus notes during the transition. Grapefruit is the most vivid while a note of charred pine retains a savoury albeit refreshing character.

To accompany this unexpected bouquet, a few bay leaves join the fray in the retrohale contributing a remarkably aromatic aroma.

Final Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Custard, Nutmeg, Charred Cedar

Ramon Allones Superiores Cigar TastingDrawing towards the final third and the palate stimulation shifts once again. While it continues to arouse the front of the tongue, the smoke travels straight up the palate to the back.

Nevertheless, the final third is surprisingly creamy with tantalising notes of custard and nutmeg.  Essentially a crème brûlée, a hint of pepper reveals itself to bring more substance to the experience.

However, the pepper is far from overwhelming. Meanwhile, both the charred pine and bay leaf converge, which leaves a burnt bay leaf aroma.

Overall Burn

  • Ramon Allones Superiores Cigar MidwayAsh Backbone: Light
  • Burn Angle: Varied
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Draw: Light Resistance
  • Final Smoking Time: 70 Minutes

The Ramon Allones Superiore features a thick and oily burn that is sometimes relatively straight but has a tendency to become wavy. The first ash managed to cling on when about an inch and a half in length.

When it fell, it revealed a cone that edged somewhat to the right with what seemed to be a small tunnel. This remained present when ashed further down the cigar.

Ramon Allones Superiores Cigar Ash BurnNevertheless, there were no other burning defects and the smoking experience was exceedingly pleasant. The smoke was cool and the draw provided an ideal resistance throughout.

The only irksome moment was in removing the bands, which is why I always have a pair of tweezers in my desk drawer! This proved invaluable as they were zealously glued in place.

Finally, the overall smoking time came to around 70 minutes at a reasonable place. Had I been really savouring it, I could have probably extended this to around 80 to 90 minutes.

Ideal Pairings With A Ramon Allones Superiores

Champagne Gallimard Amphoressence & Petrossian CaviarA largely aromatic cigar with earthy notes, this medium-bodied cigar should be paired with care. A bold whisky or rum may offset the harmony and you would risk losing out on the accord.

A Kentucky bourbon struck me as a reasonable choice and I enjoyed the first one with a Woodford Reserve. Following that, the second was paired with a Dominican double espresso from Serrano Coffee.

The third pairing was with Gallimard Père & Fils‘ Amphoressence Champagne. A unique cuvée, this wine has been aged in terracotta pottery and will be featured in an upcoming review.

Given the notes in the Superiore’s first third, I was curious to how well they would accord. This pairing proved to easily be the most harmonious, with the cigar’s terracotta notes beautifully extending the Champagne’s mineral character.

Overall Experience

Ramon Allones Superiores Cigar BoxThe Superiores arrive in a 10-cigar box, which is made from lightweight cedar wrapped in the usual embellishments. It was sealed with both the Cuban certificate as well as the Habanos and LCDH banners in the corner.

The interior features several variations of the Ramon Allones crest on both the reverse of the lid and the glossy paper divider. Overall, a very traditional presentation.

Ramon Allones Superiores Cigar Box SealedIn terms of bands, the Superiores comes with two. One is the classic Ramon Allones crest while the other is an official LCDH band to signify the exlusive edition. While these were indeed attractive and quite classic, they were a devil to remove due to an overuse of glue as mentioned earlier.

Finally, a box of Ramon Allones Superiores can be purchased from Montefortuna Cigars for $147. Monfortuna deliver around the world and the boxes are vacuum sealed when dispatched. You can learn more about them with our Montefortuna brand guide.

At just under $15 each, I believe that these do offer good value for money as a limited release. The flavour profile and its rich evolving character is exceptional and provides a unique smoking experience.

When Should You Smoke A Superiores?

As a somewhat costly cigar released in limited quantities, the Superiores is one that I would reserve for special occasions. Furthermore, it is a remarkably complex smoke with vivid notes that evoke strong olfactive memory.

As such, this wouldn’t be something that I would take with me to a party or a large gathering. Instead, it would be a cigar that I would reserve to savour with a close friend over a fine beverage.

Closing Thoughts

A remarkable Cuban featuring rich flavour and a complex and nomadic palate, the Ramon Allones Superiores is a great specimen of Cuban craftsmanship.

If you have yet to try a Cuban or are seeking to sample one after a long break, this would be probably the first cigar that I recommend. Furthermore, if you are new to cigars, this would be an excellent first smoke as it’s friendly to novices.

Personally, I’ll be sure to save the remaining cigars for a truly special occasion!

Ramon Allones Superiores La Casa Del Habano Edition
Reviewed by Charles-Philippe, on .
"A nuanced and tantalising Cuban cigar. If you're looking to step into Cuban cigars, this would be a great first smoke to test and enjoy."
Rating: 4.0 ★★★★

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