Beckett Simonon Archer Briefcase

As a break from our usual Beckett Simonon shoe content, I thought I’d dissect the brand’s Archer full-grain leather briefcase.

Given to me by Bespoke Unit founder Paul Anthony for the purposes of this review, I was excited to put the briefcase to use and see how it fared in a variety of situations.

In this review, you will discover the Beckett Simonon Archer full-grain leather briefcase with me as we explore the following topics:

Archer Briefcase Specifications

  • Brand: Beckett Simonon
  • Made In: Bogotá, Colombia
  • Lining: Cotton Twill
  • Finish: Full Grain Argentinean Pull Up Leather
  • Enclosure: YKK Everbright Zippers
  • Dimensions: 40cm (15.7”) x 31cm (12.2”) x 10cm (3.9”)
  • Price: $289 USD [Buy From Beckett Simonon]

Handmade from rich full-grain Argentinian pull-up leather, the Archer briefcase features a padded soft cotton twill interior lining with two high-quality Japanese YKK Everbright zippers.

Nickel-plated brass poppers are fixed to each end of the zipper. Meanwhile, an adjustable leather shoulder strap can be attached via D-rings.

There’s also a sewn-on front pocket with a magnetic clasp while the reserve has an inlaid rear pocket with a zipper closure. The interior easily provides enough space for a 15″ laptop and any other accessories that you may need.

Beckett Simonon Archer Briefcase & Cohen Loafer

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Beckett Simonon Briefcase Review

Although the Archer briefcase wasn’t part of the initial line-up of Beckett Simonon reviews, there is a story behind this. Having just arrived in Philadelphia from Paris to see Paul, I stumbled through the front door with my luggage and the next five minutes went something like this:

“What is that?” Paul gestures towards the brown canvas satchel slung over my shoulder.

“This?” I scoff, “It’s my computer bag.”

“You can’t go around like that in a suit.” Paul retorts.

“Hey, I like this bag!” I protest, “My wife got it at a film festival and I feel like Indiana Jones when I wear it.”

“Wait a minute,” Paul answers before shuffling upstairs.

A few seconds later, he returns with a large dust bag used for shoes and he drops it into my arms.

“Review it and it’s yours.”

After probably huffing before rolling my eyes, I pull the contents out of the bag to discover the stunning Beckett Simonon briefcase.

Okay, so maybe Paul has a point that the canvas satchel doesn’t look the part… But dammit, I’m keeping it for everyday use!

That said, I was instantly smitten with the Becket Simonon briefcase and its alluring leather sheen. In this review, I’ll be exploring its features in great detail to make sure that I get to keep it because I genuinely really like it!

Style & Appearance

In the specifications, I highlight that the briefcase is handmade from a full-grain pull-up. Full-grain leather is well-known as a high grade that’s found near the spine of the hide. Due to its location, it’s usually very tight and free of visible veins and blemishes.

Meanwhile, pull-up leather is an interesting material and refers to the tanning process.

What Is Pull-Up Leather?

Beckett Simonon Archer Briefcase & Cohen LoafersAfter being dyed with aniline in a drum to create a deep color, the leather is finished using thick wax, resulting in a characteristically soft texture. Indeed, the leather is very smooth to the touch with a slightly rubbery texture, which ensures a good grip.

The name derives from the way the color becomes paler when stretched and handled. As a result, the leather ages by developing a rich patina through wear and tear. Arguably, this provides the leather with character and a natural sheen as it matures.

Although my mother gave me a hard briefcase some years ago, it’s quite heavy with no shoulder straps. As such, I’ve been regularly relying on the Archer briefcase when heading out on excursions with my laptop.

So far, I’ve actually found it to be very resistant to scratching. Despite trying my best to be careful, I can be quite clumsy and the briefcase has already experienced some punishment. Yet it has yet to show any telltale signs of its mistreatment.

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing how the pull-up leather will age over time.

Design & Formality

Beckett Simonon Archer Briefcase & Valencia Wholecut ShoesBeckett Simonon’s Archer briefcase is only available in black. However, they have run other made-to-order campaigns for different designs in tan or black pebbled leather.

Black is arguably the ideal color for a briefcase that will be used on business as it’s quite conservative and professional. Meanwhile, tan is probably fine if you find yourself in more business casual scenarios.

Furthermore, the Archer briefcase has an overall slim form despite its large capacity. The reverse is small and flat even when filled, which prevents accidental knocking against the knees.

Meanwhile, the outside pocket with the magnetic clasp is elegantly shaped and doesn’t have an unsightly bulge even when crammed with personal effects.

Overall, the design is quite eye-catching and fashionable yet features an understated and modest design. I was particularly fond of the reverse side’s central stitching, which gave it a professional and classic finish.

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Practicality & Size

Beckett Simonon Archer Briefcase InteriorAfter talking about the design and materials, how does the briefcase hold up for practical usage?

As mentioned above, I’ve primarily used Becket Simonon’s Archer briefcase for carrying my laptop to several meetings both locally and in Paris. As a result, I found the case to be quite versatile as it excelled in both situations.

For the local meetings, I traveled relatively light and despite the briefcase’s large capacity, it didn’t at all feel bulky or cumbersome.

Meanwhile, I packed the following items for my trip into Paris:

  • Laptop & Power Cord
  • Second Screen
  • Bulky Trackball Mouse
  • Cigar Caddy 3540 Travel Humidor
  • Cigar Cutter & Lighter
  • Fragrance Travel Atomiser
  • Chunky Secretary Wallet
  • Islay Woollen Mill Scarf

Beckett Simonon Archer Briefcase & ContentsWith its 40 cm (15.7”) x 31 cm (12.2”) x 10 cm (3.9”) dimensions, I wasn’t surprised by just how much I could stuff inside. That said, I was impressed with how the briefcase maintains its sleek form without bulging.

Furthermore, the removable shoulder strap was particularly useful and the pad gripped nicely to my jacket without slipping off. I was also able to hook my arm through the top carry handle and hold the strap as an insurance policy in case somebody wanted to grab my precious items.

Despite carrying my items without any protective covers, they felt perfectly safe inside thanks to the padded cotton twill lining’s cushion. The zipped interior pocket was also pretty handy for storing the power cord and a few other miscellaneous items.

Finally, the side poppers are a pretty handy additional feature. As I was lugging around as many effects as Mary Poppins, unsnapping the poppers allowed me to open the briefcase wide enough to find what I needed without pulling everything out.

Presentation & Value For Money

Beckett Simonon Valencia Wholecut Shoes Canal St Martin ParisUnfortunately, I didn’t get much of a look at the original packaging. Although I remember that the dust bag was similar albeit larger than the ones supplied with their shoes, I inadvertently left it in Philadelphia. However, I can tell you that it also featured the Beckett Simonon logo!

As for the value for money, the Archer briefcase seems to retail for $289 on the Beckett Simonon site. Given the quality of the materials and construction, it’s well worth the investment.

You can also get a further 20% off when you use our exclusive “BU20” code during checkout. As a result, you can pick up the Archer briefcase for just over $230!

Arguably, the only downside is that the briefcase is also made through the brand’s group made-to-order business model.

Consequently, you’ll have a little wait on your hands while the briefcase is manufactured for you. Yet, I’d suggest also considering ordering a pair of shoes from them, perhaps even a more casual style like the Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainer, so that the time spent waiting will be rewarded not only with a new bag but also a sleek pair of sneakers.

Closing Thoughts

Until Paul gave me this briefcase, I admittedly wasn’t in the market for one. Although it was a purchase that I had been thinking about for some time, there were other retail priorities that had relegated it to the bottom of the list.

However, I confess that it’s actually hard to imagine life without it. The Archer briefcase was a Godsend in Paris; not only was it a stylish accessory but it was extremely practical.

While I’m no expert on briefcases and the varieties in production, I’m aware that Paul has done his research in the past. Personally, I’m delighted with this briefcase and I will be sure to cherish it and sport it regularly.

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Beckett Simonon Archer Briefcase
Reviewed by Charles-Philippe, on .
"A stunning and high-quality briefcase. Beckett Simonon's Archer is a practical yet stylish accessory for the professional who needs a versatile briefcase."
Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

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