Grant Stone Sneakers in Tobacco Calf Leather

In the online space, Grant Stone has prominently established itself as one of the top purveyors of men’s dress shoes. This is despite the brand only coming to light in 2016.

Less than a year ago, they released the Coast Sneaker, their most casual style to date. Has the brand been able to translate its commitment to quality footwear, materials, and construction to a relaxed style of shoe?

In this review, I’ll be determining this via the following categories:

Grant Stone Coast Sneaker Specifications

  • Brand: Grant Stone
  • Made In: Xiamen Island, China
  • Style: Dress Sneaker
  • Formality: Casual
  • Upper: Vegetable-Tanned Italian Calfskin
    • Badalassi Leather (Tuscany, Italy)
  • Construction: Cemented, Side-Stitched
  • Sole: Vibram PU Cup Sole
  • Price: $282 USD [Buy From Grant Stone]

The Grant Stone Coast Sneaker offers five leather choices, including suede. While lighter options are available, the Tobacco Calf was my top pick for its versatility.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Grant Stone proudly labels their shoes as “Made in China.” This transparent approach underscores their confidence in the quality of their footwear, whether it be the dress styles or sneakers like the Coasts.

Coast Sneakers in Tobacco Calf with Shoe Box

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Style & Appearance

Out-of-the-box, the Grant Stone Coast Sneaker dazzles right from the get-go.

Tobacco Calf Leather Details On Coast Sneaker

The Tobacco leather exhibits a subtle sheen that is very enticing. It has a deep brown hue that I’ve found to reveal undertones of burgundy when exposed to bright light. I tried to capture this in some images here, but it doesn’t wholly translate through the camera.

Grant Stone uses Badalassi leather which is produced in Italy. I had not heard of this tannery in the past, but evidently, they produce very high-quality leather. It’s an unexpected choice for casual sneakers. Yet, it helps elevate the Coast’s look as it adds an element of sophistication to these sneakers, which are generally an informal shoe style.

Coast Sneakers Laces & Stitching Details

Taking a look past the leather upper, the craftsmanship is further exhibited in the minimal and precise stitching. Not only does it contribute to the clean, refined design, but it also reinforces the areas of the shoe that endure the most stress, particularly behind the toebox. Moreover, the toebox is reinforced with extra leather on the inside, which helps to maintain a smooth surface and a consistently neat look over time.

The leather has darkened slightly as I’ve begun putting the Grant Stone Coast Sneakers through the paces. There are also some wrinkles developing, but they’re more rolls of the leather than anything. I quite enjoy how it’s wearing in so far and can see these sneakers developing a lot of character over time.

Back Side Of Grant Stone Coast Shoes

I suppose regularly storing them with shoe trees can mitigate the wrinkles & rolls, but there’s no question that they’ll still look great further into this natural aging process.

The Grant Stone Coast Sneakers employ a synthetic Vibram cup sole. It provides support and shock absorbance, both inherent qualities of a great pair of sneakers. Additionally, the “cup sole” aspect causes the foot to sit lower into the shoe, imparting a slimmer profile that further accentuates the luxury style of these sneakers.

Grant Stone Coast Leather Sneakers Dark Brown

The Vibram sole is both cemented and side-stitched to the rest of the shoe making them more durable and reliable. Yet, it’s unlikely that you’ll find someone who can resole these.

With this in mind, every characteristic of these shoes implies that they’ll last for many years, so this is not something I’m particularly concerned with. If I can wear them for five years, and they definitely seem like they can take such extended wear, then I’d be content with their performance.

Fit & Comfort

What one most expects out of a pair of sneakers is comfort. With the Grant Stone Coast, it can initially seem unlikely given the full leather upper and their dressy aesthetic. However, several key factors contribute to these being very comfortable to wear, not just another snazzy pair of uncomfortable shoes.

Coast Sneakers Fit Picture

Grant Stone advises sizing down by half a size for their dress shoes. However, with sneakers like the Coast, the brand recommends sticking to your true size. My Brannock size being a 12, this is what I went with.

The Coast Sneaker is lightly padded throughout and further bolstered around the collar, providing a soft and cushioned feel around the entire foot. The entire interior is lined with smooth leather, which also aids in this regard. Furthermore, the generously wide toe box ensures there’s no pressure on the sides of the foot, and the bit of roughout leather at the back of the heel does a proper job of preventing heel slip.

Grant Stone Tobacco Costal Sneakers Leather Lining

Right out of the box, the leather is a bit stiff as one would expect. Nevertheless, the Grant Stone Coasts are still comfortable from the first step and have only gotten better with time.

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Dress Code & Formality

At the end of the day, the Grant Stone Coasts are sneakers, so they’ll be primarily reserved for casual outfits. However, their refined nature undeniably helps them fit into dressier ensembles.

Tobacco Grant Stone Coast On Feet

I’m not particularly inclined to sport sneakers with a casual suit, but these would be a great choice for those who are. I can see these pairing well with a light green or sand-colored linen suit, such as what you may wear at a beach wedding.

Personally, I’ve been wearing them with casual trousers and jeans more than anything. As mentioned earlier, the brown tone of the leather makes them versatile and a perfect combination with blue denim.

Presentation & Value For Money

The unboxing experience with Grant Stone is quite captivating. When you first open the box, you naturally expect the shoes to be in there, and in this case, they’re accompanied by individual shoe bags.

Grant Stone Coast Sneakers In Shoe Box2

However, you’re also greeted by a Thank You note, an instruction card, and a small drawstring bag. Within it is an extra pair of laces and a metal shoe horn that doubles as a bottle opener.

Overall, the packaging is excellent, and it sets the tone for the entire experience of wearing the Grant Stone Coast Sneakers.

Grant Stone Shoe Accessories - Shoe Horn & Extra Laces

When it comes to value for money, and with a retail price of $282, Grant Stone is fighting an uphill battle. Compared to other sneakers, the Coasts are definitely on the higher end of the spectrum. However, considering the quality of materials, the craftsmanship, and the resulting shoes which are phenomenal, I think they’re worth the full price.

If you’re budget-conscious or looking for a deal, Grant Stone has options to consider. For one, their Final Sale section occasionally features these sneakers at a discounted price. Additionally, the B Grades listing provides an opportunity to snag the Coast Sneakers for less than $200. Keep in mind that availability is sporadic, so you’ll need a bit of luck and the hope that your correct size is in stock.

Closing Thoughts

Grant Stone is broadly regarded as a very reputable manufacturer of shoes. This being my first experience with the brand, I have to say that they absolutely met my expectations. Overall, these Coast sneakers are extraordinary, if only a bit pricy.

Brown Leather Coast Sneakers by Grant Stone

Moreover, while most online reviews spotlight the brand’s more popular boots or dress styles, the Coast Sneakers have nothing to envy from its siblings.

The dress sneaker category appears to be one of the fastest-growing segments within the realm of men’s footwear, and not all options offer significant value when considering price and quality. The Coast Sneakers have struck a balance, and thanks to the brand’s commitment to delivering premium materials, timeless design, and comfort, they effortlessly stand out in a market crowded with choices.

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"A luxurious pair of sneakers crafted with premium materials that decidedly sets the standard for other high-end casual shoes to measure up against."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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