There’s no question that your shoes silently convey volumes about your personality and style. Yet, the business casual dress code can be particularly challenging for men to master.

Sartorially adequate shirts, jackets, and trousers tend to be the easy part. However, finding the right business casual shoes can be complicated, as it’s easy to go too casual or too formal.

This has become an increasing issue in the modern day when offices are opting for more casual dress codes. Additionally, more men are looking for footwear that can serve a dual role, shining both at work and outside of it.

Taking into account style, quality, comfort, price, and versatility, on this page we’ve presented the best business casual shoes we could find. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll want to browse through them. From loafers to brogues, boots, and even sneakers, they’ll help you walk the blurry line between understated elegance and informality.

Further down, we’ve also covered the shoe styles, materials, and colors that best represent business casual, so you’ll be best equipped to find your quintessential pair.

What Are The Best Business Casual Shoes For Men?

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1. Beckett Simonon Cohen Penny Loafer

Beckett Simonon Cohen Penny Loafer On Wall

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Beckett Simonon offers some of the best value for money if you have a modest budget but still refuse to sacrifice quality. Benchmade in Bogotá, Colombia, from Argentinian calfskin leather and a Blake-stitch construction, their shoes are excellent, to say the least.

With our “BU20” discount, you can even enjoy an additional 20% discount. As a result, their shoes will cost you just $175!

The Cohen penny loafer is an ideal smart-casual option. It looks stunning in tan with a dressed-down yet elegant finish. As a result, it’s versatile and can be used with a variety of outfits in your wardrobe.

"The ultimate business casual shoe that offers a well-design profile and solid construction for everyday wear."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

2. Oliver Cabell Driving Shoe

Oliver Cabell Driver Sole
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Although driving shoes are usually a little too casual for business casual attire, Oliver Cabell has found an excellent compromise. Their drivers feature a classic penny loafer design enhanced with a moccasin-stitch toe.

Furthermore, it’s more structured and less flexible, which gives it a slightly dressier appearance. Made in La Marche, Italy, it features an Amelfex microfoam footbed. Therefore, it’s comfortable around the office and behind the wheel.

3. Amberjack The Original

Amberjack The Original Shoe Sole Detail
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When John Peters created Amberjack, he sought to introduce a versatile shoe that was both affordable and comfortable. He teamed up with designer John Kraljevich, who had worked with brands like Allen Edmonds and Coach. (Check out their full story with our review.)

Together, they created The Original, a hybrid shoe that marries traditional craftsmanship with the latest athletic footwear technology. The result is a stylish design that is ideal for business casual wear.

As well as its distinctive aesthetic, the Amberjack Original features a removable footbed with heat-activated arch support three times thicker than similar brands. After testing these out extensively, we’re delighted with how they perform. However, keep in mind that they tend to run a little large, so consider ordering a half-size smaller than usual.

4. Ace Marks Greg Loafer

Ace Marks Greg Penny Loafers
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As you may have gathered, loafers offer an outstanding balance of formality between dressiness and casual wear. Therefore, they’re ideal for business casual wear.

Ace Marks’ Greg exudes the classic Italian bit loafer style but is far more affordable than other famous designer brands. It’s available in suede or smooth calfskin, depending on the effect you wish to create.

With socks or without, they’re very comfortable. Critically, their slim profile also looks great with chinos or well-tailored jeans, two business casual staples.

5. Maglieriapelle Cunda Tassel Loafer

Maglieriapelle handmade Cunda Tassel Loafers
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Maglieriapelle is one of the few shoe brands that creates its shoes entirely by hand for less than $500. Indeed, its tassel loafers cost even less than $400! Although most companies like to claim that their shoes are made by hand, they’ll usually use some sort of machinery in the process.

However, Maglieriapelle is an exception to this rule. As a result, its shoes offer exceptional value.

These tassel loafers are unbelievably stylish and project raw Italian Sprezzatura. Nevertheless, they’re made by specialist artisans in a small, independent workshop outside of Istanbul.

6. Grant Stone Coast Sneakers

Grant Stone Business Casual Sneakers Leather
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Finding the right pair of business casual sneakers is especially difficult as sneakers have historically been one the most casual types of footwear. However, times are changing, and a particular breed of sneakers has earned its spot in business casual realms.

By employing quality construction, a premium leather upper, and sturdy Vibram sole in a restrained design, the Grant Stone Coastal sneakers fit the bill perfectly. You’ll get all the comfort of your favorite pair of sneakers with the sophistication of classic leather oxfords.

A perfect companion to chinos in the office, they’ll also marry wonderfully with dark denim when out and about.

7. Beckett Simonon Beaumont Bit Loafer

Beckett Simonon Beaumont Bit Loafer

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Another more outgoing option by Beckett Simonon is the Beaumont bit loafer. If you don’t quite have the budget for shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo, consider opting for these instead.

Again, they’re ethically made in Beckett Simonon’s Colombian factory from Argentinian calfskin. Like Ace Marks’ Gregs, they just scream Italian elegance. However, you can pick them up for just $175 with our discount code!

We’re partial to the smooth leather version pictured above, though these are also available in suede, nubuck, and pull-up leathers and many different colors.

8. Allen Edmonds Strandmok Brogue

Allen Edmonds Strandmok Brogues
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We absolutely love the Strandmok brogue by Allen Edmonds. Whereas most of the shoes above lean towards Continental style, the brogue has a distinctively British character.

It was one of the first pairs of shoes that we reviewed on Bespoke Unit and we still turn to them today! Crafted with a 360° Goodyear welt, it’s robust and hard-wearing with excellent water resistance. Meanwhile, the striking Dainite rubber soles offer comfort and shock absorption.

The Strandmok is by far the most versatile shoe on this list. Although it can be worn for business casual attire, it can be dressed right down or even paired with a suit. Therefore, it’s a great investment.

9. Trickers Stow Boot

Trickers Stow Boot Wide
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Since 1829, Trickers has been crafting its celebrated boots in Northampton. Indeed, it’s one of our favorite English shoe brands, and Prince Charles awarded it with a Royal Warrant on its 160th anniversary.

If you’re fond of wearing boots with business casual wear, nothing beats the timeless brogue design. It’s a sturdily-made boot crafted with a Goodyear welt and robust Dainite rubber soles. As a result, they’ll keep you going through every season.

10. Wolf & Shepherd Crossover

Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Longwing
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Wolf & Shepherd is another popular shoe brand that has taken the universe of business casual shoes by storm. Expertly infusing traditional shoe styles with modern materials, W&S has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most comfortable shoes you can wear to the office.

Their Crossover collection includes classic shoe designs such as brogues and penny loafers. However, their longwings are particularly noteworthy thanks to their full-grain Italian leather upper, available in seven colors.

As with all Wolf & Shepherd shoes, you can expect exceedingly comfortable wear thanks to their proprietary outsole and memory foam insole.

Best Shoe Styles For Business Casual

As mentioned in the introduction, business casual is a dress code that’s hard to define in precise terms. In fact, it’s easy to get it wrong and find yourself either too casual or too formal, the former being much less advisable than the latter.

Fortunately, we’ve previously put together an extensive guide covering the business casual dress code. In terms of footwear, there are many business casual shoe styles that you can choose from.


Loafers are perhaps the epitome of business casual footwear. In their various forms, they offer excellent options for those who seek to merge convenience and style.

Wholecut Loafers Black Leather with Green Pants

Wholecut Loafers

Classic penny loafers provide a timeless choice, whereas the dressier bit and tassel loafers, adorned with a metal link or tassels, respectively, bring additional visual interest.


Allen Edmonds Strandmok Brogues On Fire Escape

Allen Edmonds Brogues

Brogues sport unique decorations on their upper, known as pinking, which effortlessly meld sophistication with a dash of casualness.

They’ve got just enough traditional structure to keep things professional at work while those extra decorative touches add a subtle, casual spin, making them spot-on for business casual settings.


Derbies, characterized by their open lacing system, offer a versatile option that elegantly bridges the gap between formal and casual. Slightly less formal than Oxfords and Balmorals, derbies can effortlessly complement business casual attire, presenting a polished yet not overly rigid aesthetic.

Alden Derby Shoes

Alden Derby Shoes

Norwegians, closely linked to derbies, offer a similar look with a moccasin design.


Dress boots serve as a worthwhile alternative when it comes to business casual shoes, given that they offer a sturdy yet elegant appeal. However, not all boots are adequate, so note the particular styles that are best when working with a business casual dress code.

Brogue boots, for instance, embody a harmonious blend of the traditional perforations and structure of brogues while introducing an elevated ankle support. This juxtaposition crafts a look that is both rooted in classic aesthetics and imbued with a slightly casual demeanor.

Chukka boots, with their distinct ankle height and traditionally sterile design, likewise navigate effortlessly between formality and casualness. Their understated form allows them to pair agreeably with a variety of outfits, fortifying their position as a staple in the business casual shoe arena.

Best Materials For Business Casual Shoes

Navy Suede Tassel Loafers On Steps

Suede Tassel Loafers

Most shoes are made of some kind of leather, but not every shoe will function well in the average office environment. Here are our do’s and don’ts as it relates to business casual shoe materials:

Ideal Business Casual Materials

Pebbled leather: Pebbled leather looks like it has, well, pebbles on it. While smooth leather is of course appropriate, pebbled leather has a certain casual vibe to it that fits perfectly in a business casual office.

Suede: Also known as “reverse calf,” suede is the nappy underside of a cow’s skin. It often makes for a more comfortable shoe due to its softness and pliability, but it also has a more casual air that makes it well-suited to the office when you’re not wearing a suit.

Materials To Avoid

black patent leather tux shoes

Patent Leather Loafers

Patent Leather: Patent leather is excellent for tuxedo shoes and women’s wallets. It has no place on your feet at the office as it’s far too formal. This applies even if you were to wear a suit every day.

Exotic Skins: While you might get away with it in some contexts, shoes made of alligator, ostrich, stingray, crocodile, or any other exotic leather are generally a bit much for the office and can be more distracting than anything else.

Leather Colors For Business Casual

There are a multitude of colors in which shoes are made (and you can check out our shoe & trouser coordination guide for a comprehensive list of what they are and how to best pair them), but not all of them will fly at work.

Below, we’ve organized them by Ideal, Acceptable, and Avoid:

Ideal Colors For Business Casual Shoes

brown wholecut shoes on concreteBrown: Medium to dark brown in autumn and winter, light to medium brown in spring and summer. Brown shoes should be a staple of the business casual shoe wardrobe. Note that a chocolate suede blucher is one of the most stylish shoes a man can own, so make it a point to seek out such a pair.

Brown shoes go with anything but black.

Burgundy: This reddish-brown tone, also known as cordovan, is an excellent option for business casual offices. Pair them with grey or navy trousers for maximum effect.

Tan: Tan shoes are unbeatable in spring and summer, especially in natty shoe styles like double monkstraps. They are a smash with blue trousers in particular.

Acceptable Colors

Black: No one will be offended if you wear black shoes with the average business casual ensemble; no one will likely be excited about it, either.

Black shoes will get you in and out of the office in a very incognito way, so it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of pairs of basic black shoes in your rotation.

Brown Longwing Men's Shoes on leavesDarker Non-Standard Colors: Deep tones like plum and forest green can work for business casual environments.

You will want to be sure that your office skews casual instead of business, so give it a few weeks at least before you throw on your purple suede loafers.

Colors To Avoid In Business Casual

Bright Non-Standard Colors: Unless you work for a style magazine that would be into such things (ahem), it’s best to avoid wearing brightly-colored shoes like fire engine red, electric blue, yellow, and the like. They run the risk of distracting your co-workers and looking unprofessional.

If you’re going to get called into HR for something, it should be for an interview for a promotion, not to get you sent home for your crazy shoes.

What Next?

Business casual can be a confusing dress code, but even if you get only two or three shoes that we mentioned above, you’ll be appropriately dressed from the ankles down for any situation.

Now that you know how to dress your feet for the office, are you sure what to put on in other situations? If not, take a look at our other shoe guides:

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