Finding the best dress shoes to wear for summer can be very difficult given your seasonal needs. In this guide, we’ll provide you the definitive list of the top 10 best summer dress shoes for men to buy online:

  1. Beckett Simonon Valencia Wholecut Shoes
  2. Ace Marks Carlo Wholecut Shoes
  3. Maglieriapelle Pamukkale
  4. Taft The Monaco
  5. Allen Edmonds Addison
  6. Salvatore Ferragamo Seattle Loafer
  7. Wolf & Shepherd Senna
  8. Ace Marks Greg Loafer
  9. Aurélien Suede Italian Driving Shoe
  10. Carlos Santana Corazón Chukka Boot

You can use the links above to jump ahead or scroll down to read them all. Afterwards, we’ll explore how to choose summer dress shoes based on style, material and colour.

Maglieriapelle Pamukkale Brogue Shoes In Front Of Castle Ruins

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What Are The Best Summer Dress Shoes For Men?

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1. Beckett Simonon Valencia Wholecut Shoes

Beckett Simonon Valencia Wholecut Shoes

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Well-crafted wholecut shoes on a budget can be difficult to find. However, Beckett Simonon excels in producing quality craftsmanship at a surprisingly low price. Made with Argentinian calfskin using a Blake stitch construction, it results in a sleek and elegant shoe that’s perfect for the summer.

We’re quite fond of the tan colourway for summertime, which pairs perfectly with light-coloured suits for hot weather. You can also benefit from an additional 20% discount with our exclusive code “BU20“.

"Sleeky and stylish, it's hard to believe that you can pick up the Valencia wholecut for less than $200!."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

2. Ace Marks Carlo Wholecut Shoes

Ace Marks Carlo Wholecut Shoe
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Although costlier than the Beckett Simonon model above despite being constructed with a Blake stitch shoe, Ace Marks’ Carlo is crafted in a family-owned Italian factory. As a sleek and elegant wholecut shoe, it’s also hand-finished in a variety of rich patinas.

We’re quite fond of the Bordeaux and black Diablo Tramonto patina. However, the cognac Tramonto pictured above is equally as dazzling. If you’re looking to don a pair of shoes that turns head, these unique creations by Ace Marks will leave an impression.

3. Maglieriapelle Pamukkale

Maglieriapelle handmade & Painted Pamukkale Brogue Shoes
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Although many brands will claim that their shoes are hand-made, most will usually use machinery. Meanwhile, Maglieriapelle’s footwear is completely handmade! These stunning artisanal dress shoes are handcrafted just outside of Istanbul in Turkey.

They’re beautifully crafted and feature a rich hand patina produces mesmerising deep colours and a vibrant finish. As a result, each pair is unique given that every brushstroke is different.

4. Taft The Monaco Loafer

Taft Monao Woven Loafer
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If you’re looking for a summer loafer, we highly recommend Taft’s exciting Monaco is woven leather. Although a sleek and minimalist Venetian design, the leather upper’s complex weave produces rich visual interest.

We would refrain from wearing them with a suit in more formal environments. However, they would look utterly stunning in a more business casual setting.

5. Allen Edmonds Addison

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Celebrated American brand produces an excellent pair of penny loafers that offer excellent long-term value. Thanks to their 360° Goodyear welt, they’re durable and robust. They’re also crafted from Horween’s celebrated Chromexcel leather, which produces a rich patina with time.

6. Salvatore Ferragamo Seattle Loafer

Salvatore Ferragamo Seattle Bit Loafer
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Although Salvatore Ferragamo is undeniably pricey, you can’t deny that its shoes offer undisputed elegance. Indeed, these bit loafers feature a slim silhouette and a low profile heel, which is perfect for semi-formal wear during the summer.

7. Wolf & Shepherd Senna

Senna Wingtip Brown Comfortable Dress Shoes
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Wolf & Shepherd claims to have produced the most comfortable dress shoes that you can buy. Indeed, we’re very impressed by their performance. On the outside, the Senna looks like a pair of conventional blind brogues.

However, they’re equipped with lightweight PHOENIXTech soles, memory foam footbeds, and EVA heels. If you find yourself dragging your feet after a long hot day at the office in summer, these will be quite a relief to put on instead of your usual heavy shoes.

8. Ace Marks Greg Loafer

Ace Marks Greg Penny Loafers
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A comparably affordable alternative to Salvatore Ferragamo, Ace Marks offers a variety of penny loafers in different colours and finishes. While the pebble leather versions in the photo above are quite casual, they’re also available in smooth full-grain leather, too.

If you’re looking for a laid-back but stylish loafer that breathes well in the summer heat, these are an excellent choice and we can’t recommend them enough.

9. Aurélien Suede Italian Driving Shoe

Aurélien Suede Leather Sole Detail
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We’re probably pushing it by including a pair of drivers among dress shoes. However, dress codes tend to be a little more relaxed during the summer. Therefore, you might be able to wear them in a more business casual setting.

If you were to choose a suede leather loafer, we would highly recommend Aurélien’s Italian-made driving shoes. Thanks to the unique oil treatment, they’re supple comfortable to wear. As driving shoes, they’re also very practical and great for running on errands thanks to the well-made pebbled soles.

10. Carlos Santana Corazón Chukka Boot

CARLOS by Carlos Santana Corazon Chukka Boot
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Boots can be difficult to wear during the summer but some people prefer to have the extra support that they provide. Unlike most Chukka boots, the Corazón features an elegant design thanks to a snipped toe and sleek profile.

Combining its silhouette with the smooth full-grain leather upper, it’s an elegant and well-crafted option with a distinctive Latin zeal. Indeed, the perfect choice if you want to wear boots even in the heat.

What Makes A Dress Shoe Ideal For Summer?

Couple-Kissing-On-Beach-BaliWhen choosing dress shoes for the summer, the secret is aiming to stay cool without skimping on style. Unfortunately, you can’t wear the same heavy leather boots or shoes all year so it’s important to have a back-up during the heatwave.

Not only are you looking for a pair of shoes that remain satisfactorily formal but you also need something that captures the more relaxed spirit of the summer season. What’s more, you need shoes that won’t make you suffer in the heat as regular dress shoes can get quite stuffy!

Furthermore, making sure that you have summer-appropriate and formal footwear ready for the heat becomes even more important as you approach wedding season. Whether you’re invited to a dozen, a few or just one, you’ll be relieved when you have your outfit already lined up when you get your invitation(s).

So what considerations should you keep in mind when choosing dress shoes for the summer?

Lighter Colours

Man In Khaki Suit And SunglassesIn most situations, it becomes expected that as summer draws close, you’ll wear a little less and in lighter shades. Those working in traditional office environments will get small liberties and be able to even sometimes lose the tie.

However, even if you must stay buttoned up, you can start to adjust your choice of suit accordingly. Opting for brighter colours won’t only help you mentally embody the summer spirit but may keep you cool.

Whilst darker colours have a tendency to absorb heat, a lighter coloured suit will reflect it. These days, it’s hard to successfully pull off a white suit but there are plenty of other options that will work quite well.

One of the most traditional options is the khaki suit, which can be made out of cotton or linen. As such, it may crease a little but it will breathe a lot more than wool.

Consequently, your choice of shoes should change and it’s better to aim for lighter browns or tans rather than just sticking with black.


tan suede mens laceup shoeSimilarly, you should consider adjusting the materials of your shoes as well as those of your garments. Although you can’t really wear a canvas shoe formally, you can begin to take some liberty with regards to the leather.

For instance, suede is often regarded as a very casual option. However, you can begin to wear it more formally as summer comes around. Otherwise, you can look at lightweight and thinner leathers that are more flexible on your feet.

Remember that you may choose not to wear socks with some of these shoes so ensure that they’re designed for that. If you don’t wear socks with thick shoes, your feet may sweat, which is very uncomfortable.

Alternatively, consider wearing no-show socks as these will vastly improve your experience. The socks will allow your feet to breathe and absorb any excess sweat, which can also avoid blistering.

Dress Down

Remember that this is summer, for crying out loud! It’s socially acceptable to wear less and not have to sport a three-piece suit. Even summer weddings are more flexible on dress code so there’s no need to be stubborn and wear the same things during the rest of the year.

By dressing down and wearing less formal clothing, you can do the same with shoes and begin to explore more casual shoes for summer (within reason).

What Next?

Dressing formally enough for the summer is a tough subject in general so hopefully now that you’ve read about the appropriate footwear, you feel more confident.

If you’d like to discover more of our recommended shoes for other occasions, check out some of the guides:

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